Breaking News-Another Tragedy

As we break into spring here in the mid-west what is paramount to those of us who care is the senseless lost of life. Its happening all over the world and to be sure it is not anything new. The fact that more media is available to point it out may well be the case. There are many paths to take for this subject. One may be the media itself is euphoric at pointing out death and destruction. The other side might suggest that no one is happy to hear of any others joy or happiness if they themselves are not happy. The end result is there are more folks that pay attention to seeing things worst then they are facing then to see things much better than they have it. But you are the only one who can examine yourself and place yourself. For me it becomes heartbreaking sadness that diverts my attention on the one hand and sincere joy & love for others that equally diverts my attention to good news.

So what is interesting in all of these breaking news stories is that it is an event happening now. Something new and exciting, whether good or bad and yet to be determined. Many events are captivating while others are not. The end result is to stay tuned or tune out. A few WOW moments for me have been the isolated rain showers that dump huge amounts of rain without warning. Attribute it to climate change or just natural occurrences I am moved by the danger they create and the responses of the community to over come them. Most recently I heard the Fort Lauderdale airport runways were under water. Having flown in and our of that airport many times it was shocking to see it in that condition. The same holds true for California, not only for the flooding but for the fires. Recently it was New Jersey having brush fires. Today Kansas prepares for fires.When does it end?

So now you have the opportunity to tune in or tune out. Another tragedy today for Kansas City Metro. A 63 year old Kansas City, Missouri man died in a crash in Kingman County, Ks early Thursday morning. Apparently the man was on foot, but in the middle of the highway non-the-less. The driver said that he struck the man as it was un unavoidable situation. So there is another segue to tragedy, avoidable or unavoidable. But to the point,there are good news and good times today also. The Kansas City Parks will turn on most fountains on Fountain Day Friday April 14, 2023. Of the 48 fountains there will be a very few that cannot be repaired or put back in service in time for the celebration but the majority will. For the city of Fountains that is an excuse to celebrate. “Friday Night in the Big Town” has become a crying call for Kansas City and there is much to celebrate. The huge event to help folks party is the “NFL Draft” which will take place in front of the iconic Union Train Station in Kansas City, Missouri as it has received so many “icons” in it’s life span. So pick and choose the news you want to see or hear and see if you tune in or tune out for the next paragraph.

Recently it is believed that a life was saved. Can it be proven or documented? No! There is however circumstantial evidence to suggest it could be true. You decide. At the first inspection of a homeowners property there was light fixtures dismantlement from there base and hanging lose from the ceiling and the walls. A burnt receptacle was uncovered and was without power. Lights in fixtures and power to outlets were not present. The 220V receptacle was hanging in the air next to the stove. The floor in the front room was caved in or collapsed. HPLA Charities took on the project and was assisted in many ways by other non-profits but the hazards real hazards were on HPLA. Aka Habitaciones Para Latinos Association, this non-profit has a mission to help low income homeowners with minor home repair. There has been many times where minor turns to major in a heartbeat. That was the case here. It took some time to come up with the resources and the client was able to find temporary housing. To date we are able to say he can move back in if he wants. He is still getting therapy from a surgery that removed a tumor from his brain. He is still needing some physical help but the house is livable and safe. New breakers, receptacles, wires and light fixtures replaced. Floor leveled. An element in the old stove may best be fixed with a reconditioned used stove. That project is still in the works.

So if you read to here you can decide if the post was one of tragedy or glee. You can decide whether baby steps like these from enough groups like ours can save a life. Whatever, the need is tremendous and the resources few. There are those who have to have the private jet and a multi-million dollar yacht. (One fill up of gas in either vehicle would provide months of help to those we serve and who need us). Within this site there is a place to contribute. It takes very little from you to prevent tragedy. One big gift could possibly safe a life, but at least provide some safety. Thank you for following us. Remember: we do not have a paid staff and no donations are used for any reason but to benefit the clients we serve or who will be coming to us for help.

May you be richly blessed by doing all you can with what you have for those you can help on your won. We can do it together or we can do it for you with your donations.

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