Hispanic Heratige Month 2020

Hispanic Heritage Month is in full swing (Sept 15, to October 15, 2020) and some of the worst news that can be published has come to light. In the state of Georgia a doctor is accused of performing hysterectomies on Latino women without their knowledge or consent. Low income Latinos are also more susceptible to fall ill from the Covid19 pandemic virus. So if you are a conspiracy theorist what would be your first thoughts. My guess is that low income people of color are less educated and able to know a pandemic is occurring. Maybe they are much less approached by friends and family who will help them know what to do or how to prevent being contaminated. So where is the conspiracy theory? Reducing the population of low income families needing social resources to survive. Sad!
For HPLA Charities it is our mission to help shore up social programs and just as important educate those who may not know what they don’t know they don’t know, right? Did you get that? How much information and support is out there that you have no idea exists. You don’t know what you don’t know. But what ever the reason people of color are getting sick, together we can help them get the support they need. Our primary goal is to help low income homeowners stay in their homes. We have helped windows, retired military, social security recipients, single moms, etc., of all colors. The church is still there and we have seen excellent results from Catholic Charities and others but, there is more need than resources and we at HPLA Charities are trying to fill that gap.

It is through your support that we do what we do. Please know this. We do not use donation dollars to support our overhead expenses. Again we do not use donated dollars to pay for overhead expenses. All donated dollars are used to help our clients. All donated dollars go to benefit our clients. I keep repeating because it is hard to get folks to read a message like this thoroughly. I am sorry because I know you are not one of those people. But please consider donating to our charity. It is tax deductible and will help children, mothers, fathers, sister, brothers of all colors, cultures, denominations and social status. Your support is vital and as our government shrinks the first place that will get cut is the benefits for low income citizens. Please use our donate button above. Your contribution is protected by PayPal or you are welcome to call for an address to mail your donation, 913-269-4450.

In Memory of RBG May you RIP

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