We Need More Than Prayer

Symbols of Valor


There is music that can help distract us from the stress and fears of life. So many great tunes for any occasion and every emotion. The world has always had suffering and hurt somewhere within it. For those who are softhearted and empathic with those that suffer it is difficult not to try to do something. Those that have the least to contribute are generally the ones that proportionally sacrifice the most . But when someone has given up all they can their final gift is that of prayer for others. For those of you that have lost your most precious gifts or are down to you’re last resource, prayer is always recommended but does not automatically refill your heart, wallet or physiological needs. While music maybe a temporary distraction before the hunger kicks in and the pain becomes unbearable a hot meal or a dollar bill works better.

Aside: There is a very negative view among too many Americans, that are apathetic about others in this condition, those being at their ropes end. Those folks suggesting, they are praying for someone, but it is just a cliché is of whom I speak. There is no real heart felt desire to actually pray or do anything at all to help. So, to cut to the chase, caring people do all they can to help and when they get to a point where there is nothing more that they can do they not only fervently pray but also reach out to others in their circle to partner with them to help people jointly.

The story of one “Davy Crockett” suggests that when he was a politician, he gave a speech which suggested that individuals can do all they can with their own resources to help folks but don’t take other people’s money, the taxpayers money, to do it”. It is very easy to give away other people’s money, he suggested, than it is to give away your own money”. That makes sense but then there is the term “Fiduciary”. Government has a channel for Americans to ask elected individuals to be their fiduciary and help people in need with tax dollars. There are laws for them to follow as well.

As to the government borrowing money with no real intention of paying it back is criminal. To do it under false pretenses is sinful. But if prayer is a just a cliché; than those spending their money for reasons that are not helping folks on their last leg I say it is sinful and indeed criminal. As a charity HPLA Charities relies on other people to help complete their mission. They exist off their partnership with donors. It has been made clear in all their posts that contributions are not wasted. Please know that contributions given by their sympathetic and loving donors are used to buy materials and repair parts. None goes to maintain a management team or paid staff. To suggest those who help them succeed in their mission have no skin in the game is wrong. HPLA relies on volunteers. These folks are ones that not only pray but also gift their skills, money and labor for the good of HPLA clients that are hurting. Donors become their partners.

Imagine Congress being a group of volunteers like HPLA that not only pray faithfully but donate their skills and their labor making them “fiduciaries” rather than “non-fiduciaries“. Elected officials may all start with good intentions, but it doesn’t take long to lose the mindset. Lobbyist will offer lots of temptation when they need a politician’s support for their greed/need. Who could resist having a home bought for their mother by another entity simply to vote yes or no? While good folks are just praying Satin’s workers are moving and shaking and using physical muscle to accomplish their mission. Money is readily available to them. The moral of the story here is that it requires more than just prayer to help those in need. Asking for spiritual help does help move people’s heart and no doubt encourages action. Action is what is being calling for. When a baby is drowning in the pool the first thing is not to pray, but to pull the baby out of the water. Yes, it makes sense that one can and should pray for strength to save the child but there is no time to wait for direction. “JUST DO IT”

At HPLA Charities they have tried to avoid showing the starving baby in a foreign land or one that is dying due to disease. It is not necessary to define people in need or picture someone dying. Each one of you can image pain or have seen it or even experienced it. You have seen death. There are families in our community and the communities around us that endure pain. They live in conditions that no one should have to live in. The pictures of immigrants living in tents or homeless communities built on the streets are seen every day. In the case of one community in Kansas City, Ks. some residents say they are happy with where they are and just simply want to be left alone. However, they beg on the street and hunt for food pantries to maintain the lifestyle. They will, being given the chance, accept a tiny home or sleep in a non-profits homeless shelter. Great efforts are being made to improve the existence of those folks. It is an insult to our country to see this carnage however. In this country there should be no one that goes hungry or does not have shelter. No one should have their heat turned off due to their inability to pay the bill. But every capable individual should have to contribute something to help others in return. HPLA has clients helping other clients when they are capable. The downside is most of their clients are not capable. Many are unable to move without help. Secondly most of these folks have contributed greatly to the community through the years, but the high cost of living has used up all their financial resources. Whom of you will be in the same situation one day?

In closing, please know that HPLA Charities is blessed with great volunteers and faithful contributors. Listen to your heart, listen to your favorite tunes, listen to the voice of GOD. The need is still there so HPLA Charities must ask for your donations to help a greater number of people and perpetuate the support of current clients. Be assured and know that HPLA Charities are fiduciaries.

As Memorial Day approaches, it is the wish of HPLA Charities for you to be careful, be safe and reflect on all those that have come before you. To sincerely pray for those that helped you along the way. Lastly to honor those who gave their life so we can have the security we so enjoy in America.

Please contribute if you can. Follow the link to www.hplacharities.org/donate


In Memory of those who served

Mercy Peace Grace

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