March Madness 2017

20170214_14201320170216_13132420170217_162702March is here and with it comes a peek of spring for a large part of the country. Then there is college basketball, baseball, sunshine & flowers. It is an opportunity to get out and enjoy what God provided us to cultivate. The down side is there are those folks who have reached a point in life where getting around have become a challenge and a burden. Recently HPLA provided a new kitchen faucet for a sweet lady that can hardly move out of her chair much less climb stairs or go shopping. Life for her is the interior of her home and a brief time on her front porch. For her, having a functioning gas, water & electrical system in her home is a must. Secondly, income verses expenses are out of balance and medical expenses continue to increase.

This country has   done a tremendous job of caring for the elderly and those born with issues which prevent them from contributing financially for their care. While picking up part of the slack, the generosity of the American people falls short as does the entitlement programs designed to help these folks in need. Charitable organizations are abundant and volunteers have eased the burden considerably to deter bankruptcy for these folks. (Bankruptcy would exacerbate the problem and not solve anything).

A better answer is to keep these folks in their homes as long as possible and help them survive as comfortably as possible. At HPLA (Habitaciones Para Latinos Association) our volunteers contribute hundreds of hours every month to perpetuate this idea. Like any charity, we too need help to survive. Our volunteers cannot afford the cost of the building materials and supplies necessary to provide the fixes for these folks. So we are asking you, the general public, to help. Why is HPLA so worthy of your gifts? The answer is that your gifts go directly to buy supplies and materials and does not go to salaries or operating expenses which HPLA incurs. We work very hard to get grants for that purpose from organizations which receive federal and state funds. We also rely on organizations (i.e. churches, businesses, other charities) to help pick up operational expenses. And we sacrifice personally too. Will you donate one small gift of $10.00.

I pray that you will and pray you will be blessed for it. Happy Spring 2017. Sincerely HPLA