There Will Never Again Be Peace

I would hope that this title would never hold true. Unfortunately it appears that it could hold true for the rest of eternity. What will it take to bring eternal peace throughout the world? It appears there are some very ligament reasons for people to rebel, even Nations to do like wise. So what are your reasons for excusing this UN-peaceful time. Why is Ukraine so essential to the survival of Russia. Is it its resources, its people, its geological placement on the earth or does greed enter into the picture. I can not answer the question. Maybe you can. Like belly buttons every blood breathing mammal has an opinion. But to get to the bottom line is a very difficult and slippery slope because the motives are not always good. In most cases the motives are terrible. The interesting and educational advantage is to figure it out. Hopefully there will be a final authority who can confirm the truth and help us get to a time of peace.

I was raised in an urban environment at an age when things were more peaceful and serene than today. Non the less there was still violence and danger. There was pockets in the city that were more dangerous to enter than others. These were the 1940’s & 50’s. Transportation was easily accessible and the middle class had a good life. Resources for entertaining the youth were readily available. For me it was the Boy’s Club. “No girls allowed”. The programs offered many opportunities to learn but more so to play. At 25 cents a month/year, I don’t remember, it was a great way to spend the money you earned mowing lawns. At age eleven I was earning one dollar a day and could afford a blue plate special for lunch. Non Motorized machines remember. The latest craze was “Squirt” that you opened with a ice pick hole through the cap. Besides all the popular brands of the day Coke, RC Cola, Hires Root Beer, Dr. Pepper the local multi-flavored choice was HIPPO brand. I remember the bottles being bigger than the stand size. Just about any flavor you wanted was offered. Strawberry, grape, pineapple, etc. Always looking for a deal, right? The bigger the bottle the better. I always brag about a couple of things that made life less stressful in my city. A tremendous public transportation system and one of the greatest parks and recreation programs in the state. In the late 50’s with a student pass you could go from one end of town to the other for a dime. If you needed to go a different direction once your bus got to the core part of the city a 1 cent transfer would take you to any other corner of the city. For me school was a 10 cent bus ride and 100 yard walk to my first class. No need to transfer. I could leave my bus stop, 25 yards from my front porch, at 8:00 AM and easily be on time for my first class at 8:30 AM. Transportation routes ran like clock work. Those were happy times. Disagreements were solved with a fist fight and seldom was there any blood shed. Everyone knew the bullies and grouped together to deter there deviant behavior. The school teachers & custodial staff was as quick to intervene and whip some shenanigan creating butt as fast as your own Mom or Dad. The rowdy and troublemakers were well known. The good kids generally avoided any contact with them.

In the summer the neighborhood park had a stone building full of equipment surrounded by all the amenities. Basketball courts, tennis courts, softball and football fields, Inside there was table tennis, bad-mitten, pool tables and a place to do crafts. There were some costs involved for materials but not very much. Oh yes, the vending machines. Those were a real favorite as most kids spent most all day there while Mom & Dad worked. At my house Mom took in ironing and went out to do neighbors housekeeping and washing. We got called on to cut the grass and earn 50 cents at time. Then it was back to the park. The Parks & Rec department would hire college students who were studying physical education and I have to confess most of the gals were gorgeous. Sock hops were a treat and a chance to ask the coach for a dance. But the competitiveness was there and at times we visited other parks and sometimes they came to us. At around age 12, or so, I was feared as an opponent at ping pong. Ha! We were all well supervised and disagreements settled quickly. Worst case, and very seldom a knife might be brought out. Not for long though as weapons were used by chickens rather than real men and that person was ostracized by the majority pretty quick. It was no fun to not get picked in a game of basketball or softball. Those kinds of actions took you out of the in-crowd. This was post World War II. A time of peace and the world at peace. What started the up-evil? I am sure there are scholars out there that can tell me. But what I see today is depressing as well as frighting. Assault rifles are a status symbol and taking a life gets you initiated into a militia. There is no rule of law and the peacemakers are fearful of the bad actors. We are held prisoner by social norms that don’t seek peace. It appears that the world is coming to an end and the only survivors will be the super rich and all others will be sacrificed. I know there will always be a pecking order but when all the so called undesirables are dispatched will that leave you at the top, middle or the bottom of the pecking order? Will you become the next undesirable? Ignorance is bliss.

I pray as you ponder these thoughts and as you offer your own opinion that you are reminded without taking care of those at the bottom of the pecking order now; the next generation will not take care of them and more likely you will be the one at the bottom begging.