In lieu of opinions to the contrary I would wager that if you were born and bred in the USA you agree this is the greatest country in the world.

Our organization “Habitaciones Para Latinos Association” is not pulled by political bias but no doubt the folks we help and the individuals who volunteer are. There are differing views from the people we serve. I don’t believe any of the families we help feel like they are entitled to our help. In most cases they have tried several organizations which offer help for which they qualify and found the resources are just not there right now. These folks keep asking, all the while doing all they can for themselves. But, I pray that folks in need never stop asking for help. Do I feel they are entitled to help. Yes, yes I do. But why are these folks entitled. My catch all statement at HPLA is the people we help are “hurting through no fault of their own”. The list is very long of examples. Birth defected individuals, mentally challenged, disabled veterans, unexpected health issues, the aged, etc.

I was recently in the hospital to undergo some testing in hopes of finding what ails me. I left the hospital with two stints in my coronary artery and a third to be added very soon. The week before I went in for testing I was working and doing pretty well for my age. Then I found myself bedridden for 24 hours and told not to lift anything more than 5 pounds for days later. I had to walk very gingerly in that a misstep might cause me to fall & bleed out very quickly should my incision break open. I was even pushed around in a wheelchair for awhile. Without resources or loved ones to care for me I could have ended up at home alone without help.

Do you know someone that lives alone? Do you know someone that went in for a routine exam and ended up begging for resources to just get back home. We all have heard the stories if not experienced it ourselves. These are folks that are hurting through no fault of their own and this great country of ours not only provides resources to help folks but, has thousands of back up charities to cover when resources get lean. Unpaid volunteers who recognized there is more to do than resources to do it. Our volunteers give of their time and they contribute part of their assets but, resources do get lean for us too and that is when we call on you to help cover costs incurred which we don’t have funds for. Emergency situations which need to be taken care of now. HPLA is at a place where projects are on hold and the backlog increasing due to the fact we have used up all our resources and any backup support.

So I ask you to help by donating to our charity. Would you sacrifice giving to your local library one time and give to us so we can help fellow human beings, who are hurting through no fault of their own. Would you defer your donation to a cause that may not be impacted as badly as a needy fellow American.

Two Hundred and Forty Three Years as a free republic this Fourth of July. We are and will continue to be the greatest country in the world because we love who we are and what we, as a nation, do to help people that are hurting through no fault of their own. Please use the donate button on our banner to contribute now. Thank you & God Bless You.