The Snow Flies Early in Kansas-October 2018

The Snow Flies Early in Kansas-October 2018

This article is dedicated to you my readers. You know what we do at HPLA. Habitaciones Para Latinos Association is active and doing good things because of you. For that reason we pray for prosperity and good health for each of you everyday. But lets review why it is that you support us. Lets review why we need your continued support and why we need others to join us. Let’s review why it is that I am asking you to help others understand fully what we do. To you our dear friends:

  • Our donors are far from wealthy. At best I know that you are able to pay your bills every month with little left over.
  • Our donors know what it is like to go without. Whether now or in times past. You have stressed over paying past due bills or have gas money to go to work.
  • As a homeowner, our donors, have let that dripping faucet or leaky toilet go because there was no money for a plumber
  • As a homeowner in American you have seen or heard of the hard times of the depression or experienced war times when we all had to do without.
  • As a homeowner & neighbor you have seen sadness delivered to your friends. A loss of a job or loss of a loved one. The loss due to fire.
  • As a homeowner & as a christian you have blamed God for your peril.

But with all the pitfalls that life delivers everyday there is a place in your heart to sacrifice and to do for others who are in worst shape than you. As a donor we know that it is a big decision to step out of your world and peer into someone else’s world and realize how fortunate you are.

The attitude that “It’s all about me” and the attitude that I got mine by working hard so you have to do the same or just hurt, is absurd. Are there fellow human being out there who should be treated this way? People who are undeserving and just deliberately using the system. Yes, there probably is. But just like the super wealthy, those folks are few. Just like our own peril, which often comes through no fault of your own. God does not bring peril into your world. Things just happen.

But you, our most valued asset and caring individual, are who understands best what we do. We remain so grateful and honored by your trust & your faith in us.

We have received funds to hopefully complete a young coupes home and get them utilities before the end of the year. Our goal to get them into their home before winter is no longer possible. A freeze warning is out in our area as you read this post. We still need plumbing help, electrical help and construction help to make their house livable. We also need your donations for other projects. We have a roof that needs to be replaced. We need sump pumps installed. etc, etc. But we know we need to be grateful for all you have done so far.

From where we started with this project for the young couple, we have made huge advances. Volunteer help has saved thousands of dollars in labor cost. But, are we done? No! But, one thing is for sure, the folks who take the time to read this post are the ones who have & will give money and support our charity. To those who read this post we pray that God will bless you 10 fold for your sacrifice. For those that read this post we pray no harm will come to you but, instead I pray that your eyes will be open to the wealth you already have and that you will receive by paying it forward through HPLA.

If you have time to volunteer and that is all you can do to help, please understand your labor is worth hundreds of dollars. Please Call Us.

Happy Halloween & Day of the Dead. Remember Latino Recognition Month just ended October 15, 2018

Again please accept our sincere gratitude to those of you who have donated and those who will. God Bless You. God Bless America

Bob Flores Chairman