Merry Christmas vs Happy Holidays

**Consider a Donation

Many of you are in the middle of writing your Christmas Letter and some are well passed that item on you’re to do list. I am envious of those of you that started you’re Christmas shopping earlier in the year and just have to wrap, tag. mail or set your gift under the tree. Over the years many others of you have had to wait until that before Christmas paycheck and decide what bills will go unpaid so you can fulfill your Child’s most wished for present.

The other thought that comes to mind is the other traditions which may arise at this time of year. There is Las Posadas Christmas tradition, Hanukkah, Winter Solstice/Yule, the Winter Sabbath, and of course Christmas and Kwanzaa. Whatever is your culture, faith or your tradition the thought is to be happy and thankful.

Hakuna Matata, it means no worries for the rest of your days as you know from the “Lion King”. It is wishful thinking but a thought we should all live with. To those who have no sympathy for the people who are hurting through no fault of their own this time of year and think it is a waste of time and resources, Humbug. For you It reduces the opportunity to be truly blessed. The blame for your attitude can go to the need of survival, corporate greed, the free market system or whatever but behind all of it is the need to get more at any cost. Sad!

So, while we have well educated and well-bred generations there are those that are not as fortunate and would have much rather been born with that silver spoon in their mouth. But, unfortunately that percentage of folks are shrinking and the number of less fortunate increasing at an astonishing rate. Nature suggests that it is the survival of the fittest, but who are the vultures of the human race who will feast on the flesh of one ravaged by cancer. No one!

This is a time of the year to be happy. A time to give! There is no use in worrying about how we can fix the world. It depends on who you decide you can help. The world will take care of itself if you and I help others.

For HPLA Charities our “fix” is to get every citizen in Wyandotte County, specifically Kansas City Kansas a safe and affordable place to live. A place where there is no threat of death due to lack of, heat, food or water. We recently published a well-known fact. Leaky toilets are silent thieves that steal your money. Climate change is real and water is precious or will become more so soon. It will become a threat to life. If you are not worried for yourself, somewhere not far away from you there is someone, something.

For those who are doing well and can spare a dollar please know we will insure a donation to us will go directly to help those most vulnerable. Even fixing toilets. Don’t hesitate to point out those you know need help and refer them to us. We cherish the Latino, Latinx residents that are in these dire conditions via Habitaciones Para Latinos Association.

HPLA Charities is open to anyone in need but we would like to focus on those in the poorest county and cities in Kansas. They are in our back yard.

Mail to:

HPLA Charities

6354 Stevenson St.

Shawnee, Kansas 66218