This years "Fast Pace" and the closing of 2020, 1Qtr

What is it that makes the time fly by? Going into the Spring Time Change blows away one hour for sure. Is time just a setting on a clock? “Spring Forward” and the loss of that hour is easily explained. But from a truly scientific or expert point of view, below, find one man’s reasoning. Feel free to follow him. For me age is indeed a factor.

“Persons in every age group wonder why time seems to move so much faster than it did in their pasts. It seems as if there is never enough time to get everything done and that the situation only gets worse. Many explanations have been offered for this, but few seem to hit the target as well as Phil Yaffe’s explanation. We hope you enjoy and find it provocative. Phil was a writer and journalist for over four decades and was able to write eloquently about his personal experience with accelerating time”. Look at/for that story.

In an other publication Eleanor Imster gives us her view in a Human World publication of March 24, 2019. “Spring already?” Why time seems to fly as we age.

Currently the World is in the mist of a Pandemic

Time is moving a little slower for everyone as we watch for love ones to arrive from foreign countries. As we watch the new cases of Corona virus grow and the death count increase. Time slows down as we watch and try to care for the most vulnerable. For the elderly with underlying conditions the virus is taxing their immune system and are already at great risk. This virus carries with it a respiratory ailment and includes a serious cough & high fever. Another down side is that a carrier can infect many before symptoms show up on them. So avoid crowds, disinfect, improve personal hygiene and hand washing. The virus, itself, has an outer layer that can be dissolved with soap and water but, inanimate surfaces can best be treated with sanitizing or disinfecting solutions. These products are in short supply but thank God, in America, increasing production can usually happen quite rapidly. Strangely, there is a run on toilet paper as well. It maybe that folks feel that sickness will cause issues which will require more bathroom visits but, it does not appear to be the case with the Corona virus.

Providing safety and security is one thing that can be done to help these folks and looking for and finding these folks, to know they exist, is where to start. The greatest gift all of us can give is assuring someone is looking over and providing support for any elderly person. Even with only phone contact we can ask a person if there is someone they can call on in case of emergency.

So what constitutes and elderly person.? That varies but, if you think they appear to be elderly than they probably are. In all cases however, I doubt that anyone would consider you and idiot in asking any person if they have someone to help them in case of an emergency. Coming together in time of need has never been a problem especially when people are made aware of the issue. It is one thing to be unable to afford a new car and something else when you can’t afford to pay the gas bill in the midst of winter. The latter will generally get more attention and more support. So with a little time on your hands waiting to wander out and mingle once again with your friends and family won’t you take a little time to look at the slide show on our home page. See how we have helped people in need in the past. look at the examples of the things we try and do everyday to make a difference for someone in need. Our clients are not always elderly not always on their last leg but always worthy of some help. We do what we do without pay. We use donations to and gifts of supplies and materials to help. We insure your donations go to help those in need. Help directly if you can. Make that phone call to a neighbor. If you are physically able go shovel your neighbors walk and stairs. Or, as spring arrives insure the smoke detectors are working and there are no leaks from the roof. That is what we do at HPLA Charities. We can do more with your financial support. Please give via our donate button or call to donate other assets that we can use to save our elderly and others in need.