The Plus and Minus of the 2018 Holiday Season

As an American we are reminded on many fronts, of how rich we are.

America as a whole is a very rich country with resources very few countries around the world have, The abundance of those resources may be what makes us rich. I will leave that discussion to the sociologist and economist who work to document that data.

In a recent trip to the infamous “Plaza” of Kansas City, Missouri I was reminded of the beginning of the holiday season. The City has a tradition of lighting the buildings that make up the Plaza in strings of multicolored Christmas lights. Thanksgiving Day evening is the designated time of the flipping of the switch. Some visitors walk several blocks to get to the main stage so this serves as a great way to walk off the over consumption of food and drink of the traditional “Thanksgiving Feast”. The result of the event is breathtaking and an event everyone should experience at least once. The shops, of the area, use the time to encourage gift buying in preparation for the gift giving that will take place Christmas Day. Some of the most expensive items available to the world might be found in this area of the City. The evidence of the wealth of American is displayed by the many shopping bags being carried out by visitors to the area. There are many other instances where the wealth of America is displayed. When emergency supplies are delivered to devastated areas of not only our own country but to countries all over the world. When folks are seen, taking time to line up & give blood for others to survive. There are monthly donations for the children in the Congo, medical supplies to war torn countries. Yes, we even give to countries that would rather see us as a failed country.  We do so much good for ourselves and for strangers around the world everyday that no one in America should be cold or go hungry. No one!

At HPLA Charities we understand and appreciate the gifts that we have been given. As individuals and as Americans we are lucky to be here. It is through the sacrifice of others that we are where we are today. The good news is we are doing very well. The bad news is there are folks still living in conditions that are deplorable. They may be living longer than expected, they may be victims of abuse, they maybe children of parents dependent on drugs. The list is long but when someone is hurting it is our mission and our prayer at HPLA that we are able to help them. Our mission is to help keep homes functional and safe. We do all we can do with the help of donations from you and with volunteers that share our concern. We deal with conditions that need to be cleaned and with household furnishings that are way past needing to be discarded. We deal with kitchen and bathroom facilities that are hardly working and that wastes limited resources for families. It is disgusting.

We are asking that you please share our story. The amount spent for the smallest Christmas gift can allow a family to have that drafty hole in the floor repaired. The leaky faucet replaced and so much more.

This holiday season there is a fund raiser being sponsored by Facebook through our Facebook account that will allow us to purchase a dump trailer. This trailer will be used to haul materials for our building projects but more importantly to remove furnishing from houses that are a danger to the occupants. We need for you to please give just a little. Just as importantly we need for you to share our story and let others know we are doing good things and the right things. The donations are not to increase our personal wealth but to help folks in our cities that are hurting horribly, through no fault of their own, in the richest country in the world.

Look for our donate button above or join us on Facebook.  May you have a very Happy Holiday and please remember, there are many minuses in the neighborhoods of our area that you can turn into positives. God Bless