Week of July 18, 2016-Things are heating up to a dangerous level

With the National Republican Convention starting this week the political race will bring some dangerous heat to the City of Cleveland and to the Presidential Race. In the mean time some other dangerous heat is brewing among men who have had enough and are giving up their lives to make their point. Finally the weather is heating up such that being outdoors and working or playing outside is going to be very dangerous in the coming days.

Which is the most dangerous? For HPLA our mission is to help low income home owners with maintaining their homes and insuring that the basic physiological needs of the occupants are in place. There are plenty of safety nets in place to help the old and “shut ins” as long as their presence in known. To many people don’t know what they don’t know and as a result danger lurks nearby. We are looking for these folks and educating them as we can.

Habitaciones Para Latinos Association can not comment on our political favorites and won’t begin to every try to explain the socio-economic impact this election will play on each of us but please know the funds that trickle down to the grass roots level to help those in need is difficult to attain and requires skills and knowledge of politics and the rules of law. “Red Tape” is an understatement. Elected officials have the key to the vault.

The message this week is simple. Insure that the folks you elected to office have your input on what you feel is best for our neighborhood, city, county, state and federal governments to enforce. The government is responsible to provide services for the general public that we can not provide totally for ourselves. One of those services is to provide help for those who cannot help themselves through to fault of their own. I keep emphasizing this in almost every post that I make. A senior citizen  who is living on social security and has a home of their own can not afford a $150.00 service charge from a plummer just to change a flush valve or a flapper valve in their toilet. Habitaciones Para Latinos Association does this for free and provides the parts because of the donations received by you. There are hundreds of other very justifiable examples of why organizations like ours exist. The paperwork to get help may require days to be processed. Unable to use a toilet for days is not an option. To anyone of you who reads this and is not moved to open up your wallet and give even one dollar suggests you will never reach out for help from anyone because everyone should be self sufficient. Right? When folks find themselves in desperate situations they do desperate things. The effect of someones desperation could impact you directly today.

We will do all we can at HPLA to help someone out of a desperate situation today and everyday. We can help more folks with your help. We need your financial help and your physical strength by volunteering to do the work necessary to accomplish filling the needs of those who come to us for help. Please use the safe and secure PayPal system connected to our Donate Button and give. God Bless You & God Bless America


Habitaciones Para Latinos Association

Robert Flores


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