Hispanic Heratige Month 2020

Hispanic Heritage Month is in full swing (Sept 15, to October 15, 2020) and some of the worst news that can be published has come to light. In the state of Georgia a doctor is accused of performing hysterectomies on Latino women without their knowledge or consent. Low income Latinos are also more susceptible to fall ill from the Covid19 pandemic virus. So if you are a conspiracy theorist what would be your first thoughts. My guess is that low income people of color are less educated and able to know a pandemic is occurring. Maybe they are much less approached by friends and family who will help them know what to do or how to prevent being contaminated. So where is the conspiracy theory? Reducing the population of low income families needing social resources to survive. Sad!
For HPLA Charities it is our mission to help shore up social programs and just as important educate those who may not know what they don’t know they don’t know, right? Did you get that? How much information and support is out there that you have no idea exists. You don’t know what you don’t know. But what ever the reason people of color are getting sick, together we can help them get the support they need. Our primary goal is to help low income homeowners stay in their homes. We have helped windows, retired military, social security recipients, single moms, etc., of all colors. The church is still there and we have seen excellent results from Catholic Charities and others but, there is more need than resources and we at HPLA Charities are trying to fill that gap.

It is through your support that we do what we do. Please know this. We do not use donation dollars to support our overhead expenses. Again we do not use donated dollars to pay for overhead expenses. All donated dollars are used to help our clients. All donated dollars go to benefit our clients. I keep repeating because it is hard to get folks to read a message like this thoroughly. I am sorry because I know you are not one of those people. But please consider donating to our charity. It is tax deductible and will help children, mothers, fathers, sister, brothers of all colors, cultures, denominations and social status. Your support is vital and as our government shrinks the first place that will get cut is the benefits for low income citizens. Please use our donate button above. Your contribution is protected by PayPal or you are welcome to call for an address to mail your donation, 913-269-4450.

In Memory of RBG May you RIP

Fall 2020- School Days, School Days

“School Days, School Days Dear Old Golden Rule Days”,
Reading and writing’ and rithmetic
Taught to the tune of the hickory stick.

And then the hickory stick was used to keep you in line or you may feel the sting of it. For those of you who can remember those days I know you will agree that there may have been some benefit to that teaching style. It is hard to remember all the changes that have come and gone which brought us to the teaching styles being suggested today. I am so proud of all the good traits America brings to the class room today. The patriotism, pride, honor and joy which is instilled in our children. The activities inside and outside the class room have developed some tremendous, intellect, athleticism, creativity and artistic talent. This pandemic we are currently entrenched in, has and will continue to cripple teaching styles and class room settings going forward. The good news for me is that it has provided an opportunity to bring all our greatest minds together on a global scale and compete for how best to move into the future. There is plenty of room to debate the use of the hickory stick for discipline or not but, in all cases it appears that reason and logic verses punishment and pain is much preferred. Safety has always been at the top of the priorities list and that should not change in our schools. However, in this instance, I believe that individual or student support outside the school yard is going to be need improvement. Safety is relative based on many factors and then comes the affordability of what that entails. The cost to the country as well as our population may become insurmountable. To that point it will be essential that priorities be established by the majority of the population as to what is truly important. Is human life worth saving at all costs? This is not a platform for debating the death penalty, abortion or animal cruelty but instead is an opportunity to think through the need to prioritize survival of our species. What this pandemic has done, in part, is to bring attention to our vulnerability as Americans. It started out attacking our weakest links. The elderly who were already slipping into eternity were impacted but, then its expanded and attacked even some of our strongest individuals. When it reached our children the concern & alarm reached its pinnacle. In many cases the elderly where ready to go and had no fear. But, to go alone without family close was heart wrenching. (Isolation) This happened. Next came folks with serious illnesses at all ages that were vulnerable and I can go on. Whether it was your tax bracket, status in the community, people in power or national leaders etc. The question becomes who do we protect, who gets the greatest support? The free market would suggest those who can pay their own way and afford the price tag gets the support. OK. Can we stop there? Should we stop there? Our gratefulness for being born in American and having all that we have suggest we can share. It suggests that those who cannot afford to pay to stay alive have help. It comes from social programs, non-profit institutions, generous corporations and generous fellow humans. The most gratifying is to give directly to local organizations that can show you exactly where your money is going and the generous volunteers who embellish your gifts and leverage your gifts to repair, replace and reconstruct damaged property for just the cost of materials. Yes, materials donated, bought at discount or even at cost. But no matter how it works out, there is always a need for money. Habitaciones Para Latinos will be closing out its 5th year in the second QTR of 2021. In that time thousands of hours and thousands of dollars have been donated to help low income home owners stay in their homes. We have lost some due to illness and old age. Some due to inadequate support. However, many are still with us and we continue to follow their progress today. The good news is some have become self sufficient and are giving back.

This week HPLA was able to help two new clients. Vietnam Veterans with the need of some minor repairs. Doors not closing and toilets wasting precious water which has become very extensive lately. One of our dear earlier clients had not had her air conditioner serviced for years and will be getting a good cleaning and filter change etc. this week. It is our volunteers labor and your tax deductible dollars that make this happen. A quick aside and gratitude to D&R Services, Inc. who has continued to provide a vehicle and tools to be able do what we do. New rear brakes were installed to insure safety last week. God Bless You!

Please continue to pray for us and for our country. Next month we will be starting a fundraiser as the account gets low and needs increase going into winter. You can help us now by finding our donate button or use our contact tab to get mailing information for sending monetary donations by mail. Please know you are making the difference in peoples lives. There is no compensation paid out for salaries or expenses to our staff so our clients receive the biggest benefit. Go do something good in your neighborhood and help us do the same. (Supporting Wyandotte County Ks and surrounding areas).

The most memorable times of school is the one you remember the best.