You Can Always Make A Few People Happy

Recently I was reminded of my shortcomings in several areas of my stories and varies areas of my life. My response can easily be, I have very “Thick Skin”. bring it on. However, I have learned over the years that all folks are due respect. And I am far from perfect. I am not sure who, of the most brilliant, holds the key to happiness. Often I think the least brilliant should get the trophy. But to cut to the chase this charity, my charity HPLA Charities, helps people that are hurting in some or all facets of their life. I can describe hundreds of issues and even more reasons for folks to have problems. Some folks having issues are derived from honest misfortunes. Some are permanent and some are temporary. Some folks have issues due to their own brilliance or ignorance. But, I am intrigued by the critic who feels superior and feels all-knowing. For you the show “Jeopardy” awaits. If you can go unbeaten on that show you may have a chance to be heard and respected by many. Otherwise join us as a group of very opinionated Americans that are not always right ourselves.

What does your ideal world look like? The radius of my net is far to long. So I’ll reel it in to just include me. Life is good for me just being liked. My acquaintances accepting my views. Being told to look at it this way or that but never chastised. I will make mistakes. A serious enough one can cause much harm. There are consequences to all mistakes. Most of the consequences I face are self inflicted. Seldom ostracized or dispensed. Disappointment in myself can be the most hurtful. Thank God for those who love me unconditionally. Yes I believe I do have some.

I have been told some homeless folks are very happy to live on the street and don’t care where there next “util” or utility is coming from. They have no hedonistic needs per se’. The public outcry is “whose paying for the social services these folks receive?” I am not going to get on my soapbox at this point but I will point out that some folks don’t have a voice nor do they want a voice. They just want to be left alone and if they need something they will ask for it. Usually they will get it.

So to my moaning and groaning, as one critic put it, I speak for those who want to have a voice and don’t have the resources, skills or platform to voice their pain. To ask for help. To plead their case. I can tell you hundreds of stories of folks that have resolved themselves to their sad situation for that very reason. When we come across them we want the world to know. We want the world to help. And yes we can provide the greatest resource; a caring volunteer. As I age and become disabled, myself, I can assure you there will come a time when you will get depressed due to your condition. Please know HPLA Charities will do all it can to be there for you. If we are there in the near future; it is because someone stepped up to the plate and said “Sir I want to do what you do and I am strong and able to do it”. It will take a thick skin, it will take sacrifice, it will take skills. The old saying is “I am a Jack of All Trades and a Master of None”. You will need to be a jack of all trades to replace me, but you will also have masters of trades that you can call on. I am so grateful to those of you who I can call on to be the Masters of the Trade when needed.

I am happy to moan and groan about the folks that are hurting in our area due to you not knowing who they are and hope I am doing something to help. I will seek out those that are hurting & I will use your desire to help them by taking you along where we go. We go in your name and because you give us the support we need to do what we do. Thank You our donors.

Thank you Adam. Bill. Charley, Debbie, Esther, Francis, Georgie, Heather, Irene, Justin, etc. for your willingness to volunteer. Thank you God for helping me minimize my imperfection.

I am Bob. Just Bob.

Chairman Habitaciones Para Latinos Association aka HPLA Charities