Week Ending July 31, 2016-Funds are depleted but the work still goes on

For the past two weeks volunteering to help those in need has been especially difficult. As temperatures in this area reached 100 degrees and heat indexes over 110 degrees. For HPLA our work had kept us outdoors but where forced to stall progress for several days.

With cooler days and some much needed rain a significant phase of our number one project has now been completed. There has been some minor projects completed too.

  • A used washer which had been provided for one project broke down and needed to be repaired to continue washing.
  • HPLA was able to acquire and loan a portable air conditioning unit for a person temporarily without a suitable way to stay cool.
  • A floor around a toilet needed to be re-enforced due to rioting wood and the fixture reset.
  • A yard with dangerous levels of sumac was sprayed with weed killer and still needs to have vines growing into the walls of a structure cut down and the structure re-skinned.
  • Finally a victim of circumstance needs to have a fence repaired after a police chase ended with the bandits car plowing it down. Praise to the Police department for making every effort to remove the car carefully and make a concerted effort to temporary fix the fence. HPLA will make more permanent repairs. Sadly, this incident included the death of a veteran police captain involved in the chase of the suspects. It is a senseless loss of life and a tremendous reminder that our men in blue work in danger daily. Sincere condolences to the Cpt. Dave Melton Family. http://www.kshb.com/news/region-kansas/kck/police-officer-shot-in-kansas-city-kansas

HPLA (Habitaciones Para Latinos Association) takes great pride in helping those in need and supporting the efforts made by our first responders. It is through your donations which supplement our volunteer efforts to give labor and home repair experience for the needy of Wyandotte County and the City of Kansas City Kansas. Please use the donation icon on our home page to contribute to those in need.


Habitaciones Para Latinos Association

Bob Flores



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