Week of June 13, 2016-Tradgety Rears its Ugly Head

The tragedy in Orlando, Fl. is already known to almost everyone in the world. Events such as this one are common place in everyday life. In most large cities gun violence takes life everyday. The number of deaths keep getting larger and in Orlando the number of deaths reached a historical high for a mass shooting. There is no end in sight and unless we become prisoners of our own environment armed and on  guard duty 24/7 no one can be truly safe. To that point even our most secure facilities have been breached.

We can do more than pray. That is the best place to start but, this invisible spirit we call God, I believe, will never condone murder or sacrifice in any since of the word in today’s societies. Spiritual leaders must be convinced that any interpretation of the word of GOD that suggests you take lives is WRONG!! Let God do his/her own judging. Let God bring down the evil doers. Let God take charge. Let God bring his own army to earth and straighten us all out. God does not need humans to pass judgement on our society or on any individual. To suggest God has called you to be an executioner is to believe you are above all others in this world. There is no such person. You are not that worthy.

My prayer is that we as human beings hold each other sacred and that religion become an instrument to guide us down an individual path of righteousness, respecting the rights and thoughts of others without conflict.

There is so much pain caused by uncontrollable circumstances such as birth defects and brain injury that managing those sorts of issues should be enough to distract differences between ideologies.

At HPLA (Habitaciones Para Latinos Association) we are working hard to make life better for those who may not have the resources to take care of themselves through no fault of there own.

Join us by sending a tax deductible contribution through our donate button above or by mail to:


6354 Stevenson St.

Shawnee, Kansas 66218

This week we have an electrical issue which must be corrected so power can be established to a Hispanic family whose mother has cancer and father is without work. We are also working to clear code violations for a women with three kids on a property which will end up being their home. Currently they are in temporary housing an safe but to move into their own home and begin the rebuilding will be a true blessing for them and the community around them.


Habitaciones Para Latinos Association

Shawnee, Kansas 66218

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