A time for healing all the pain and differances

The division of America is very much alive & well. There are plenty of reasons for people to be at odds. I am trying to find common ground where all of us can hang our hat. One issue that is haunting to me is the pictures of animals shivering in the cold, starving and sick, chained up with log chains where some can hardly pull themselves over far enough to reach a drink of water. But animals are not what I really see in those commercials. I see human beings in those same conditions. Poverty in this country is real. Human trafficking, drug addiction, mental illness, ignorance is real. Why would a homeless person want to remain homeless if it is not due to some lack of basic resources keeping them from it? Some real need.
I see small houses with large families needing insulation, cleaning and paint. I see toilets that run constantly and those that have never seen a toilet brush or a cleaning agent. I see roaches, spiders, ants, beetles, mice and bugs who fear nothing. Housing operated by slumlords or municipalities that still have asbestos or lead paint.
At HPLA Charities we are driven by our mission statement, which was amended for the benefit all of our community, to help low income homeowners with minor home repairs. We have had to do more. We have bought some groceries, we have paid some light bills and our main sponsor has provided tools to trace down serious wiring issues which could have easily started a fire. We have been honored and feel privileged to have specialist donate their expertise and their time. It helps us to do more, to help our clients, than we are normally capable of doing. We recently installed a storm door which will help so much with winter coming on quickly by a handyman who sacrificed his time to help us. He could easily be our client not our volunteer.
We are experiencing some unusual hardship due to the Corona19 virus. We are experiencing, even exposing, some division among Americans which were kept close to the vest until know. From where we stand; HPLA Charities does not and will not see colors or differences within our clients. We just see the worry and the pain. Your donations help us reduce even eliminate that pain. Yes you. You help us remove the log chains and provide food and warmth. You provide care and emotional support to our widows and elderly shut-ins. We make it a habit of checking in on those who have little or now family near them.

Minor home repair? Yes we do that but, caring demands so much more. We are trying hard. Your understanding, your willingness to contribute, your love of God and your love of country can be very evident through HPLA Charities. Please donate as you are able and know God will refill your storehouse. For it is for his glory and his recognition that we do what we do as well. Thank you.

www.habitacionesparalatinos.org visit our site to learn more and please let us know were you think we can do better. Sincerely, HPLA Charities