Week of June 27, 2016 HOT HOT HOT

As I start my blog for habitaciones para latinos association this week I am torn between all I believe to be true in what Donald is saying and what I believe to be true in what Hillary is saying. To bad this country is at two polar opposites.

But, I just got a call from a lady that has her floor rioting under her toilet and she is teetering on the sewer pipe every time she goes to the toilet. Another has no hot water because her basement floods when it rains and that water has rusted out the burner section of her hot water heater. Both this folks fall below the poverty income level but fortunately paid for their home before retiring. It is just that social security hardly pays enough to buy food and forget home repairs.

Today I am working on making one garage door functional and will do the other side as well plus, re-skin the face of the garage because together it is a code violation in this county. This is a Air Force Veteran taking care of his mate who has COPD, Every spare nickel goes to try to maintain the property but it has gotten out of control. Being behind on back taxes negates help from local government. What is wrong with this picture? Ten year tax abatements for wealthy corporations makes more since because it puts people to work but when wages paid does not cover the cost to meet basic philological needs???……..Hummm!
D&R Services, Inc. has contributed to HPLA the funds necessary to fix this garage but then we need to move on to the house. Look at these pictures and you decide who needs tax dollars most……..To borrow a slogan once made popular by Home Depot…”We can do it and you can help”.


“Helping the needy with minor home repairs”. Please Donate!

Week of June 20, 2016-Blight Reduction

This week we move forward knowing many Fathers had no family or no friends to celebrate with last weekend. There is much effort expended to reach out to those who have out-lived all their friends and family. In the same light I see so many seniors who are widowed or divorced and have little resources to maintain their dignity. Reading  through the list of those in need it is hard to prioritize which class is most important. For Habitaciones Para Latinos Association we are focusing on the latino community who falls at or below the poverty level. Our expertise in home repair and handyman services are vital to all those in need who own their own home and are struggling to maintain it. Currently we are working with three high priority properties who all need roof repair. This is one of the most expensive areas for the home owner to maintain and home owners insurance is a luxury for these folks in need and unaffordable.

We are currently having a long dry, hot spell in this area so leaky roofs are prime for repair and must be done quickly as when the rains come they come will come with a vengeance.

So, what is your priority when it comes to helping others. Has your employer talked you into a payroll deduction for the United Way. They are a wonderful charity and have a positive impact on many projects but little money trickles down to an SSI recipient with Leukemia who is trying to rebuild her home which has become uninhabitable. The cost of operating some of these big charities, some of which are paying huge salaries to executives and lobbyists are not trickling down to these individuals who are forced to jump through hoops to get help. Many of these folks have no idea help is available much less have the ability to work through the process while trying to sustain their health and other basic physiological day-to-day needs. (i.e. food, shelter).

What can you do as an individual? From the Internal Revenue Service to Habitaciones Para Latinos Association I quote the following:

“We’re pleased to tell you we determined you’re exempt from federal income tax under Internal Revenue Code (IRC) Section 501(c) (3). Donors can deduct contributions they make to you under IRC section 170. You’re also qualified to receive tax-deductible bequests , devises, transfers or gifts under section 2055, 2106, or 2522.” 

Please know that all contributions received will go directly to help those in need and the cost of maintaining and operating HPLA will be done with profits earned and created by D&R Services, Inc. a for profit company which dedicates 90+ percent of all its profit to support HPLA.

Please visit our website and click on the donate button or send your checks directly to:

Habitaciones Para Latinos Association

6354 Stevenson Street

Shawnee, Kansas 66218


On-behalf of all those we serve please accept our sincere gratitude for your support to us in need in our community. “Look at your gift as if you are personally feeding a hungry child yourself with your own hands” No bureaucracy in the way!


Robert L. Flores


HPLA (Habitaciones Para latinos Association)

Week of June 13, 2016-Tradgety Rears its Ugly Head

The tragedy in Orlando, Fl. is already known to almost everyone in the world. Events such as this one are common place in everyday life. In most large cities gun violence takes life everyday. The number of deaths keep getting larger and in Orlando the number of deaths reached a historical high for a mass shooting. There is no end in sight and unless we become prisoners of our own environment armed and on  guard duty 24/7 no one can be truly safe. To that point even our most secure facilities have been breached.

We can do more than pray. That is the best place to start but, this invisible spirit we call God, I believe, will never condone murder or sacrifice in any since of the word in today’s societies. Spiritual leaders must be convinced that any interpretation of the word of GOD that suggests you take lives is WRONG!! Let God do his/her own judging. Let God bring down the evil doers. Let God take charge. Let God bring his own army to earth and straighten us all out. God does not need humans to pass judgement on our society or on any individual. To suggest God has called you to be an executioner is to believe you are above all others in this world. There is no such person. You are not that worthy.

My prayer is that we as human beings hold each other sacred and that religion become an instrument to guide us down an individual path of righteousness, respecting the rights and thoughts of others without conflict.

There is so much pain caused by uncontrollable circumstances such as birth defects and brain injury that managing those sorts of issues should be enough to distract differences between ideologies.

At HPLA (Habitaciones Para Latinos Association) we are working hard to make life better for those who may not have the resources to take care of themselves through no fault of there own.

Join us by sending a tax deductible contribution through our donate button above or by mail to:


6354 Stevenson St.

Shawnee, Kansas 66218

This week we have an electrical issue which must be corrected so power can be established to a Hispanic family whose mother has cancer and father is without work. We are also working to clear code violations for a women with three kids on a property which will end up being their home. Currently they are in temporary housing an safe but to move into their own home and begin the rebuilding will be a true blessing for them and the community around them.


Habitaciones Para Latinos Association

Shawnee, Kansas 66218

Week of June 5, 2016-The Needs Just Keep Coming

The Unified Government of Wyandotte County & the City Kansas City Kansas is routinely moving forward with efforts to do more to help the needy. A gathering of neighborhood directors and the leaders of the department of Livable Neighborhoods is tentatively scheduled for the end of June. As a volunteer organization “Habitaciones Para Latinos Association” will be there. We will call and encourage all leaders in the community to attend. The focus of this meeting is home repair as that seems to be one of the greatest needs among the aging population. Basic needs which have been provided by HPLA include water leaks, appliance repair, drain pipe issues, faucet replacement and currently a shower enclosure and water control plumbing replacement. The results of these same tasks to several residents has greatly improved conditions in the home and saved lots of money for the tenants. The facts however is that resources to help those in the greatest of need are just not there. In one example a total roof replacement is desperately needed  but major project help is not readily available and the waiting list insurmountable. One idea we have is to pool resources and save up for at least one major project per month using volunteer groups. But, major projects can run upwards of $5,000.00 to complete even with an all volunteer work force.

As always we call on our friends and neighbors to help with the financial needs. For those who read our message please consider prioritizing your gifts to the grass root charities in your area. Also please consider those whom you feel a need to help in our community.

Aside: We love animals and I hate the thought of litters and litters of feral cats taking up space and resources to a point where more facilities are needing to be built. The end result is the donations going to those projects could be going to help our own fellow human beings which have much more difficulty surviving than wild cats. The pictures of abused animals can be advertised but not the living conditions of some folks in your city. Hummmm.

Our efforts to gain support will continue and we will try to do all we can on our own with our own resources but, please know that a small contribution from several of you reading this message can make a huge difference. If you want accountability of your donation please write to us or email us with your contribution amount. There is phone numbers and contact information on the home page of this site. We will respond directly to you. http://www.habitacionesparalatinos.org


Robert L. Flores


Habitaciones Para Latinos Association