Week of May 2, 2016

The week has started out fast and furious with plenty of activity and much to do. We continue to search & seek out help for an elderly couple to get help with roof issues and leaks into the house. Back taxes are always a problem since most organizations restrict helping home owners who are behind on their taxes although the county has programs to help setup payment programs and that is helpful. All to often and in this case the homeowner was not aware of that support. The condition of the home may not have deteriorated so much had they known sooner. The least we can do is add tarps or plastic sheeting to stave off the rain until more permanent repairs can be afforded.

In other news Habitaciones Para Latinos Association has acquired a hard working Latino willing to donate time and or work for a discounted rate in our effort to help those in need. His qualifications seem limitless and his energy high. So far he has done some landscaping and yard work. Cleaned out gutters and did some cement work. It is so refreshing to see folks willing to get their hands dirty and do so much good. He is employed full time and will help us in the evening and weekends.

We referenced the Shepard’s Center of KCK in another publication concerning their Biscuits and Gravy Breakfast to raise funds to help their efforts. We are helping by advertising the event. It will be held at the Kansas City Kansas Community Collage at 7535  State Ave, Kansas City, KS. May 7, 2016. 8-11 AM. One of the first building when entering the campus off State Avenue is the community center by the duck pond. If you can’t attend don’t hesitate to send a small donation to offset the cost of the facility and the food.

Have a great week and please help us help others through your donations at www.habitacionesparalatinos.org/donate


Habitaciones Para Latinos Association

Shawnee, Kansas 66218



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