Remember Dr. King

We should be looking forward to celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday tomorrow. He would be 93- (1929-2022). Instead we will commemorate his life & legacy with a National Holiday on Monday January 17, 2022. What might be his message to us today? I know it would be very inspirational to many millions of people. But then there would be those who would be upset at the thought of stopping the Nation for one day to honor this gift to America. They would tune out any opportunity to listen to a man speaking of equality and piece.

This week I have heard ideas that good people will never win and set the norm of “Peace”. Why is that you think? One women put it best to me. I could never kill anybody unless they were attempting to kill someone I love. Down side is most peace loving folks don’t have weapons other than those used to live a normal life. Not much of a defense for someone with a fully automatic pistol or rifle. The weapon that killed Dr. King was never sold to kill humans. The manufacturers at the time made weapons for sport or under strict rules and regulations made weapons for the US Military. Those manufactures should not be punished. However, today is a different story.  Secondly the aftermarket options that the weapons manufacturers design approve for distribution and retro fit to their weapons and competitor’s weapons are criminal. This is not a platform for gun control legislation, but instead a prayer that the world population would look around and decide; has peace become a fantasy? A pie in the sky? Does anyone really want it? There is an old saying “I am a lover not a fighter”. What we need is 99.9% of this world’s population to say “ I am a lover not a fighter”.  Secondly, I realize that there are millions of reasons/excuses for maintaining the “status quo”. I see peace loving people not ever willing or able to kill a fellow human being.  While war-mongers want any reason they can find to kill another or something. They may believe that is the only way to be at peace. They may be right. But who are they to decide the fate for those of us who want peace, tranquility and the ability to see the wonders of God’s creations alive and well. Dr. King was a man of peace and a messenger of God. For those of us that live by the rules of the “New Testament’ that follow the life and teaching of Jesus Christ; there is no need for violence. Instead to work toward a long life by serving him and loving one and other. It has become too easy to be vain and not fear the loss of another life or even that of your own. But remember those you love and more important those who love you will be stricken with grief. You are hurting your most precious assets and there is no reason, no excuse you can use to reverse that grief. Ask those closest you. Maybe not just one. But several people. You can always find one person to side with you.

HPLA Charities (Habitaciones Para Latinos Association) cannot bring you peace, but we may be able to eliminate the stress that causes you grief. More importantly you may be helping those who need you the most. Please consider a donation in honor of peace. My you feel that comfort of having stood on the mountain and seen the “Promised Land” and know you are doing everything you can to insure those around will prosper and have peace going forward.