Honoring Our Veterans Lost at Pearl Harbor

On August 7, 1964, a young man is trapped in a situation of desperation. At 17 years of age and going on 18 it does not take much to make you insecure. There was a military draft in place and another war ongoing. It would only take time before your number rolled around and off you would go to where? Only God would know but the fear of the unknown traumatic.

It had been a routine day, as history records on the island of Oahu early in the morning on December 7, 1941. Our young man trapped in his situation had not even been born. But if anyone of you can imagine the fear of a pending doom you may imagine what you may have felt at 7:55 AM on that December day. The explosions must have rattled every foot of ground on the island. At 8:50 AM the second wave of air attack ensued. Shortly after 9:00 AM, the attack ended. The destruction of airplanes on the ground and the damage to the ships in the water were only overshadowed by the many men and women who ran to their duty stations to do their job and fend off any further assault and were killed.

2300 military personal were killed. Why?

Relationships between countries and the politicians that manage them have always and continue to be the arrogant attitude that if we can’t agree “I can send a vast army against you and defeat you”. And the response, “just try it”. Well, what if you win? What if you send a vast army and win? Who will win? Ask the Mother and Father of the young man or woman who lost their life. Anyone who tells you to die with honor is better than to live with those you love here on earth is a lair.

That young man desperate as to what to do in 1964 joined up rather than to be drafted because there might be a chance to avert going to the front lines where many of the draftees were sent. There was a sense of duty and a love for the country that suggested putting on a uniform. But let us face it. Those who started the fight were not the ones who lost their life. Sadly not many of their loved ones did either. I would like to have time to research and learn how many of the leader’s closest family members were sent to the front lines. “Not Many”

As we remember those 2300 military personal at Pearl Harbor that paid the ultimate price for some as we remember those 2300 military personal at Pearl Harbor that paid the ultimate price for some arrogant politician, friend or foe, to puff up with pride there are 2300 who would have rather lived to be with us, to be with loved ones rather than to die that morning.

As we move on into 2022 and as those arrogant politicians convince you that the your future and your families future is only going to happen if you risk your life. Tell them to go to hell! Tell them to be right at the front line of the breach themselves instead of safely behind in a shielded bunker. Think of your neighbor who will bleed to death in front of you because somebody said all liberals should die or all conservatives need killing. Folks it is time for us to quit fighting so a select few can have all the toys. Quit allowing yourself to be used.

To those precious soles who lost their life due to some arrogant War Lord. I pray that War Lord burns in hell. But to view another human being as your enemy is asinine. It is those who are brain washing you to believe another human being is your enemy that should join them in Hell.

May those 2300 who lost their life at Pearl Harbor all “Rest in Peace”. May God Bless them with the gift of Heaven. May God give them an eternal and beautiful afterlife with loved ones but, I would bet you they would rather have been here on earth with them. Salute!