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This organization is designed to truly help people in need. So many non-profit organizations started out with this thought in mind and ended up being diverted from the mission they wanted to reach. Why did this happen? It happened because they followed the road of least resistance. They followed the money and the money diverted them from what they truly wanted to do to something else. They ended up helping drill water wells in Ethiopia because funds were available to help those folks and no money to help their own community. The promise of Habitaciones Para Latinos Association is to not divert. Through our effort and your support we will continue in our mission to bring those in need out of poverty and help teach and train them to be self sufficient.

As I have disclosed in the past, there are many people in our communities who, through no fault of there own, cannot acquire their basic physiological needs. They may travel down many channels in their effort to be self sufficient but fail.

You have seen and heard of all those that made mistakes accidentally or willingly and ended up here. How many of you came within a whisker of being one of those people? Yes, I can give hundreds of examples of when or where we all almost made an irrevocable mistake. But, call it luck. Call it fate. Call it destiny. We made it and did not end up in the gutter and totally dependent on someone else. Worst yet we did not end up dead or in prison. We were able to physically and mentally provide skills that are needed and have became valuable to someone willing to pay for those skills. I can also give you hundreds of examples of folks who were born with mental retardation issues, physical impairments, incurable diseases. Some of these folks don’t even realize they are a burden and their families have exhausted all their resources.

Imagine not being in demand or not being able to provide a skill that anyone wants to pay for.  Being an alcoholic that can not stay away from a drink or stay awake long enough to complete a four hour shift at the car wash to buy his own lunch. There are reasons folk need help. Does it matter why? No what matters is, as a society, we try and rescue these fellow human beings and share the tremendous wealth this country has to offer. One individual was able to get through high school because a huge grocery chain had an apprentice program that allowed for high school kids, interested in their business, to have an above average wage  working after school and through the summer. To learn how to do things to bring revenue and profit to the company. One child with no skills what so ever learned skills and not only became self sufficient, but served our country and paid for his own college education.

We need your help to stay focused on our mission. That is to help the local community, who are in need and have exhausted all channels for help and all their resources for self preservation. To help them get a leg up and get back on the path of self sufficiency. Please click on our Donate tab and give. Even one dollar soon becomes two. Will you just give just one dollar? May God Bless you either way.


HPLA Charities aka Habitaciones Para Latinos Association

Shawnee, Kansas