Thanks Giving Means Giving Thanks

Winter in the Mid-West
Logically to suggest Kansas is in the Midwest would suggest the west starts in Ohio or West Virginia if coming from New York City.
There was a time when that was indeed where the West began. Today, however, the beginning of the west may well be much further to the west than originally marked.
I like the term Central US for Kansas and to that point the most central point in the US is located about two miles northwest of Lebanon, Kansas.
Where am I going with all this? I want to talk about the weather and how the central US can be considered the real deep freeze of the country. If you watch the weather maps and cold temperature forecasts as Canadian air works it way south down past the Dakotas, Nebraska and into Kansas you may well agree.
Whom ever decided Chicago should be dubbed the Windy City has not been to Kansas either. The Wind Farms stretch for miles and miles across Kansas. So add wind with cold air and wind chill temperatures in Kansas can get deadly very quickly.
So for charities like ours who do minor home repair we are called on to help with utility cost but more importantly with winterizing and insulating our clients homes. In the past few weeks we have helped stop water from coming into some homes but are also working to insulate and winterize to prevent broken pipes and reduce the loss of expensively generated heat. We have been working on electrical and plumbing issues as well. Please know the demands are great and as cost increase for low income Americans so does the demand for charities like ours. I am excited to see more large corporations getting involved in these issues low income home owners are facing but, bottom line the emergency calls come to us local charities daily as relief has to come immediately not just in October or after a long vetting process. To that point we continue to rely on your generosity and support to supply our many volunteers with the necessary supplies and materials to do our work. Rolled Insulation, chalk, expandable foam & lumber for replacement of rotted siding all need screws, staples and lots of labor to place. We are a small charity that relies on individual donations with no support from any super-pak or government trickle down. The well runs dry by the time funds reach our clients. But as we look forward to starting our fifth year please know we are making a difference and we are doing well because of you. Your donations are not used to pay for labor, staff or vehicles. Thank you from all of us at HPLA Charities

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