Closing Out Another Decade

I remember fondly a teacher asking how old will you be when this century ends and a new one begins. As 1999 turned into the year 2000 the big concern was Y2K and not so much how old I was. Now we are at the end of 2019 and I wonder how old will you be when we arrive at the year 2100. I pray you are alive and well enough to remember this question. More importantly, that you ask yourself, what did I do to contribute to the better welfare of humanity. I pray it is not just you and the animal world left. I pray you are not having to move around in a life preserving outer garment due to climate change. Eighty years does not seem that far away until you consider, as I have to, that I am already nearing 75 years old. Perhaps living to be 155 will not be unusual by then but more importantly I pray that life will be happy and exciting for everyone too.

Today, as I look back on 2000 to 2010 and 2010 to 2020, I feel really privileged. I have seen and heard of so many fellow human beings who I have known, many younger than me who did not survive these past two decades. Some were my dearest friends, relatives, acquaintances and friends of friends who I never met. People who contributed so much and had more to give but were not given the chance due to disasters. I have lost two people extremely close to me which hurts my heart to even think about. Two people much younger than me who had so much to give to this world. Two people whom I would have traded places with in a heart beat. But, there is no use in going into detail because for those of you who will take the time to read this post, I will bet you, could also offer stories of your losses who would deserve just as much sympathy as me or anyone else. I think of our fallen military men and women, our first responders and those who back them up and take their place when they fall only to fall themselves. Husbands, Wives, Sisters, Brothers & relatives of our fellow human beings.

There is no culture, religion, color or creed associated with those losses just a sad reminder of what life brings to us. Unfortunately there are many human beings in this world that look at other of our fellow human beings as expendable, sub-human, unworthy to share our world and a drag on this herd we call fellow inhabitants. As I ponder about what the next year or the next decade is going to bring I am set aback at the thought I will become the drag. That my cost of existence to the rest of the herd will become a significant burden such that I will become expendable. What will you do in this new year, in this new decade to help others to stay worthy and not a burden to the herd. What will you do to make sure you don’t get sick or lose your ability to earn your own way? And what will you do if you become a victim of some unknown cause before you are fully vested & not be a drag on the herd. I can think of one way to try and help yourself and that is to pray to whatever higher power you believe exists, that disaster not beget you. Otherwise the probability is very high that something at sometime will impact you.

HPLA Charities, as we have become better known as in these past few months, works to accumulate resources to help members of the herd who have fallen victim to disaster through no fault of their own. Yes we call on the families and the community to be the first in line but, when life lines fail, a system has been put in play and supported by the entire herd. We are called charities. Disasters come in many forms to individuals as well as to very large groups of fellow human beings. Disasters happen all over the world but, what ever your ill there is a charity who dedicates themselves to help you. Charities rely on your financial support to be ready to help you or your loved one when necessary. Please give locally for the benefit of our herd first.

For Habitaciones Para Latinos Association aka HPLA Charities we concentrate on minor home repair. We have done some very major projects and rebuilt structural integrates in some of our clients properties but, we are limited by our volunteers skills and the resources to complete most tasks. We are grateful and do receive the support of professional individuals and corporations that could easily give away all their net worth to help. We acknowledge that they are doing all they can and still maintain a viable income for the principles. But, to that point we are careful to report projects that are beyond our capability to larger federally funded or grant funded organizations who might be able to squeeze another project into their very tight project list. Habitat for Humanity and Christmas in October leave hundreds of qualified clients behind for us due to lack of resources. (I blame overpaid staff to some organizations as we have no paid staff but, I can’t be to critical since I don’t walk in their shoes). HPLA is forced to hire contractors and pay them under certain circumstances but we pay no salaries. (Projects requiring licensed craftsman is one example of having to pay for labor). There are other examples but the largest majority of our work is done with volunteers and donations go to provide building supplies only. Tool usage is provided by our biggest support contractor D&R Services, Inc. which is a small handyman service but has most everything we need to complete minor home repair projects. Secondly, most of all the profits generated by D&R Services, Inc. goes to our charity.

So while our mission is to help those who are hurting through no fault of their own, by providing minor home repair, please know that we have picked up some replacement car parts, paid some electric bills, bought groceries and meals, landscaped some yards, did community clean up and much more with our volunteers and donation dollars. We work hard to do all we can do and be great stewards for our donors. I pray you will consider on going support for our mission.

Please use our donate button on our home page & give via our Pal-Pal process or write us a check and mail it to:

HPLA Charities, 6354 Stevenson St. Shawnee, Kansas 66218

God Bless you in 2020 and beyond.