2023 & 7th Year Doing Good Works

There is arrogance, modesty and humility. Where would you place your self image or the person you think you are in these three choices? There are three views of an individual that need to be considered: One view is the person you think you are, Two the person another person thinks you are and three the person you really are. I would assume most people would find positive view of themselves. “I’m a good person”. “I try to be honest and sincere”. “I do unto others what I would want done to me”. You can come up with your own statement of who you think you are. It is unfortunate that in today’s world in the first meeting of any two people the person you think you are is not what the other person thinks you are.
In your travels I would guess you have run into thousands of people you read pretty right. Certain attributes lead you to a correct conclusion of a typical personality. Shy people are fairly easy to spot. So are type “A” over confident individuals. But the message here is assuming who someone is can only be confirmed by spending a lot of time listening to a person. By hearing their history and their interests etc.

After my first meeting with a new neighbor I liked him right away. I met his wife shortly thereafter and came to the same conclusion. These are great people and appear to be hard working honest people and more importantly taking good care of each other. Their Son, now 6 years old, was born shortly after our first meeting. Today they have moved to a new home away from us, but still remain close as we often exchange text messages, well wishes and on occasion a meal. I have not seen or heard anything that has changed my positive first impression view of them.
I have had many such encounters over the many years I have lived in this world. To pick a favorite person would be impossible, but one family often comes to mind and that is a Vietnamese family who come to the US as children during the Vietnam era we call the importation of the “boat people”. They are now very successful business owners and stayed in California where their family landed originally. That meeting was a bit different because it started as a business connection. I received tremendous respect and high regard from this family. Even from their children. They all assimilated well to America as did their children. It was easy for me to like them. There was nothing to dislike. They may have a different view of me that what I pray they have, but I have seen and felt only good vibrations from them.

First impressions are very deceiving and in many cases separate us form one and other without any need. In my line of work I have seen folks living in deplorable conditions. I have manage million dollars estates. In many cases there are sweet wonderful folks in both the rich and the poor. But its the sweet wonderful poor people that I strive to help more. Through HPLACharities.org/donate you van help too.

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