Week of 4-25-2016 Projects in Process

The trickle down theory of one economic train of thought is alive and well on planet earth however; often times it is something less than a drip. To suggest that the spigot will soon be open is as ambiguous as  the number of entities who touch the water flowing out. For the grassroots non-profit who rely on other agencies generosity or blessings the well runs dry all to often and the only thing that can be done is to wait for rain. We remember fondly the great celebrity and good Samaritan “Prince” who died unexpectedly. His “Purple Rain” is a happy place and happy thing to happen to someone.

For Non-Profits it is the release of grant dollars to complete a project for someone in desperate need of help. For a Non-Profit it is the lifeblood of their existence. For a non-profit it is saying “no can do” to someone needing food, shelter, medicine or a job at any wage. Habitaciones Para Latinos Association is such a non-profit waiting for funds to trickle down from set aside federal government programs designed to help people at grass-roots level. What we to often find is much of the money going to beautify a play ground or a park instead of sealing a roof that is leaking so bad a dozen washtubs can’t catch all the drips. How does this happen? All to often the worst problems rear their ugly heads at a time when funds have already been committed to lower priority projects. Our alternative is to ask for donations directly from friends and family of those in need. When those funds are not sufficient we look to the general public to help and I am sad to say the folks that give the most are most times the folks that should be receiving. Faith suggests God will take care of me if I help take care of someone else. This is the mindset and the heart of most leaders of a non-profit but there is never enough to go around as managing a huge non-profit requires an educated person with special skills and to compete with corporate America the large nonprofits have to pay out huge sums of money to attract leaders. So while United Way has convinced employers to collect donations through their payroll programs and millions of dollars are collected it is still expensive to market themselves and hire great leadership which reduces the purple rain that ends at the grassroots nonprofits and other projects they fund.

This week we insured a reliable washing machine got funded and delivered. We insured all the faucets that were leaking , that had been stopped, are still stopped and are working. For the elderly couple on social security we are working to get some temporary relief from rain coming into there home.

Kansas is under a severe thunderstorm warning today with  chances of tornadoes to the west of the county that could spread right over this elderly couples house. We called on friends, family, neighbors and now we call on you  to help us, to help those who can’t help themselves for what ever reason. No one should live cold and damp in our country and certainly no one in the Midwest where some of the most honorable and hard working people contribute everyday to a better America.  God Bless You and God Bless America. Please give.

Habitaciones Para Latinos Association is helping every person they can but are emotionally connected to the Latino community who have a reputation of not asking for help even when help is available. We are currently made up of volunteers and no salaried employees are in the organization.

Please donate via our Donate tab at http://www.habitacionesparalatinos.org


Habitaciones Para Latinos Association

Kansas City Kansas Central Street Corridor CleanUp

Celebrating Earth Day


Helping the City and Helping the Needy

Please come and join with us to Beautify KCK  Saturday April 23, 2016

A great way to get your weekend started is with a little clean up work around the soon to be a tourist “must see” part of the city. “Central Avenue Betterment Association” is working to improve the sights, sounds and appearance of the Central Ave & 18th Street Business District in Kansas City Kansas.  Come help and have some fun. Get in a little exercise, help beautify your city to attract the attention you deserve by the people of America & the World.

On Saturday April 23,  the event will start with an opening ceremony at 9 AM  at 1621 Central Avenue, Kansas City, Kansas. We all hope to see you there.


Habitaciones Para Latinos Association (HPLA)

Robert ‘Bob’ Flores


Following those in Need

Week of 4/18/2016
As the work week begins the needs just grow. This past week we have had a washing machine go out and a water leak show up which is wasting precious resources.

The washing machine is beyond repair and a new machine or a good used machine will need to be acquired and delivered. There are plenty of business out there that are willing to discount there profits to help but so far no free machines have cropped up. It is unfortunate and it seems unfair that there maybe hundreds of people that may have a used washer which they will gladly donate. The down side is they are not here where we need them to be at the exact moment when we need them. The next best thing is money which can be used immediately and in any part of the world. That is a slippery slope as there are so many slippery people waiting to take advantage.

As of a few minutes ago the washing machine is going to be replaced with a good used machine. The cost, less than the repair. To use an overused expression, Praise God!

An appointment has been set up to take care of the leaking faucets tomorrow. Please don’t hesitate to tell us about your needs or better yet what you do to help those less fortunate in your part of the world.

Update: Sink and tub faucets are fixed. 4/20/2016. A very slight leak is still evident but hopefully a little plumbers grease will swell the o-rings and stop the leak altogether. Old faucets are very precarious but water waste is very small compared to 5-10 gallons a day.  The hand sink is secured to the wall and all leaks are stopped there altogether. Yea!

Thank you for reading our blog, thank you for your support and May God Bless You.


Habitaciones Para Latinos Association
Shawnee, Kansas 66218

Why is the government not helping those in need?



It is good for everyone to know that the Federal Government of the United States of America has hundreds of programs in place to help those in need. Working with the 50 States and Puerto Rico. The Federal Government works with State Governments to insure everyone in this country is taking care of if they are not able to take care of themselves. Rules are established to insure all proceeds given out are documented and that no corruption or abuse occurs.

Along with the programs established by government many non-profit organizations have been created that qualify for more Federal, State & Local programs but are also supported by Private Organizations and private donors to further provide support to those in need.

Top 25 Most Successful Non-Profit Organizations in the World

A career in non-profit management can be a very rewarding one. But, often we think of non-profit work as being poorly paid, in part, because the non-profit organization itself is often struggling. And, while it’s true that salary ranges at even the most successful non-profit organizations are never going to match those of executives in highly successful “for profit” organizations, it would be incorrect to say that all non-profits are struggling. In fact, here are twenty five of the most successful non-profit organizations today.

  1. United Way: United Way is a worldwide organization dedicated to helping people achieve their human potential through education, income stability and health.
  2. Salvation Army: When we think of the Salvation Army, most of us think of the red collection kettles that we see outside nearly every store during the holiday season. The Salvation Army helps provide the necessities of life to people all over the world, including food and clothing.
  3. Feed the Children: Feed the Children delivers food, medicine and clothing to needy children throughout the world.
  4. Gifts in Kind: Gifts in Kind is one of the most unique charities in the world. They work with companies who donate their products, rather than cash donations, so that the products can be used where they are most needed.
  5. Americares: Americares delivers medicine, medical supplies and aid wherever there is a crisis. They are always out in front when natural disasters like earthquakes, floods and storms that devastate areas around the world.
  6. YMCA: The YMCA is a large US organization that has a presence in all major cities in the US, and in many small towns, too. The Y works to strengthen the community through education and programs designed to help people grow and thrive.
  7. The Red Cross: The Red Cross is the most significant disaster relief organization in the United States. They respond to disasters worldwide.
  8. Catholic Charities USA: The primary focus of Catholic Charities is reducing poverty.
  9. Feeding America: Formerly known as America’s Second Harvest, Feeding America is dedicated to ending hunger in the US.
  10. Mayo Foundation: The Mayo Foundation is the country’s largest non-profit dedicated to medical research.
  11. The Cleveland Clinic Foundation: The Cleveland Clinic Foundation is a non profit academic medical center, specializing in medical research.
  12. Goodwill Industries: Goodwill Industries is dedicated to helping people earn a living who might otherwise have difficulty doing so.
  13. New York Presbyterian Hospital: New York Presbyterian is one of the country’s most respected medical organizations. It’s also a highly successful non-profit agency.
  14. The ARC of the United States: ARC is devoted to helping people with developmental disabilities.
  15. Mt. Sinai: Mt. Sinai is another highly successful hospital that is non-profit.
  16. Memorial Sloan Kettering: One of the world’s foremost cancer treatment centers, Sloan Kettering is non-profit.
  17. Cedars Sinai: Cedars Sinai, one of the most well known hospitals in California, is non-profit.
  18. Henry Ford Health System: Henry Ford Health System, operates hospitals and health systems all across Michigan.
  19. Boys and Girls Clubs of America: Boys and Girls Clubs are some of the most successful organizations working with at risk youth in the US.
  20. Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia: CHOP is one of the most successful children’s hospitals in the US.
  21. Shriner’s Hospital for Children: Shriner’s Hospital provides specialty pediatric care and research.
  22. American Cancer Society: The American Cancer Society is one of the most widely recognized non-profit organizations in the US. They lead the charge in cancer research and education programs.
  23. Habitat for Humanity: Habitat for Humanity builds homes for those who might not otherwise be able to afford them, and helps the families with low or no interest mortgages.
  24. Children’s Hospital: Children’s Hospital in Boston is one of the foremost hospitals and research organizations for pediatric illnesses.
  25. Planned Parenthood: Planned Parenthood is the leading organization for education about sexual decisions and sexual health.

It’s likely that you recognize most of the names on this list. These are organizations that do good in the global & local community. Do not hesitate to support them too.