Fallen Officers of Wyandotte County Sheriffs Office June 2018

It is with deep regret that I begin this message with such sadness. The most recent lost of first responders lives in Wyandotte County only adds to one of the most tragic years in our history among law enforcement staff in this area and begs the question. Why?
I am humbly including the names of those two officers in this publication and offer our sincere condolences to the families and their fellow officers: Wyandotte County Sheriff’s Deputies Theresa King and Patrick Rohrer

HPLA has been attending a monthly meeting in Wyandotte County for some time. As a group, in these meetings, we are privileged by being addressed by some of the counties senior executives and to sit side by side with them & other county & city leaders. We get insight on their dedication and in the case of the judicial system offers we get insight on the dangers they face and the threats they live with. You can imagine some of the horror they experience.

The meeting is directed at informing the Neighborhood Resource Center staff on current conditions in our area as well as provide a platform for education and our need for unity as a group. The group is made up largely of charities that are trying to provide services to our citizens, spot and eliminate danger, eliminate blight, support low income homeowners, insure equality and support fundraisers for each charity. Of course the networking and understanding of each organizations goal & mission is vital.
The major building project, HPLA is currently supporting, was brought to our attention by a fellow organization which met us and networked with us at the NRC meeting.They are part of the medical community.

But as I have listened intently to Sheriff Ash & Chief of Police Ziegler, or there representatives at times, it is very clear that these folks want law breakers off the streets and are acutely aware of the extreme danger certain law breakers pose. These two officers, we just lost, were lost while trying to respectfully deliver a violator of the law for further processing. It is hard to imagine how any fellow officer was able to try to subdue this individual instead of just taking his life on the spot. God Bless these heroes for their self control.

For those of you reading this post I hope you know we appreciate your time. Our coalition of loving people, that are wanting to do good deeds, needs your financial support, your physical support, your talents & your good deeds. But now we also need your financial support for these fallen heroes and their families.There are many ways to contribute directly to these families. The following one is a good one. You can choose another. https://www.kc-crime.org/safe/

Habitaciones Para Latinos Association is dedicated to helping low income homeowners with minor home repair. We are currently asking for a one time grant to hire a full time handyman to assist our current volunteer staff though 2018. Please call if you have any questions or suggestions. We need to accelerate our projects as the list keeps growing longer and longer.

Blessings to each of you and prayers for all our fallen heroes but most especially to these two most recent losses.


Habitaciones Para Latinos Association (a 501c3 Charity)