Week of June 5, 2016-The Needs Just Keep Coming

The Unified Government of Wyandotte County & the City Kansas City Kansas is routinely moving forward with efforts to do more to help the needy. A gathering of neighborhood directors and the leaders of the department of Livable Neighborhoods is tentatively scheduled for the end of June. As a volunteer organization “Habitaciones Para Latinos Association” will be there. We will call and encourage all leaders in the community to attend. The focus of this meeting is home repair as that seems to be one of the greatest needs among the aging population. Basic needs which have been provided by HPLA include water leaks, appliance repair, drain pipe issues, faucet replacement and currently a shower enclosure and water control plumbing replacement. The results of these same tasks to several residents has greatly improved conditions in the home and saved lots of money for the tenants. The facts however is that resources to help those in the greatest of need are just not there. In one example a total roof replacement is desperately needed  but major project help is not readily available and the waiting list insurmountable. One idea we have is to pool resources and save up for at least one major project per month using volunteer groups. But, major projects can run upwards of $5,000.00 to complete even with an all volunteer work force.

As always we call on our friends and neighbors to help with the financial needs. For those who read our message please consider prioritizing your gifts to the grass root charities in your area. Also please consider those whom you feel a need to help in our community.

Aside: We love animals and I hate the thought of litters and litters of feral cats taking up space and resources to a point where more facilities are needing to be built. The end result is the donations going to those projects could be going to help our own fellow human beings which have much more difficulty surviving than wild cats. The pictures of abused animals can be advertised but not the living conditions of some folks in your city. Hummmm.

Our efforts to gain support will continue and we will try to do all we can on our own with our own resources but, please know that a small contribution from several of you reading this message can make a huge difference. If you want accountability of your donation please write to us or email us with your contribution amount. There is phone numbers and contact information on the home page of this site. We will respond directly to you. http://www.habitacionesparalatinos.org


Robert L. Flores


Habitaciones Para Latinos Association

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