2017,February, 1QTR, New Beginings

January is slipping away and the bright red colors of Valentine Day are on the horizon.

So much of what we do at HPLA is to bring about relief. We bring happiness and pleasure to the folks we serve. Sometimes it is a easy as a follow up phone call an email or a Valentine’s Day greeting. Mostly it is fixing a leaky faucet, a broken widget or clearing housing issues which has been ignored or procrastinated due to the lack of time and money. Bottom line when the issue gets resolved our clients are thrilled.

We do all we can do as financial resources become available and as volunteers set aside time to help.

Currently there are 10 project that need to get resolved as soon as possible and we need your help:

  • New entryway stairs as old stairs have become un-even broken and slippery for an elderly resident to enter the home
  • Under cabinet lighting and main kitchen lighting for an elderly resident with macular degeneration is needing to be bought & installed
  • Roof replacement for a disabled veteran and spouse with COPD.
  • A disabled man needs a siding job finished he was not able to complete before his injury and has now been cited as a code violation.
  • Disabled man has charred marks from a car fire which will require shingles be replaced the house painted. Also boarded up basement windows replaced and not just boarded. Code Violation
  • World War II vet needs driveway sealed, fence rebuilt and exterior wood painted
  • House needs all utilities connected and exterior walls and roof repaired so inside can be refurbished and the family move in. Owner forced to rent has limited resources
  • Couple with three children still trying to get interior of the house completed needs interior doors, flooring, furniture. Garage door replaced. Utilities have just recently been connected.
  • Home has holes in the exterior walls, screens torn, wood rot and entire house needs paint. Code Violation
  • Elderly disabled lady needs new kitchen faucet.

These projects are all doable with your help but, they will never get done and more pain will come to this folks whom through no fault of their won have fallen on hard times. We an do the work we do including the planning and we can clear the violations, we just need your financial support so we can move faster.

To that point, volunteers to help us are always welcome as there is much to do which does not require money just labor. So many times the folks we need just need a friend.

With so much uncertainty for the lower income folks on disability, welfare or on social security the money is not covering all their costs to live, much less the financies to maintain their homes. Loss of their homes puts them in care facilites which cost tax payers and charities so much more. It is much better to keep these folks in their homes for as long as possible. HPLA will keep working to help but we need your help to get it done. Please give or volunteer. Gods blessings are distributed by his followers. But sometimes by good people who have no preference. Our prayer is that only good things happen to those who pay it forward. Blessings