The supply of craftsmen appears to be dwindling as well as those of licensed professionals. With the temperatures raising and working outdoors a pleasure, for some of us, getting those honey-do projects complete with a little help is stalled. No help available.
Even worse the quality of building materials is going down while the cost are going up. Honey-Do’s can be stalled or even procrastinated but for low income homeowners needing repairs to keep the gas, water, electricity or appliances going it is an emergency.  There is no way to wait.

You can come to your own conclusions on why we are incurring these high cost but, in our world of providing free labor for low income homeowners it is disastrous. HPLA (Habitaciones Para Latinos Association) relies on donations to provide the building materials and supplies necessary to do our work. A short supply of volunteers is also an issue but volunteers are of no value when you can’t afford a piece of lumber.  So yes, larger and increased donations are required. These donations are the life blood of our charity and by your continued support and donations we can do so much more.

Currently HPLA is involved in several projects that are in serious need of support. HPLA has recently upgraded one young couple to priority one.  After a loss of revenue and an unexpected pregnancy their first dream home, which was a fixer upper and inhabitable is no where close to being lived in. In the good time these kids had been sold this home, that was inhabitable, at a ridiculously high price.   They were forced to pick up back taxes and assume responsibility to pay back the loan with none of the utilities acceptable to inspectors.

This finance company should be investigated by CFPB  (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau).

As most young married couples, they don’t know what it is they don’t know. It is even more daunting that no one even hinted to them the tremendous cost involved in bringing the property up to modern standards. Another loan equal to the initial cost of the property will be required to make the house ready for occupancy in the time frame required by this family. Otherwise they will be years paying rent and making payments to a house that will continue to deteriorate. Our volunteers and your donations will overcome their problems and help the neighborhood from having a house in blight.

It is exciting to see these young families working so hard to live the “American Dream” but so saddened to see them blindsided by an American business acumen who stand behind “buyer beware” as their excuse to earn revenues in this shameful manner.

The good news is that as we help this family bring their home into compliance with building codes. As we help them with inspections and licensed contractor fees. As we bring their taxes up to date. We can then go back and file complaints and hopefully stop this kind of business practices from continuing in our county.

What is this family doing for themselves. The head of house is working long hours and coming home to set toilets, bathtubs, sinks and put up walls. Yes, he is helping all he can. We want to accelerate his efforts. But we do need your donations for materials and to help defer costs of licensed plumbers and electricians who even working at a discount are still ridiculously high. Please use our donate button to give something. Just one dollar from a few hundred people makes our charity successful. God Bless You.

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