Why are the grassroots non-profit charities the most valuable to you?

It is because you can go and see the effects in your own town and in your own neighborhood immediately. Donations to local charities and non-profits bring the greatest impact to you and your community while larger organizations are helping with the much needed larger and global communities .

It is essential for everyone to know that the Federal Government of the United States of America has hundreds of programs in place to help those in need. Working with the 50 States and Puerto Rico. The Federal Government works with State Governments to insure everyone in this country is taken care of if they are not able to take care of themselves. Rules are established to insure all proceeds given out are documented and that no corruption or abuse occurs. But, abuse still occurs and good hearts are taken advantage. The hope is that all the abuse is kept to a minimum by good strong leadership and management of the non-profit organization.

But, along with the programs established by government many non-profit organizations have been created that qualify for more Federal, State and Local programs and are also supported by Private Organizations. Individual Donors provide much needed support to those in need through contributions to local organizations. Habitaciones Para Latinos Association is a local organization based in Kansas and is working to support those in need with basic services for daily living and daily survival. From broken appliances, leaking faucet, structural damage or overloaded electrical circuits & insect control. Sometimes its the little things which make those in need the happiest and the most comfortable.

Please help us to not only provide immediate help but to educate those we help with the many programs available. Through ignorance of the programs available many people miss out on support they desperately need. HPLA tries to help everyone that we touch to know what help is available.


HPLA Charities aka Habitaciones Para Latinos Association

Serving The Greater Kansas City Metropolitan Area