Week of June 27, 2016 HOT HOT HOT

As I start my blog for habitaciones para latinos association this week I am torn between all I believe to be true in what Donald is saying and what I believe to be true in what Hillary is saying. To bad this country is at two polar opposites.

But, I just got a call from a lady that has her floor rioting under her toilet and she is teetering on the sewer pipe every time she goes to the toilet. Another has no hot water because her basement floods when it rains and that water has rusted out the burner section of her hot water heater. Both this folks fall below the poverty income level but fortunately paid for their home before retiring. It is just that social security hardly pays enough to buy food and forget home repairs.

Today I am working on making one garage door functional and will do the other side as well plus, re-skin the face of the garage because together it is a code violation in this county. This is a Air Force Veteran taking care of his mate who has COPD, Every spare nickel goes to try to maintain the property but it has gotten out of control. Being behind on back taxes negates help from local government. What is wrong with this picture? Ten year tax abatements for wealthy corporations makes more since because it puts people to work but when wages paid does not cover the cost to meet basic philological needs???……..Hummm!
D&R Services, Inc. has contributed to HPLA the funds necessary to fix this garage but then we need to move on to the house. Look at these pictures and you decide who needs tax dollars most……..To borrow a slogan once made popular by Home Depot…”We can do it and you can help”.


“Helping the needy with minor home repairs”. Please Donate!

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