Week of May 23, 2016-Looking to Add Resources to Provide Greater Support

As we begin another week we go forward trying to continue our mission. There is a big void in available resources due, mostly, to lack of understanding and in some cases lack of interest. We are making every effort to tell our story to as many folks as possible. The intention is to bring attention to the people of our community which are in need. As we have demonstrated through previous publications and as is commonly known, there are families in dire need of help. Some just temporarily and others permanently.

Our goal is to expand our outreach to other communities surrounding the Kansas City Metropolitan Area but currently we have been able to only provide limited help to Kansas City Kansas and Wyandotte County. As donations and other resources become available we will work hard to reach everyone eligible for our support.

Folks like UPS has set up a work day where volunteers from one of there facilites will help do things to help the non-profit organizations. This takes tremendous planning since projects in the works don’t always have funding available to take full advantage of this great resource when it becomes available. Volunteers are the backbone of any non-profit.

At this time of the year when weather allows for outdoor activity; attention to jobs that can only be done in fair weather become a high priority. Trash hauling, tree trimming, exterior  painting, roof replacement, roof repair, window work and wood rot removal all are things which those in need have issues with. One eight hour day from a volunteer can accomplish so much when teamed up with the resources necessary for the fix.  One of the greatest assets are the professional tradesmen that can manage and direct a team of volunteers to insure the job gets down properly. Nothing is more discouraging than to find sheet rock in place before electrical circuits are run  or junction boxes installed and especially when no insulation was hung. Many times these folks require they be paid. Understandingly so. They are in great demand. Try finding a second story painter or a tree trimmer also in high demand.

Habitaciones Para Latinos Association has the mission to help those in need and we have tried to insure a Latino family does not fall through the cracks. To date the Latino community remains one of cultures less likely to ask for help. We search for them and ask the community to bring them to our attention. In the mean time we do not turn down anyone that has a need. When HPLA has resources and time to address them we do. It is through your generous contributions, the volunteers and the spiritual support we get that keep us going.  Please don’t hesitate to lend your support to our cause and keep our grassroots efforts alive and well for the sake of Kansas City and its surrounding communities. One dollar can make such a huge difference for a person in need.

Do you need help? Do you know someone who could really use some help? Let us know. Call or e-mail or write please. Our contact form can be found at:



Habitaciones Para Latinos Association

6354 Stevenson Street Shawnee, Kansas 66218

Week of may 16, 2016

Wow, so much to catch up on. In a spur of the moment opportunity “Habitaciones Para Latinos Association” board chairmen found himself in Frankfurt, Germany. An opportunity to meet and connect with fellow Latinos from all over the world. And so it was. From our home country of Spain to South America, Central America & Mexico. We discussed the needs of the global economy and how to keep building a cooperative spirit among all of God’s people and to make a special effort to help and promote the Latino culture which impacts every part of our world. 

On returning home the needs are exacerbated and saving a home from abandonment and destruction becomes a huge struggle for one family. The City of Kansas City Kansas and the neighborhood associations work diligently with limited resources to provide help for those in need. Habitaciones Para Latinos Association had five projects wished on us to provide simple and easily accomplished relief along with one expensive and difficult project that require specialists and plenty of money to complete. We have accepted the challenge with faith that resources will become available.

One easy project was to snake out a kitchen drain which has gotten clogged due to crease being poured down the kitchen drain by a retired security officer with little outside help or income. Teaching, training and reminding that grease left over from frying fish or other food should be disposed of in a non flammable or non breakable container and disposed of properly. Not poured down the kitchen drain where it hardens in the p-traps of modern household drain systems. Thank goodness for ABS and 25′ snakes driven by a battery-powered hand drills. We got the system flowing but it but, it won’t last long before the problem returns if you keep pouring hot grease down the kitchen sink drain. (Aside: Enzyme drain treatments are great to help clear out the pipes the rest of the way but requires the patience and understanding of growing plants, raising children or maintaining a pet. It is a fine process but should be done, especially in these situations. Liquid or powdered drain treatments with acids most often do not work).


Leaking pipes seems to be a problem for everybody in the world and when resources are limited; the leaky faucet or toilet tank are too often overlooked and the water bill just climbs. One or two dollars more a month on the water bill sometimes is easier to afford than a $39.00 flush valve or even a $150.00 kitchen faucet. So if charitable organizations are helping pay utilities, investing in a new overhaul kit for the needy is cheap at any price. One lady was capturing up to 10 gallons of water a day in her bath tub before we were able to put $20.00 worth of parts and stop the leak all together. The sink in the bathroom was leaking also and that was fixed with $4.95 worth of parts. Yes, I know where you are going with this. The labor to get a plumber is astronomical. Yes it is and “Habitaciones Para Latinos Associations” provides the labor to those in need at no charge at all. How is this possible? It is only possible by the charities working together and sharing the gifts and donations made by you. 

I have been on the soap box for some time concerning the need to donate to local charities and watch what your money is truly being used for. So many of the great and wonderful charities known around the world can often lose track of where the needs really are and where the contributions, by you, truly go.

If you want to know where your donations are being used in our organizations we will tell you that they are going directly to the needy of in our neighborhoods in Wyandotte County Kansas the City of Kansas City Kansas.

Please send your contributions directly to:

Habitaciones Para Latinos Association

6354 Stevenson St.

Shawnee, Kansas 66218

Or on our website, touch on the donate button on the main menu. (Managed by PayPal)


We remain grateful and thankful for your help and those we serve know that we do what we do is because of our sacrifice supplemented greatly by your gifts of support.


Habitaciones Para Latinos Association

Week of May 2, 2016

The week has started out fast and furious with plenty of activity and much to do. We continue to search & seek out help for an elderly couple to get help with roof issues and leaks into the house. Back taxes are always a problem since most organizations restrict helping home owners who are behind on their taxes although the county has programs to help setup payment programs and that is helpful. All to often and in this case the homeowner was not aware of that support. The condition of the home may not have deteriorated so much had they known sooner. The least we can do is add tarps or plastic sheeting to stave off the rain until more permanent repairs can be afforded.

In other news Habitaciones Para Latinos Association has acquired a hard working Latino willing to donate time and or work for a discounted rate in our effort to help those in need. His qualifications seem limitless and his energy high. So far he has done some landscaping and yard work. Cleaned out gutters and did some cement work. It is so refreshing to see folks willing to get their hands dirty and do so much good. He is employed full time and will help us in the evening and weekends.

We referenced the Shepard’s Center of KCK in another publication concerning their Biscuits and Gravy Breakfast to raise funds to help their efforts. We are helping by advertising the event. It will be held at the Kansas City Kansas Community Collage at 7535  State Ave, Kansas City, KS. May 7, 2016. 8-11 AM. One of the first building when entering the campus off State Avenue is the community center by the duck pond. If you can’t attend don’t hesitate to send a small donation to offset the cost of the facility and the food.

Have a great week and please help us help others through your donations at www.habitacionesparalatinos.org/donate


Habitaciones Para Latinos Association

Shawnee, Kansas 66218



Biscuits & Gravy Fundraiser-Shepard’s Center of KCK

Join us this Saturday morning from 8am to 11am for a

Biscuit and Gravy breakfast to support the programs

Of the Shepherd’s Center of KCK

At the KCKCC Conference Center (by the duck pond)

Kansas City Kansas Community College is located at 7535 State Ave, Kansas City, KS 

Shepards Center-fund raising event

Proceeds will benefit the many programs the Shepherd’s Center

Offers to help connect older adults to community.

PS: Did you know that so far in 2016 we have completed more than

40 minor home repairs for the older adults in our community?

See you there!


Melissa Bynum

Executive Director

Shepherd’s Center of Kansas City, Kansas

757 Armstrong Avenue (lower level)

KC KS 66101