Apathy Caused by Abuse

From my view, of the land, it appears that no one seems to care much about anything going on. If it should or shouldn’t be happening at all is a non issue as long as it doesn’t impact them. Maybe you see it also. Why do you think that is? I would be interested in hearing your thoughts. You may disagree completely with my view. Yes, I expect that to be the case. Some of you will disagree for very legitimate and respectable reasons. Some not so much. It is funny how in talking to my daughters about a trip we made or an event we attended, when they were young, the view from each seemed to be quite different. In many cases very different. What happened, who was there, the time of day or the time of year etc. So the question is how can we see all things the same way. You know we can’t. But back to the subject; why is everything so troubling in the world even though for us Americans we are recovering very well from a very serious health issue. There is still much to be sad about and even plenty to worry about. There were hundreds of thousands of friends and family that died through the pandemic. Millions if you count all those around the world. But once those folks passed, in my eyes, they walked into an eternity with no pain, no worry no looking back. We can be happy for them.

You cannot view this world from afar and not be very fearful of what is happening, The promise is an eternal life of everlasting peace. It is a great feeling to know when you take your last breath here on this earth you will not see or hear the crying or the grief of those who loved you and were left behind. I am personally at peace with those that have died. They are in a better place and the grief is to survive ourselves. But, why the apathy? Has the value of living and gaining wealth and power become unimportant to the general public. I think we have reached a point where we have finally realized that working day and night for the sake of notoriety or wealth is not worth it? I sense that may be the case because normal life has been exposed. The general public has woke up to the reality of life on this earth. Let’s look at that briefly. Let’s also set religion and a life everlasting after death aside. Let’s look at life the way the average American would experience it. The average American family earns $74,000.00 for the sake of this conversation. That puts the medium wage at approximately $54,000.00 in 2022. The down side is that the cost of living has skyrocketed and especially with what is going on in the world today it will continue to raise. For years I have been trying to nail down the minimum cost for a family of four to live. Per Google the average cost for a family of four to live is $85,000.00 per year give or take. Wow, that is quite a difference. So where do you cut back to stay out of bankruptcy. Where ever that is; the damage to our life and lifestyle will be impacted dramatically. Folks have seen the corruption and greed in America. The rich get richer at our expense, thus the implied abuse. Does life and death enter into this scenario? Does the feeling of being used? Yes it does.

If you are reading this post and have read this far I hope you will have noticed that it is written to the audience, followers and interested parties of HPLA Charities. The acronym is for Habitaciones Para Latinos Association. It is an organization created to help low income home owners with free home repairs. Yes, our clients own their home or are paying a mortgage to own the property. Under today’s economic condition a way to cut cost is to minimize the use of utilities. Reduce the temperature to heat the house or increase it if air conditioning is installed. Secondly the type and cost for food is another area where folks try to conserve. For HPLA what we see is the dismissal of a leaky faucets, not replacing light bulbs, running toilets, no effort to keep up with the yard, the exterior or especially the interior of the home from decaying. We see rodent, insect infestations and cleaning in many ways ignored. One of the most tragic of home repair issues is stopped up drains and sewer systems. Old rusted and leaking lead pipes. So the answer is simple, either as homeowner you earn enough money to maintain all your home or rely on someone to pick up the missing pieces. For those that have no choice but to have someone pick up the missing pieces, HPLA is there.

In closing I want to give just one quick example of whom I speak. Mrs. R recently lost her husband. Each in their second marriage that lasted 35 years. Mrs. R is in her eighties. The home is old and in need of repair, but paid for and functional. They jointly worked hard to have what they had. But as things wear so do systems in the home and in her case the hot water heater started leaking due to years of use. It was causing water to build up in the basement although a floor drain was functional it was wasting water thus adding to her bill. The cost for a new hot water heater $800.00 and installation supplies another $50.00. Installation labor $250.00. HPLA Picked up the cost of the entire project. In doing the project it was noticed that getting into the basement required a rather precarious trek down the stairs as no hand rails were ever installed. To further improve the better welfare of Ms. R or her liability for anyone getting hurt going down the stairs handrails were added. You our contributors paid for all the work and HPLA provided all the labor without using any of your donations. In a parallel project to repair sagging cutters on a home HPLA did pay for discounted labor as volunteer support was not readily available and a handy man company was. The roof and foundation further damaging the foundation and allowing water to enter the basement. That project is still ongoing. Although the price was discounted it was still incurred. However no salaries or operating cost are paid for from donations for HPLA Staff. We look forward to a sponsor to help us with that as our current sponsor is reducing their donations by necessity. We need a paid staff to keep up with all that goes into helping folks in need. (One case manager and an administrative manager).

Can you spare a dime? Small amounts are the backbone of our non-profit. The large donations help with bigger and more extensive projects. But those of us that volunteer are the foundation. Apathy has minimized those willing to help. They have much to worry about for their own survival. It is the ones that have the least that give the most.

Thank you HPLA supporters for what ever you give or feel led to give. we are very grateful.

For secure processing of your contributions donations are processed by PayPal when given via www,hplacharities.org/donate

Bob Flores Chairman

You Can Always Make A Few People Happy

Recently I was reminded of my shortcomings in several areas of my stories and varies areas of my life. My response can easily be, I have very “Thick Skin”. bring it on. However, I have learned over the years that all folks are due respect. And I am far from perfect. I am not sure who, of the most brilliant, holds the key to happiness. Often I think the least brilliant should get the trophy. But to cut to the chase this charity, my charity HPLA Charities, helps people that are hurting in some or all facets of their life. I can describe hundreds of issues and even more reasons for folks to have problems. Some folks having issues are derived from honest misfortunes. Some are permanent and some are temporary. Some folks have issues due to their own brilliance or ignorance. But, I am intrigued by the critic who feels superior and feels all-knowing. For you the show “Jeopardy” awaits. If you can go unbeaten on that show you may have a chance to be heard and respected by many. Otherwise join us as a group of very opinionated Americans that are not always right ourselves.

What does your ideal world look like? The radius of my net is far to long. So I’ll reel it in to just include me. Life is good for me just being liked. My acquaintances accepting my views. Being told to look at it this way or that but never chastised. I will make mistakes. A serious enough one can cause much harm. There are consequences to all mistakes. Most of the consequences I face are self inflicted. Seldom ostracized or dispensed. Disappointment in myself can be the most hurtful. Thank God for those who love me unconditionally. Yes I believe I do have some.

I have been told some homeless folks are very happy to live on the street and don’t care where there next “util” or utility is coming from. They have no hedonistic needs per se’. The public outcry is “whose paying for the social services these folks receive?” I am not going to get on my soapbox at this point but I will point out that some folks don’t have a voice nor do they want a voice. They just want to be left alone and if they need something they will ask for it. Usually they will get it.

So to my moaning and groaning, as one critic put it, I speak for those who want to have a voice and don’t have the resources, skills or platform to voice their pain. To ask for help. To plead their case. I can tell you hundreds of stories of folks that have resolved themselves to their sad situation for that very reason. When we come across them we want the world to know. We want the world to help. And yes we can provide the greatest resource; a caring volunteer. As I age and become disabled, myself, I can assure you there will come a time when you will get depressed due to your condition. Please know HPLA Charities will do all it can to be there for you. If we are there in the near future; it is because someone stepped up to the plate and said “Sir I want to do what you do and I am strong and able to do it”. It will take a thick skin, it will take sacrifice, it will take skills. The old saying is “I am a Jack of All Trades and a Master of None”. You will need to be a jack of all trades to replace me, but you will also have masters of trades that you can call on. I am so grateful to those of you who I can call on to be the Masters of the Trade when needed.

I am happy to moan and groan about the folks that are hurting in our area due to you not knowing who they are and hope I am doing something to help. I will seek out those that are hurting & I will use your desire to help them by taking you along where we go. We go in your name and because you give us the support we need to do what we do. Thank You our donors.

Thank you Adam. Bill. Charley, Debbie, Esther, Francis, Georgie, Heather, Irene, Justin, etc. for your willingness to volunteer. Thank you God for helping me minimize my imperfection.

I am Bob. Just Bob.

Chairman Habitaciones Para Latinos Association aka HPLA Charities

Remember Dr. King

We should be looking forward to celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday tomorrow. He would be 93- (1929-2022). Instead we will commemorate his life & legacy with a National Holiday on Monday January 17, 2022. What might be his message to us today? I know it would be very inspirational to many millions of people. But then there would be those who would be upset at the thought of stopping the Nation for one day to honor this gift to America. They would tune out any opportunity to listen to a man speaking of equality and piece.

This week I have heard ideas that good people will never win and set the norm of “Peace”. Why is that you think? One women put it best to me. I could never kill anybody unless they were attempting to kill someone I love. Down side is most peace loving folks don’t have weapons other than those used to live a normal life. Not much of a defense for someone with a fully automatic pistol or rifle. The weapon that killed Dr. King was never sold to kill humans. The manufacturers at the time made weapons for sport or under strict rules and regulations made weapons for the US Military. Those manufactures should not be punished. However, today is a different story.  Secondly the aftermarket options that the weapons manufacturers design approve for distribution and retro fit to their weapons and competitor’s weapons are criminal. This is not a platform for gun control legislation, but instead a prayer that the world population would look around and decide; has peace become a fantasy? A pie in the sky? Does anyone really want it? There is an old saying “I am a lover not a fighter”. What we need is 99.9% of this world’s population to say “ I am a lover not a fighter”.  Secondly, I realize that there are millions of reasons/excuses for maintaining the “status quo”. I see peace loving people not ever willing or able to kill a fellow human being.  While war-mongers want any reason they can find to kill another or something. They may believe that is the only way to be at peace. They may be right. But who are they to decide the fate for those of us who want peace, tranquility and the ability to see the wonders of God’s creations alive and well. Dr. King was a man of peace and a messenger of God. For those of us that live by the rules of the “New Testament’ that follow the life and teaching of Jesus Christ; there is no need for violence. Instead to work toward a long life by serving him and loving one and other. It has become too easy to be vain and not fear the loss of another life or even that of your own. But remember those you love and more important those who love you will be stricken with grief. You are hurting your most precious assets and there is no reason, no excuse you can use to reverse that grief. Ask those closest you. Maybe not just one. But several people. You can always find one person to side with you.

HPLA Charities (Habitaciones Para Latinos Association) cannot bring you peace, but we may be able to eliminate the stress that causes you grief. More importantly you may be helping those who need you the most. Please consider a donation in honor of peace. My you feel that comfort of having stood on the mountain and seen the “Promised Land” and know you are doing everything you can to insure those around will prosper and have peace going forward.

Sincerely, http://www.hplacharities.org/donate

Honoring Our Veterans Lost at Pearl Harbor

On August 7, 1964, a young man is trapped in a situation of desperation. At 17 years of age and going on 18 it does not take much to make you insecure. There was a military draft in place and another war ongoing. It would only take time before your number rolled around and off you would go to where? Only God would know but the fear of the unknown traumatic.

It had been a routine day, as history records on the island of Oahu early in the morning on December 7, 1941. Our young man trapped in his situation had not even been born. But if anyone of you can imagine the fear of a pending doom you may imagine what you may have felt at 7:55 AM on that December day. The explosions must have rattled every foot of ground on the island. At 8:50 AM the second wave of air attack ensued. Shortly after 9:00 AM, the attack ended. The destruction of airplanes on the ground and the damage to the ships in the water were only overshadowed by the many men and women who ran to their duty stations to do their job and fend off any further assault and were killed.

2300 military personal were killed. Why?

Relationships between countries and the politicians that manage them have always and continue to be the arrogant attitude that if we can’t agree “I can send a vast army against you and defeat you”. And the response, “just try it”. Well, what if you win? What if you send a vast army and win? Who will win? Ask the Mother and Father of the young man or woman who lost their life. Anyone who tells you to die with honor is better than to live with those you love here on earth is a lair.

That young man desperate as to what to do in 1964 joined up rather than to be drafted because there might be a chance to avert going to the front lines where many of the draftees were sent. There was a sense of duty and a love for the country that suggested putting on a uniform. But let us face it. Those who started the fight were not the ones who lost their life. Sadly not many of their loved ones did either. I would like to have time to research and learn how many of the leader’s closest family members were sent to the front lines. “Not Many”

As we remember those 2300 military personal at Pearl Harbor that paid the ultimate price for some as we remember those 2300 military personal at Pearl Harbor that paid the ultimate price for some arrogant politician, friend or foe, to puff up with pride there are 2300 who would have rather lived to be with us, to be with loved ones rather than to die that morning.

As we move on into 2022 and as those arrogant politicians convince you that the your future and your families future is only going to happen if you risk your life. Tell them to go to hell! Tell them to be right at the front line of the breach themselves instead of safely behind in a shielded bunker. Think of your neighbor who will bleed to death in front of you because somebody said all liberals should die or all conservatives need killing. Folks it is time for us to quit fighting so a select few can have all the toys. Quit allowing yourself to be used.

To those precious soles who lost their life due to some arrogant War Lord. I pray that War Lord burns in hell. But to view another human being as your enemy is asinine. It is those who are brain washing you to believe another human being is your enemy that should join them in Hell.

May those 2300 who lost their life at Pearl Harbor all “Rest in Peace”. May God Bless them with the gift of Heaven. May God give them an eternal and beautiful afterlife with loved ones but, I would bet you they would rather have been here on earth with them. Salute!


So while Halloween has been a fun day of dressing up as your favorite character that allowed you to go house to house collecting candy, as a child, a more serious and solemn celebration connects and continues into November . The Day of the Dead. (From History.com 10/18/2018) “The roots of the day of the dead celebrated in contemporary Mexico and among those of Mexican Heritage in the United States and around the world , go back some 3,000 years, to the rituals honoring the dead in pre-columbian Meso-America. The Aztecs and other Nahua people, living in what is now central Mexico held a cyclical view of the universe, and saw death as an integral, ever-present part of life.

Upon dying, a person was believed to travel to Chicunamictlán, the Land of the Dead. Only after getting through nine challenging levels, a journey of several years, could the person’s soul finally reach Mictlán, the final resting place. In the Nahua rituals honoring the dead, family members provided food, water and tools to aid the deceased in this difficult journey. This inspired the contemporary “Day of the Dead” practice in which people leave food or other offerings on their loved ones graves, or set them out on makeshift alters called ofrendas in their homes”.

There is much joy in having faith in unforeseen or unknown events such as these but the danger is that there are those who cannot or will not accept that the trek of the dead is so simple. That more sacrifice is required of the individual and the survivors left behind. That there is a need of giving up assets to the surrounding community and non-profit institutions. Then will you gain some sort of favor. I don’t want to influence anyone on what they should believe on “this” platform but I do know that there is joy in seeing defeated and unfortunate folks see light and happiness in their future. More so there is jubilation is following their recovery and they, in turn, paying it forward.

HPLA Charities aka Habitaciones Para Latinos Association has seen the wonder of success and survival of individual and families. We can take credit for making it happen. But like our country, state and county nothing is possible without us living soles. I have yet to have a dead person come out say life is really great in death and I can’t wait to go back. I know this sounds disrespectful but my point is that there are folks on the verge of death that need and should live longer because of the blessing they provide for those who love them. Through our history HPLA has documented many success stories but have many that have not been documented because problems were more important to solve than document. Code violations are a good example of undocumented success. Lawns mowed and brush cleared. Garages painted and resided. Hand rails outside and inside homes. Flooded basements vacuumed and dried free of mold. Fences rebuilt.

We look forward to a safe and fun fall season with lots of children laughing and having fun. Many adults adorned with Day of the Dead costumes & face paint. We look forward to the fight to do more for folks who, through no fault of their own, can receive the relief they deserve. While the resources for you and I may continue to increase remember there are those whose resources are dwindling and there will only continue survival with your charity.

Please use the donate button on our home page or cut and paste this link to get you there www.hplacharities.org/donate

Hispanic Heritage Month 9-15 to 10-15-2021

It is not surprising that the Hispanic, Latino, Latinx cultures are at the forefront of the news. This is Hispanic Heritage Month. The recognition of the culture has been long overdue and I salute President Ronald Reagan for signing it into law in 1988 & George H.W. Bush the first President to declare the 31 days beginning on September 15th as Hispanic Heritage Month.The term ‘WOKE’ has been tossed around in these stressful and divided times but by my definition, the alert to injustice in society, especially racism has been in play for decades if not centuries. I want to emphasize one particularly silent sleeper that was ‘WOKE’ in 1929. Three separate groups came together who had separately and publicly pointed out racism and discrimination of the Hispanics. Much, like the tale of slavery of our black brothers, so too was the life of Hispanic or more specific the Mexican culture. (La Matanza and the Hora de Sangre (“Hour of Blood”)) was a period of anti-Mexican violence in Texas, including lynchings and massacres, between 1910 and 1920. The three organizations that melded in one is today known as the League of United Latin American Citizens aka LULAC. www.lulac.org The organization has worked hard to do all it can to provide scholarships to Latino students but has also made every effort to mentor the future leaders of our counties, states, and country. Today’s Hispanic, Latino, Latinx students will be Governors, Representatives, Senators & US Presidents of tomorrow. We are proud to be Americans. The founding fathers of LULAC were all World War 1 Veterans and English was the declared language of the membership.This said, I am proud to announce that LULAC Council #11085 has been organized in Shawnee Mission, Ks. and officially recognized by the state & the national councils as an official arm of the organization. We are home-based in Shawnee Mission but our membership is from all parts of the KC Metro. No social media has been established yet but I know that an exceptional and savvy individual will step up to fill the vacancy and be a fellow officer. In closing, so much credit has to be given to our own veteran Rudy Padilla ‘President’ along with Maria Christina Herrera ‘Vice-President’.I will hold the office of Treasurer until a more experienced accountant can be found. I am honored to serve.Our council did participate in last weekend’s Fiesta Hispana 2021. Our gratitude goes out to our Charter Member Dr. Micheal Macias Jr. & wife Marci for providing a platform to initiate publicly our presence in Kansas City and the surrounding area. Please help us succeed as our first challenge will be to create a scholarship fund for qualified Latino students in our local schools. Fiesta Hispana helped us get started and we are so grateful for those that worked the booth but most importantly those who donated. Will you?


Celebrating Juneteenth a New National Holiday & July 4th Independence Day

Well, while I diligently tried to type out a great story about this historic last minute decision to create a National Holiday in our USA, my editor decided it didn’t like what I wrote and dumped all my hard work. So I will start again and add to it that we are coming up on our countries 245th anniversary. Another National Holiday. This one based on 1776 as being the official year of our nations birth. There has been few countries which have lasted this long and it appears the “Constitution” has held firm with a few amendments. If you find fault with these words please know the editor program took away my brilliant wordsmith ability 🙂

Seriously though, talk and actions have led me to believe some folks are not happy with where we are and are doing all they can to make corrections. My intention is not to discuss party or politics but simply to show the huge divide between the schools of thought which go into today’s management of democracy. Management of our Republic. Management of our lives. While the occupants of our great Nation differ in their thinking of what is best; I am shocked at several things. I will go from the sublime to the ridiculous in my example. From the far left to the far right there are significant differences some of which folks from the right are willing to kill folks on the left and vice-versa. From where I sit I look to a divine power and beg for GOD to please bring peace and tranquility to all people.

I believe in God almighty creator of heaven and earth. Unfortunately there are those who do not believe in creation but that we have all evolved over millions of years. To each his own but in all seriousness; have we not evolved to a point where-by life has greater value? I believe every life matters and more importantly each one of us should believe this truth too.

For those of you who patronize me and follow my stories you know they always turn to the folks, your neighbor and mine who are hurting through no fault of their own. As Chairman of HPLA Charities aka Habitaciones Para Latinos Association, I deal with folks daily who fall victim.

This week we received excessive rains that flooded a homes basement. Hundreds of dollars in belongings were lost and displaced the family for several days. Another had a roof leak due to a poorly design roof installation causing leaks into a kitchen. Gutters not properly cleared flooded a living room and showered an exterior entrance to a home making it very difficult to get in with groceries, kids and pets in tow. Loss of Freon on this holiday weekend left a family hot and suffering. No hand rails in a tub left an 84 year old screaming for help after trying to exist her bath and falling on top of her toilet. Show me animals left helpless and I’ll so you humans just as helpless.

As we stand proud of the all our freedoms please take time to seek out those who are less fortunate. So many are to proud to ask for help because someone told them everybody has to do for themselves. That is true to a point but it should not cost you pain or death. Call us please; we can help. We do it with donations and volunteers. Many times it requires contractors who won’t do it for free but, will maybe discount their normal fees. We are very grateful for them and encourage others to use them. But know we use your donations carefully and honestly, always to help those who are hurting through no fault of their own. http://www.hplacharities/donate We need you to help us help others. We do home repairs on all systems. God Bless the USA.

2021 Second Quarter

Does it seem like we just watched the ball drop in New York City and here we are working on the last month of the first quarter of 2021. Time is moving so fast for me right now. On March the 8th, 2021 HPLA Charities or officially Habitaciones Para Latinos Association will begin its 6th year in business and officially complete five full years of helping people who are hurting through no fault of their own. It is important to note that at the time this organization was but an idea of trying to do something good; money was not a road block. How the work would get done that needed to get done; would get done was not a road block. Today, five years later those potential roadblocks are still not roadblocks. Why is that? For me that is an easy answer. Love. Pride. Thankfulness. Being Human and Being Blessed is the answer. If there had never been one dollar donated to HPLA there would still be people who are hurting getting help. Yes, there would still be people who do wondrous things for other people still doing good works.
For me I see the goodness of people everyday almost every minute of everyday. Not because its their job or because there is fear in your lives; it is simply for Love, Pride, Thankfulness, Being Human and recognizing how blessed we are.
The school bus stops at our corner everyday that the school is opened and the bus driver patiently waits while each passenger comes on or gets off the bus. Making sure the foot is on the brake and/or all other safety precautions and procedures are in place under this scenario. Ask anyone of those drivers why they are so cautious? In most every case it will be because they love those kids and could not bare to see anyone of them getting hurt. Oh there is always that out of the ordinary story of maliciousness. There are bad people, bad kids out there. It is hard to see kids who are shy and poor take advantage of an opportunity to swipe a trending toy but even kids who have everything will do wrong. It took getting caught one time stealing some fresh corn out of a field and being forced to show up at the local police department with my Mom to teach me that taking something that did not belong to me was not right. I was 11 years old. Thank God it only took just once for me. But watching a kid stealing a few ears of corn compared to seeing a someone losing blood from an injury or shivering from the cold is a very different trauma. Very few people will just walk away from that scene. And they don’t. There are those who run to the danger not away from it.
But to that point, the needs are great and the people who are hurting are not always in plain sight nor do they want to be known. We have homeless folks in Kansas who are just fine living on the street and doing what they can to survive. I can respect that until they find themselves in a situation they didn’t expect and are now hurting badly. They seem to always accept help then. Organizations are out there who want to be there and who sacrifice daily to do all they can. These organizations will be out there with or without your help but, I can tell you that when there is a busted pipes and the water cannot be turned on without repairing the pipe it is miraculous for someone to walk up and say here is money to buy whatever you need to fix that pipe. It is miraculous to do that more often than not because of the generosity of others. We received thousands of dollars in donations at HPLA. We pray one day it will be millions but for now every dollars we receive is used to do all we can do. We have folks who are waiting for someone to help them stop a leaky faucet. We have folks who are using cardboard to cover up a drafty window. We have a kitchen faucet that is loose on the sink and letting water run into the pantry below. We work as quickly as we can to get to the problem and take care of it. It takes time, money and fellow citizens to make it happen.
You can help by donating a small portion of your earnings. Will you help by giving a few hours of your time? Will you help by offering up prayers for the success of HPLA and the survival of those who are hurting until we get to them? Will you give an older person a reason to want to stay in their home and be a blessing to others.
There are donate buttons on this site and there are mailing addresses to send your financial support or you can call 913-269-4450 in Kansas City Metro area to volunteer. It is essential for all of us to try to come together for the sake of our sanity and our survival. I have seen “what goes around comes around” and I am sure you have also. Be blessed or be a blessing. I pray both will happen for you. Thank You from HPLA Charities



The Park Street Condo, 75th & Anderson Condo & The Hillside Estate

Among our many talents and “jack of all trade” characteristics we have also developed a following which has displayed great faith in us. That being absentee landlords and folks who need their properties watched over on a temporary bases. Having owned property and having tried to manage it from a distance; to many things happen that cause alarm and end up being nothing. But, in the mean time throwing money at the incident is about the only solution for owners. Whether it be a leaky faucet due to an outdoor faucet not being turned off completely or a popped circuit breaker due to the curling iron, hairdryer and lighted make up mirror all plugged into one receptacle. It is easy to just call the landlord and have him/her deal with it. Of course holding up the rent in the mean time is a huge lever. To have a renter that not only can troubleshoot the issue but fix it also is seldom, if ever, seen.

The best thing to do is to have a local property manager that can go and evaluate the circumstance immediately. There are many other benefit to having a local property manager and that includes a flat monthly tax deductible fee, preset periodic inspections, providing access to service folks, built in handyman services and of course security. The security for absentee homeowners and the peace of mind having reputable and insured agents like ours help keep the properties occupied and the equity growing due to the improved maintenance and inspections.

The average length of contracts are 3-5 years but we have properties that we have managed for more than twenty years. With the global economy asking top level mangers to go put out fires or develop new business in all parts of the world it is refreshing to know there is someone available to protect your permanent resident or your most valuable investments. Standard fees can vary but 10% of the average monthly rental fee is a good place card. (Actual repair services are billed separately but reduced labor cost can be negotiated within the agreement). We operate on the Kansas side of the Kansas City Metropolitan market but some crossover into Missouri is possible depending on the exact location of your property. We invite you to give us a call and talk to one of our agents on the type of coverage you may require or find most appropriate to your situation. Please call 913-499-1803 or write HPLAcharities@gmail.com. We also do text 913-269-4450 and or tweet @Bodoflo All profits go to HPLA Charities.


Robert Flores

2021 Time to Thin The Herd

The American Dream may still be alive and well but, it is reserved for a select few. If 2020 has taught us anything, it is that not all of us can be our own boss. (Business is a very risky business and bankruptcy an alternative for failure).

The requirements “to be your own boss” have now been reserved for those who can create and or attain a variety of skills which no one individual can generally attain. It will thus require a team made up of several leaders none of which will have total control. I’ll explain what I mean by suggesting that the line in the sand between the “haves” and the “have not” has moved to such a place where it is almost invisible to the multitude trying to reach it. The idea of one person directing a business requires he/she be a demon feared by all. “A dictator”. The idea of reaching down to the working class for support is not an option so the divide widens.

The foundation by which good business acumen is based has been compromised by a new age of thinking such that the new concept will need to be argued, manipulated and approved by the majority going forward. Until then it will require a very sincere cooperation between team members from different demographics, different cultures, which must work together, trust each other and be faithful to one another. That is a tall order given the stress each one of us is facing and the distrust the world has created between races and individuals. Not to mention the unforeseen dangers impinging on us.

Sadly another problem is the “value” of our own abilities is now very short lived. Even working with a great team; technology, changing demographics/norms are accelerating at hyper speed creating a wider divide and much harder to keep up with. The “have nots” do not have the resources to compete and the value of their input will be unrecognized from their lowly perch. The resulting circumstances will be for those being left behind to do all they can to survive at any cost. Yes, any cost. As the weakest of the herd is left to be devoured so to will be the weakest link in the human chain. Those who can not keep up will succumb, especially, when no one is left to protect them. The age of retirement is getting smaller and smaller with no survival benefits a possibility.

The history of some global societies suggest that societies have tried to be respectful of the weakest links. In some cases drastic measures are taken to minimize the costs on the rest of the clan. No need to get descriptive because knowing that I reach a highly intelligent audience, I know, you can imagine the weakest links in our society and what we do with them. Grandpas at 95 on Medicaid with no known blood relatives is left sedated with no means to sustain his own worn body & will soon die of starvation.

Poverty is growing in the richest county in the world and impacting every culture. The number of those whose inability to compete and produce, forces them out of high paying jobs and that group is growing. The ability to acquire the basic resources to stay in the game is getting harder and more expensive. Imagine having to work from home and not having internet service. Imagine being asked to be available 24/7 for double your pay but, you have no phone or car. Imagine the team leader saying your knowledge and ability to fulfill the mission is suspect because you can’t get access to the market place or associate with the secret societies which control the industry. Those privileged characters all hang out at the “members only” gymnasium which your expense account doesn’t cover but theirs does.

The American herd itself is getting weak and therein lies the rub. The weakness of the herd is due to the elimination of the mature and the wise. The experience that sees the macro economy, the global economy and has the ability to control and influence the position of the herd is being excluded. The ability to work together as a team to defend and sustain the herd, the entire herd, from any harm or premature death may be lost to the new acumen. No way to be nurturing and caring for the least expendable until there comes the time where there is no sign of life. Now we can label them the weakest link and leave them behind.

The cattle herder on the range is asked to cut out the finest calf to be prepared for a celebratory feast. It is a costly sacrifice but justified. You and I are being asked to cut out the folks in our society that may be hurting through no fault of their own. To leave them to themselves or to their loved ones to care for until they can’t do it anymore and then we let them die. Is this the view of the new acumen? Is this the view of the new “American Dreamer”? Is this the view of all people of this earth?

The “gray tsunami” will take up tremendous resources going forward but, if we reduce the benefits of social security, medicare & medicaid the sacrifice of this group will be justified. Right? What do you think? How old are you? Will you be OK to be left to starve when you run out of resources?

I believe I need to use the resources available to me and perpetuate the welfare of those less fortunate, through no fault of their own, by ensuring their basic physiological needs are met and they die of natural causes. But is this a reasonable attitude?