March Hare & March Madness

“Have some more tea” said the March Hare, but, “I have not had any so how can I have more”.

Funny how improper messaging can get even the most graceful people in trouble. To try and petition you my friends and followers of HPLA I can’t help but worry that the proper messaging is not being lost. Either in the writing or in the reading. But to insure we don’t lose our theme please know that we blog to inform you of the challenges we face and the solutions we conger to over come the challenges. In all that we portray, via the written word, the bottom line is we are asking for your donations, Yes, we are asking you to take your charitable contributions and redirect them for a time or forever to our work.  You see, at Habitaciones Para Latinos Association we use volunteers to give of their leisure time to help people in need. Our mission is to help low income homeowners with minor home repairs. We have been given a set of tools to accomplish our mission. We are also blessed by the gifts of our staffs and other volunteers whose craftsmanship allows us to complete the work. But, in all cases there is never enough money to also provide the supplies and materials to complete all the tasks. For that gift we ask you to give us your contribution dollars. Yes you will be able to deduct the money you give us on your taxes but more importantly you will be giving a fellow American a chance to restore his/her dignity and get a leg up at a time when things look the most grim.

Without getting to graphic HPLA was confronted with a situation where a home, through no fault of the owner, was left inadvertently to two dogs and two cats. Due to a very serious illness of the homeowner the animals were left to fend for themselves for two to three days. After the owner/patient was recovered and treated the house still remained in the hands of the pets. It has been sometime since the animals have been contained without intervention and the cats are still on the loose. The end result is a major cleaning job of the home and some minor repairs which were long overdue.

It is very difficult to ask volunteers to come in and work in an environment such as this and even more so to do it without any resources. Heavy Duty trash bags are very expensive and equipment and supplies to scrub & shampoo walls & floors require special apparel. But big hearts and a few dollars turns a disastrous environment back into a home.  Clean disinfected and livable.

We are going to be facing the need to replace furniture and carpeting in this project. Some work will require specialty contractors. Handicap rails and chairlifts. But because of you and the help of other charities, this family will be able to once again live in a peaceful and healthy environment.

In another case this past week, we were able to find a homeless man a men’s shelter to take him in & out in the cold. He had been living in a van on the side of the road. He was starting the van just enough to keep from freezing. With the help of other charities and food and gas from HPLA he is on the mend and may have a home to rent by the first of March. We bought a battery for his van as well. He now faces renewing license tags and paying property tax on the van which he hopes he can earn enough money to do very soon. A young Son & Daughter have been cared for by good Samaritans. The prayer now is to bring them all back together and start anew.

Please find our donation tab on this web site or if it is more user friendly cut & paste into your browser to support our work with your contribution dollars. We are always in need of volunteers. If you or a group of your associates would like to help us please contact us at 913-269-4450. Ask for Bob.

We ask that God would bless our work.  We are to often reminded that our hands and feet is Gods way of answering prayer. And that maybe true. Although we may never meet the definition of a perfect servant of God we believe he directs us to those in our area who need help. We continue forward with the gifts he gives us and the financial support he provides through you.

Get ready for March Madness and watch for the March Hare to share with your next cup of tea. Blessings