Following those in Need

Week of 4/18/2016
As the work week begins the needs just grow. This past week we have had a washing machine go out and a water leak show up which is wasting precious resources.

The washing machine is beyond repair and a new machine or a good used machine will need to be acquired and delivered. There are plenty of business out there that are willing to discount there profits to help but so far no free machines have cropped up. It is unfortunate and it seems unfair that there maybe hundreds of people that may have a used washer which they will gladly donate. The down side is they are not here where we need them to be at the exact moment when we need them. The next best thing is money which can be used immediately and in any part of the world. That is a slippery slope as there are so many slippery people waiting to take advantage.

As of a few minutes ago the washing machine is going to be replaced with a good used machine. The cost, less than the repair. To use an overused expression, Praise God!

An appointment has been set up to take care of the leaking faucets tomorrow. Please don’t hesitate to tell us about your needs or better yet what you do to help those less fortunate in your part of the world.

Update: Sink and tub faucets are fixed. 4/20/2016. A very slight leak is still evident but hopefully a little plumbers grease will swell the o-rings and stop the leak altogether. Old faucets are very precarious but water waste is very small compared to 5-10 gallons a day.  The hand sink is secured to the wall and all leaks are stopped there altogether. Yea!

Thank you for reading our blog, thank you for your support and May God Bless You.


Habitaciones Para Latinos Association
Shawnee, Kansas 66218

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