Closing Out Another Decade

I remember fondly a teacher asking how old will you be when this century ends and a new one begins. As 1999 turned into the year 2000 the big concern was Y2K and not so much how old I was. Now we are at the end of 2019 and I wonder how old will you be when we arrive at the year 2100. I pray you are alive and well enough to remember this question. More importantly, that you ask yourself, what did I do to contribute to the better welfare of humanity. I pray it is not just you and the animal world left. I pray you are not having to move around in a life preserving outer garment due to climate change. Eighty years does not seem that far away until you consider, as I have to, that I am already nearing 75 years old. Perhaps living to be 155 will not be unusual by then but more importantly I pray that life will be happy and exciting for everyone too.

Today, as I look back on 2000 to 2010 and 2010 to 2020, I feel really privileged. I have seen and heard of so many fellow human beings who I have known, many younger than me who did not survive these past two decades. Some were my dearest friends, relatives, acquaintances and friends of friends who I never met. People who contributed so much and had more to give but were not given the chance due to disasters. I have lost two people extremely close to me which hurts my heart to even think about. Two people much younger than me who had so much to give to this world. Two people whom I would have traded places with in a heart beat. But, there is no use in going into detail because for those of you who will take the time to read this post, I will bet you, could also offer stories of your losses who would deserve just as much sympathy as me or anyone else. I think of our fallen military men and women, our first responders and those who back them up and take their place when they fall only to fall themselves. Husbands, Wives, Sisters, Brothers & relatives of our fellow human beings.

There is no culture, religion, color or creed associated with those losses just a sad reminder of what life brings to us. Unfortunately there are many human beings in this world that look at other of our fellow human beings as expendable, sub-human, unworthy to share our world and a drag on this herd we call fellow inhabitants. As I ponder about what the next year or the next decade is going to bring I am set aback at the thought I will become the drag. That my cost of existence to the rest of the herd will become a significant burden such that I will become expendable. What will you do in this new year, in this new decade to help others to stay worthy and not a burden to the herd. What will you do to make sure you don’t get sick or lose your ability to earn your own way? And what will you do if you become a victim of some unknown cause before you are fully vested & not be a drag on the herd. I can think of one way to try and help yourself and that is to pray to whatever higher power you believe exists, that disaster not beget you. Otherwise the probability is very high that something at sometime will impact you.

HPLA Charities, as we have become better known as in these past few months, works to accumulate resources to help members of the herd who have fallen victim to disaster through no fault of their own. Yes we call on the families and the community to be the first in line but, when life lines fail, a system has been put in play and supported by the entire herd. We are called charities. Disasters come in many forms to individuals as well as to very large groups of fellow human beings. Disasters happen all over the world but, what ever your ill there is a charity who dedicates themselves to help you. Charities rely on your financial support to be ready to help you or your loved one when necessary. Please give locally for the benefit of our herd first.

For Habitaciones Para Latinos Association aka HPLA Charities we concentrate on minor home repair. We have done some very major projects and rebuilt structural integrates in some of our clients properties but, we are limited by our volunteers skills and the resources to complete most tasks. We are grateful and do receive the support of professional individuals and corporations that could easily give away all their net worth to help. We acknowledge that they are doing all they can and still maintain a viable income for the principles. But, to that point we are careful to report projects that are beyond our capability to larger federally funded or grant funded organizations who might be able to squeeze another project into their very tight project list. Habitat for Humanity and Christmas in October leave hundreds of qualified clients behind for us due to lack of resources. (I blame overpaid staff to some organizations as we have no paid staff but, I can’t be to critical since I don’t walk in their shoes). HPLA is forced to hire contractors and pay them under certain circumstances but we pay no salaries. (Projects requiring licensed craftsman is one example of having to pay for labor). There are other examples but the largest majority of our work is done with volunteers and donations go to provide building supplies only. Tool usage is provided by our biggest support contractor D&R Services, Inc. which is a small handyman service but has most everything we need to complete minor home repair projects. Secondly, most of all the profits generated by D&R Services, Inc. goes to our charity.

So while our mission is to help those who are hurting through no fault of their own, by providing minor home repair, please know that we have picked up some replacement car parts, paid some electric bills, bought groceries and meals, landscaped some yards, did community clean up and much more with our volunteers and donation dollars. We work hard to do all we can do and be great stewards for our donors. I pray you will consider on going support for our mission.

Please use our donate button on our home page & give via our Pal-Pal process or write us a check and mail it to:

HPLA Charities, 6354 Stevenson St. Shawnee, Kansas 66218

God Bless you in 2020 and beyond.

Thanks Giving Means Giving Thanks

Winter in the Mid-West
Logically to suggest Kansas is in the Midwest would suggest the west starts in Ohio or West Virginia if coming from New York City.
There was a time when that was indeed where the West began. Today, however, the beginning of the west may well be much further to the west than originally marked.
I like the term Central US for Kansas and to that point the most central point in the US is located about two miles northwest of Lebanon, Kansas.
Where am I going with all this? I want to talk about the weather and how the central US can be considered the real deep freeze of the country. If you watch the weather maps and cold temperature forecasts as Canadian air works it way south down past the Dakotas, Nebraska and into Kansas you may well agree.
Whom ever decided Chicago should be dubbed the Windy City has not been to Kansas either. The Wind Farms stretch for miles and miles across Kansas. So add wind with cold air and wind chill temperatures in Kansas can get deadly very quickly.
So for charities like ours who do minor home repair we are called on to help with utility cost but more importantly with winterizing and insulating our clients homes. In the past few weeks we have helped stop water from coming into some homes but are also working to insulate and winterize to prevent broken pipes and reduce the loss of expensively generated heat. We have been working on electrical and plumbing issues as well. Please know the demands are great and as cost increase for low income Americans so does the demand for charities like ours. I am excited to see more large corporations getting involved in these issues low income home owners are facing but, bottom line the emergency calls come to us local charities daily as relief has to come immediately not just in October or after a long vetting process. To that point we continue to rely on your generosity and support to supply our many volunteers with the necessary supplies and materials to do our work. Rolled Insulation, chalk, expandable foam & lumber for replacement of rotted siding all need screws, staples and lots of labor to place. We are a small charity that relies on individual donations with no support from any super-pak or government trickle down. The well runs dry by the time funds reach our clients. But as we look forward to starting our fifth year please know we are making a difference and we are doing well because of you. Your donations are not used to pay for labor, staff or vehicles. Thank you from all of us at HPLA Charities

I was blind but now I see

I was inspired today by several things but two things in particular. I have been watching the movie “The Color Purple” and was able to take time and see it to the end today. Secondly I received an email from a dear friend with this terrific message produced by Cameron Burnett. Called “The Bench”. (I pray you can open it and watch it to its conclusion). I asked myself how would you describe what you see if you were not blind, if you were not a slave to anyone or anything. You see, I believe in God almighty creator of heaven and earth; and in Jesus Christ, His only Son, our Lord; who was conceived by the Holy Spirit, born of the Virgin Mary, suffered under Pontius Pilate, was crucified, died, and was buried. etc. (Please take time to read the Apostles Creed to its conclusion). But, I would like to set GOD aside long enough to recognize that although I draw strength in knowing God directs my life and leads me through his word and I am persuaded by the the presence of the Holy Spirit,who lives within my soul, that for me to sustain myself, I must physically put food and drink into my body. I am no longer a baby who is fed without any effort except to swallow. I must be physically strong and work to survive. But each of us has limitations. In these examples that I have pointed out, that being the movie and this clip, the stars in the presentations have limitations for which they have no control. There is pain and suffering within the individuals life; some assumed and never shown. But in spite of the challenges in the end what is portrayed is contentment and gratefulness. {What is evident is a peace beyond understanding}. I would like to take you to real world situations where having a place to lay down, a place to bath, a place to put your stuff is just not there. Imagine being blind and in that situation. Imagine being deprived of someone to help you find a park bench. Imagine having a smoke alarm beeping 24-7 because you have no one to call on to replace the battery. Imagine having no food because a twenty year old refrigerator quit working in the night and you have no way to save the contents. As great as this country is and continues to be; there are folks suffering gravely everyday. There are folks that don’t know what they don’t know because no one has reached out to help them. Someone to show them where the support is and how to make contact with that help. How would you describe that situation? More importantly what advise could you offer to help eliminate it? How can you help today? You tell me…You who know these situations and these individuals exist, please tell me.

There is an organization called HPLA (Habitaciones Para Latinos Association) that is trying to help by providing minor home repair and education to folks that don’t know, what they don’t know. This is our website. It is so small and so underfunded that the difference it makes is minimal at best. However, recently for several individuals, that little difference kept the power company from taking the family off a payment plan and forcing them to come up with hundreds of dollars immediately. It helped water run-off from coming into a basement and causing more damage and mold growth. It reset a garage door opener for safer access. It provided some used furniture to help furnish a place for one that was homeless. How big of a difference did these acts of charity impact those few people. I believe it was huge. Picture yourself handcuffed and unable to do for yourself due to no fault of your own and please if you can please contribute to HPLA but, also seek out and find folks who are needy and direct them to HPLA or other charities you know are there for them. Be the conduit to get them the help they don’t even know exists. End your day with contentment and gratefulness for what you do have and what you do. Blessings.

Climate Change August 2019

Climate change can be defined differently by each of you. But, what does it really mean? In the heat of politics it is the feud between clean energy, fossil fuel energy and green energy. (Those all can be hard to define). For you as an individual it may mean how the environment, you exist in, impacts your health. For many it is clean fresh untainted air that has the fragrance of nature in its most perfect form.

Looking through the lens of reality however, clean air is a luxury. For the low income individual it is a luxury to have a central air conditioning system and new filters. The fact is that pollution is in every breath of air that most of the US population takes in. As for living in the most pristine areas of the country the cost of living will take most folks out of contention. Living and working in a suitable location for months, year after year, will not exempt the general population from the negative effects of climate change.

For many years it has been predicted that the ice caps will melt and the level of the oceans will rise. We are seeing evidence of that with the recent flooding & with the shifting of the tectonic plates which are causing tsunami’s and earthquakes. We have seen recent earthquake activity in California and Alaska. Is it important that we not live in fear of these catastrophic occurrences which effect a very small part of the population? Yes, of course. But, let’s see what goes on in the life of the low income homeowner who is concerned with the increasing cost of basic physiological needs including food and water. We have had a tremendous influx of calls from folks who not only cannot keep up with their homes but the rising cost of all goods and services which are making them fearful of going bankrupt or being homeless.

The effects of climate change and the effects of raising cost to the average homeowner have little correlation simply because of the probability of which will come first. Life in the Midwest and specifically Kansas & Missouri where all of our charitable work is done currently has been impacted by flooding but, the thought of the sea raising and flooding us out is way beyond the realm of probabilities. The probability of an earthquake is also fairly farfetched since the New Madrid fault might impact neighboring states more so than Missouri. However the 1811-1812 event was significant and needs be remembered and monitored. These events, though significant, are insignificant for the clients we serve.

Climate change has a greater impact on what it is doing to impact the cost of living for those people we serve. The cost of water, gas, electricity, phone service and healthcare to start. Business is impacted by the same things but has the ability to trickle their costs down to the consumer or through reduced cost of operation. Good “Business Acumen” suggest both channels should be scrutinized always. But, for example, Mr. X and neighbor Mrs. B who are both retired and are still able to do for themselves with little need to purchase outside help. The ability to bring in more revenue is impossible. A 2% increase in social security income (COLA) does not overshadow the 10-20% increase in cost of living including basic physiological needs. Doing without is no longer an option and at an all-time high. The next choice is to eliminate maintenance of their living quarters and further to their healthcare. HPLA Charities is doing all it can to fill in the gaps. We do it with volunteer labor and your donations to buy supplies. No overhead is paid out of your donations. All your donation dollars go to benefit the low income homeowners we serve.

Picture yourself self being hit with a $1000.00 unexpected or planned sewer line clog. Picture yourself having a rainstorm breach your roof and bring gallons of water into your bedroom, kitchen or bath. Picture your self-having a grease fire and your insurance deductible requires you to pay $500.00. The fire department may send you a bill.

HPLA Charities will do the work we do for free, to those who qualify. But we cannot provide all the labor and all the materials. We need you to please help us with the cost of materials at the least. Please go to our donate tab in the ribbon above and give a large donation. That may be $5.00 to you. That might be $25.00 for another but, together it adds up to hundreds of dollars which allows us (HPLA) to help someone stay in their own home one more month or one more year. Your day is coming and I pray HPLA Charities will still be there for you. If you can only offer to help by adding your name to our volunteer list than we are grateful and will praise God for you. Just call Bob 913-269-4450

Be Blessed.


In lieu of opinions to the contrary I would wager that if you were born and bred in the USA you agree this is the greatest country in the world.

Our organization “Habitaciones Para Latinos Association” is not pulled by political bias but no doubt the folks we help and the individuals who volunteer are. There are differing views from the people we serve. I don’t believe any of the families we help feel like they are entitled to our help. In most cases they have tried several organizations which offer help for which they qualify and found the resources are just not there right now. These folks keep asking, all the while doing all they can for themselves. But, I pray that folks in need never stop asking for help. Do I feel they are entitled to help. Yes, yes I do. But why are these folks entitled. My catch all statement at HPLA is the people we help are “hurting through no fault of their own”. The list is very long of examples. Birth defected individuals, mentally challenged, disabled veterans, unexpected health issues, the aged, etc.

I was recently in the hospital to undergo some testing in hopes of finding what ails me. I left the hospital with two stints in my coronary artery and a third to be added very soon. The week before I went in for testing I was working and doing pretty well for my age. Then I found myself bedridden for 24 hours and told not to lift anything more than 5 pounds for days later. I had to walk very gingerly in that a misstep might cause me to fall & bleed out very quickly should my incision break open. I was even pushed around in a wheelchair for awhile. Without resources or loved ones to care for me I could have ended up at home alone without help.

Do you know someone that lives alone? Do you know someone that went in for a routine exam and ended up begging for resources to just get back home. We all have heard the stories if not experienced it ourselves. These are folks that are hurting through no fault of their own and this great country of ours not only provides resources to help folks but, has thousands of back up charities to cover when resources get lean. Unpaid volunteers who recognized there is more to do than resources to do it. Our volunteers give of their time and they contribute part of their assets but, resources do get lean for us too and that is when we call on you to help cover costs incurred which we don’t have funds for. Emergency situations which need to be taken care of now. HPLA is at a place where projects are on hold and the backlog increasing due to the fact we have used up all our resources and any backup support.

So I ask you to help by donating to our charity. Would you sacrifice giving to your local library one time and give to us so we can help fellow human beings, who are hurting through no fault of their own. Would you defer your donation to a cause that may not be impacted as badly as a needy fellow American.

Two Hundred and Forty Three Years as a free republic this Fourth of July. We are and will continue to be the greatest country in the world because we love who we are and what we, as a nation, do to help people that are hurting through no fault of their own. Please use the donate button on our banner to contribute now. Thank you & God Bless You.

March Hare & March Madness

“Have some more tea” said the March Hare, but, “I have not had any so how can I have more”.

Funny how improper messaging can get even the most graceful people in trouble. To try and petition you my friends and followers of HPLA I can’t help but worry that the proper messaging is not being lost. Either in the writing or in the reading. But to insure we don’t lose our theme please know that we blog to inform you of the challenges we face and the solutions we conger to over come the challenges. In all that we portray, via the written word, the bottom line is we are asking for your donations, Yes, we are asking you to take your charitable contributions and redirect them for a time or forever to our work.  You see, at Habitaciones Para Latinos Association we use volunteers to give of their leisure time to help people in need. Our mission is to help low income homeowners with minor home repairs. We have been given a set of tools to accomplish our mission. We are also blessed by the gifts of our staffs and other volunteers whose craftsmanship allows us to complete the work. But, in all cases there is never enough money to also provide the supplies and materials to complete all the tasks. For that gift we ask you to give us your contribution dollars. Yes you will be able to deduct the money you give us on your taxes but more importantly you will be giving a fellow American a chance to restore his/her dignity and get a leg up at a time when things look the most grim.

Without getting to graphic HPLA was confronted with a situation where a home, through no fault of the owner, was left inadvertently to two dogs and two cats. Due to a very serious illness of the homeowner the animals were left to fend for themselves for two to three days. After the owner/patient was recovered and treated the house still remained in the hands of the pets. It has been sometime since the animals have been contained without intervention and the cats are still on the loose. The end result is a major cleaning job of the home and some minor repairs which were long overdue.

It is very difficult to ask volunteers to come in and work in an environment such as this and even more so to do it without any resources. Heavy Duty trash bags are very expensive and equipment and supplies to scrub & shampoo walls & floors require special apparel. But big hearts and a few dollars turns a disastrous environment back into a home.  Clean disinfected and livable.

We are going to be facing the need to replace furniture and carpeting in this project. Some work will require specialty contractors. Handicap rails and chairlifts. But because of you and the help of other charities, this family will be able to once again live in a peaceful and healthy environment.

In another case this past week, we were able to find a homeless man a men’s shelter to take him in & out in the cold. He had been living in a van on the side of the road. He was starting the van just enough to keep from freezing. With the help of other charities and food and gas from HPLA he is on the mend and may have a home to rent by the first of March. We bought a battery for his van as well. He now faces renewing license tags and paying property tax on the van which he hopes he can earn enough money to do very soon. A young Son & Daughter have been cared for by good Samaritans. The prayer now is to bring them all back together and start anew.

Please find our donation tab on this web site or if it is more user friendly cut & paste into your browser to support our work with your contribution dollars. We are always in need of volunteers. If you or a group of your associates would like to help us please contact us at 913-269-4450. Ask for Bob.

We ask that God would bless our work.  We are to often reminded that our hands and feet is Gods way of answering prayer. And that maybe true. Although we may never meet the definition of a perfect servant of God we believe he directs us to those in our area who need help. We continue forward with the gifts he gives us and the financial support he provides through you.

Get ready for March Madness and watch for the March Hare to share with your next cup of tea. Blessings


The Plus and Minus of the 2018 Holiday Season

As an American we are reminded on many fronts, of how rich we are.

America as a whole is a very rich country with resources very few countries around the world have, The abundance of those resources may be what makes us rich. I will leave that discussion to the sociologist and economist who work to document that data.

In a recent trip to the infamous “Plaza” of Kansas City, Missouri I was reminded of the beginning of the holiday season. The City has a tradition of lighting the buildings that make up the Plaza in strings of multicolored Christmas lights. Thanksgiving Day evening is the designated time of the flipping of the switch. Some visitors walk several blocks to get to the main stage so this serves as a great way to walk off the over consumption of food and drink of the traditional “Thanksgiving Feast”. The result of the event is breathtaking and an event everyone should experience at least once. The shops, of the area, use the time to encourage gift buying in preparation for the gift giving that will take place Christmas Day. Some of the most expensive items available to the world might be found in this area of the City. The evidence of the wealth of American is displayed by the many shopping bags being carried out by visitors to the area. There are many other instances where the wealth of America is displayed. When emergency supplies are delivered to devastated areas of not only our own country but to countries all over the world. When folks are seen, taking time to line up & give blood for others to survive. There are monthly donations for the children in the Congo, medical supplies to war torn countries. Yes, we even give to countries that would rather see us as a failed country.  We do so much good for ourselves and for strangers around the world everyday that no one in America should be cold or go hungry. No one!

At HPLA Charities we understand and appreciate the gifts that we have been given. As individuals and as Americans we are lucky to be here. It is through the sacrifice of others that we are where we are today. The good news is we are doing very well. The bad news is there are folks still living in conditions that are deplorable. They may be living longer than expected, they may be victims of abuse, they maybe children of parents dependent on drugs. The list is long but when someone is hurting it is our mission and our prayer at HPLA that we are able to help them. Our mission is to help keep homes functional and safe. We do all we can do with the help of donations from you and with volunteers that share our concern. We deal with conditions that need to be cleaned and with household furnishings that are way past needing to be discarded. We deal with kitchen and bathroom facilities that are hardly working and that wastes limited resources for families. It is disgusting.

We are asking that you please share our story. The amount spent for the smallest Christmas gift can allow a family to have that drafty hole in the floor repaired. The leaky faucet replaced and so much more.

This holiday season there is a fund raiser being sponsored by Facebook through our Facebook account that will allow us to purchase a dump trailer. This trailer will be used to haul materials for our building projects but more importantly to remove furnishing from houses that are a danger to the occupants. We need for you to please give just a little. Just as importantly we need for you to share our story and let others know we are doing good things and the right things. The donations are not to increase our personal wealth but to help folks in our cities that are hurting horribly, through no fault of their own, in the richest country in the world.

Look for our donate button above or join us on Facebook.  May you have a very Happy Holiday and please remember, there are many minuses in the neighborhoods of our area that you can turn into positives. God Bless

The Snow Flies Early in Kansas-October 2018

The Snow Flies Early in Kansas-October 2018

This article is dedicated to you my readers. You know what we do at HPLA. Habitaciones Para Latinos Association is active and doing good things because of you. For that reason we pray for prosperity and good health for each of you everyday. But lets review why it is that you support us. Lets review why we need your continued support and why we need others to join us. Let’s review why it is that I am asking you to help others understand fully what we do. To you our dear friends:

  • Our donors are far from wealthy. At best I know that you are able to pay your bills every month with little left over.
  • Our donors know what it is like to go without. Whether now or in times past. You have stressed over paying past due bills or have gas money to go to work.
  • As a homeowner, our donors, have let that dripping faucet or leaky toilet go because there was no money for a plumber
  • As a homeowner in American you have seen or heard of the hard times of the depression or experienced war times when we all had to do without.
  • As a homeowner & neighbor you have seen sadness delivered to your friends. A loss of a job or loss of a loved one. The loss due to fire.
  • As a homeowner & as a christian you have blamed God for your peril.

But with all the pitfalls that life delivers everyday there is a place in your heart to sacrifice and to do for others who are in worst shape than you. As a donor we know that it is a big decision to step out of your world and peer into someone else’s world and realize how fortunate you are.

The attitude that “It’s all about me” and the attitude that I got mine by working hard so you have to do the same or just hurt, is absurd. Are there fellow human being out there who should be treated this way? People who are undeserving and just deliberately using the system. Yes, there probably is. But just like the super wealthy, those folks are few. Just like our own peril, which often comes through no fault of your own. God does not bring peril into your world. Things just happen.

But you, our most valued asset and caring individual, are who understands best what we do. We remain so grateful and honored by your trust & your faith in us.

We have received funds to hopefully complete a young coupes home and get them utilities before the end of the year. Our goal to get them into their home before winter is no longer possible. A freeze warning is out in our area as you read this post. We still need plumbing help, electrical help and construction help to make their house livable. We also need your donations for other projects. We have a roof that needs to be replaced. We need sump pumps installed. etc, etc. But we know we need to be grateful for all you have done so far.

From where we started with this project for the young couple, we have made huge advances. Volunteer help has saved thousands of dollars in labor cost. But, are we done? No! But, one thing is for sure, the folks who take the time to read this post are the ones who have & will give money and support our charity. To those who read this post we pray that God will bless you 10 fold for your sacrifice. For those that read this post we pray no harm will come to you but, instead I pray that your eyes will be open to the wealth you already have and that you will receive by paying it forward through HPLA.

If you have time to volunteer and that is all you can do to help, please understand your labor is worth hundreds of dollars. Please Call Us.

Happy Halloween & Day of the Dead. Remember Latino Recognition Month just ended October 15, 2018

Again please accept our sincere gratitude to those of you who have donated and those who will. God Bless You. God Bless America

Bob Flores Chairman

Back to School-Fall 2018

The time is here again when teachers gather and plan there lessons and learn how best to communicate with students and accomplish the requirements mandated by their plan & the school boards direction.

For HPLA this time of the year means trying to stay connected with all the demands put on our charity to provide safe and habitable shelters for the family of school aged children. And we don’t forget all the other families we help. Seniors living alone who have outlived their children and relatives.

Currently we are dedicating our resources to a family expecting their third child. They have been trying to move into their first home before baby arrives. The opportunity to have a place of their own is so exciting and the time to get it done seemed doable. But the pride of ownership does not come cheap and some opportunities come with serious consequences or pitfalls. Life’s lessons can be brutal.

It is the opinion of experts that this house was not inhabitable and should have never been sold. But “hindsight is much clearer than foresight.” This hardworking couple had agreed to make it work and signed the commitment. Well it has not worked. “Buyer Beware”

They have come up short in many ways but fortunately have been directed to call out for help. And they did. It took some persuasion but they let some of us privileged people in. Yes, we are privileged to help a fellow human being who has few resources and are hurting through no fault of their own. In this case there are language barriers we have to over come and few resources to draw from. Secondly they want to do it themselves and can but,they need lots of help. God is good and so is the generosity of our community. Praise be to God.

HPLA in co-operation with other charitable organizations is helping re-build the property and the blessing is that the head of household is an experienced handyman. He has basically remodeled the interior of the main house but the most expensive of tasks remain. The bathroom needs all new plumbing. The kitchen needs all new plumbing. The electrical system needs to have new circuits added along with cost of a final inspection by a licensed electrician. Water lines will be less of an issue but non-the-less an issue. And there is much more.

This house will provide adequate shelter and has already improved the appearance of the neighborhood. HPLA is helping reduce blight, keeping properties on the tax roles, helping provide affordable housing for low income families and keeping children in school.

We are privileged in that we receive a tremendous blessing by giving back to our community. It ignites corporations desire to contribute. (An aside: For you local business owners, please note that the salary paid for one employee for one week keeps us working for months). We recently took $20.00 and one hour of volunteer labor to fix an outdoor hydrate which had froze last winter. Now the homeowner can keep her flowers growing and grass green & improve the appearance of the neighborhood. Charity has also allowed for the dusk to dawn light in the back yard to be repaired and now the area is also more secure.

We have some volunteers that will help who are willing to give up time if you, dear reader, can help us provide the parts, materials and supplies to fix the issues we face.

Our sincere gratitude this month goes to D&R Services, Inc. for providing HPLA with new drills, screw guns & chop saw which are all battery powered to proved excellent portability and productivity. Thank you.

Help us keep doing the great work we do please. Please donate at

God Bless You
Bob Flores Chairman

Fallen Officers of Wyandotte County Sheriffs Office June 2018

It is with deep regret that I begin this message with such sadness. The most recent lost of first responders lives in Wyandotte County only adds to one of the most tragic years in our history among law enforcement staff in this area and begs the question. Why?
I am humbly including the names of those two officers in this publication and offer our sincere condolences to the families and their fellow officers: Wyandotte County Sheriff’s Deputies Theresa King and Patrick Rohrer

HPLA has been attending a monthly meeting in Wyandotte County for some time. As a group, in these meetings, we are privileged by being addressed by some of the counties senior executives and to sit side by side with them & other county & city leaders. We get insight on their dedication and in the case of the judicial system offers we get insight on the dangers they face and the threats they live with. You can imagine some of the horror they experience.

The meeting is directed at informing the Neighborhood Resource Center staff on current conditions in our area as well as provide a platform for education and our need for unity as a group. The group is made up largely of charities that are trying to provide services to our citizens, spot and eliminate danger, eliminate blight, support low income homeowners, insure equality and support fundraisers for each charity. Of course the networking and understanding of each organizations goal & mission is vital.
The major building project, HPLA is currently supporting, was brought to our attention by a fellow organization which met us and networked with us at the NRC meeting.They are part of the medical community.

But as I have listened intently to Sheriff Ash & Chief of Police Ziegler, or there representatives at times, it is very clear that these folks want law breakers off the streets and are acutely aware of the extreme danger certain law breakers pose. These two officers, we just lost, were lost while trying to respectfully deliver a violator of the law for further processing. It is hard to imagine how any fellow officer was able to try to subdue this individual instead of just taking his life on the spot. God Bless these heroes for their self control.

For those of you reading this post I hope you know we appreciate your time. Our coalition of loving people, that are wanting to do good deeds, needs your financial support, your physical support, your talents & your good deeds. But now we also need your financial support for these fallen heroes and their families.There are many ways to contribute directly to these families. The following one is a good one. You can choose another.

Habitaciones Para Latinos Association is dedicated to helping low income homeowners with minor home repair. We are currently asking for a one time grant to hire a full time handyman to assist our current volunteer staff though 2018. Please call if you have any questions or suggestions. We need to accelerate our projects as the list keeps growing longer and longer.

Blessings to each of you and prayers for all our fallen heroes but most especially to these two most recent losses.


Habitaciones Para Latinos Association (a 501c3 Charity)