The DOG DAYS of Summer 2020

The environment is diminishing drastically, in some folks mind and there is evidence to substantiate some. But lets cut to the chase! What is really important to you. I am truly interested in your answer to that question and our “contact us” comments section should give you the opportunity to respond. For me to answer the question honestly I will need to stereotype my readers into categories. Wow, that’s a challenge I don’t think I want to take on. Each one of you are distinctly different. There is hundreds if not thousands of categories you would fit into but, none ever exact until it is “all about you”. A category called “me“. So where can we begin to start building even you. If you are able to read this, heck, even to have worked you way to this word suggests that you are amazing at the least. But, seriously how can we start with some bare bones basics. Why would we want to start to find the real you? I have a theory that there are some people in this world that either due to age, upbringing, education, etc. will never find their way to this bulletin or would never want to come here given the chance. But they can not be excluded in this question? What is really important to all of us? What is just one feature that makes each one of us who we are? No need to prioritize just yet but, instead just start a list. We can start with being a mammal. But easier yet we are human not animal. We are conceived by the joining of a sperm & an egg. Those of other humans not just any living organized. We split off readily by gender. Then the differences really get diverse. Colors of eyes, hair, skin then height, weight, age etc. But can we all agree that one very important and essential feature in all of us is “self preservation”. Our desire to exist! Our natural ability to want to breath and keep the heart and other vital organs functioning. If you don’t care about that. If you could care less if you existed please stop reading and call whomever you love the most and tell them.

“Whomever you love the most”, maybe we need to add whomever you love the most that you feel loves you too. (It is interesting to note that the more distant a fellow human is from us the less significant they become. The less a fellow human being has any impact or influence on us personally the less we care about their category and where they might fit in). So because we have become more consumed with the better welfare of ourselves and the humans who are closest to us, who love us, we can easily forget about humans who are on the brink of death. Our world has become a culture concerned only with items important to make us and those of our loved ones. The concept of supply and demand pulling us into hedonistic worm holes tempting us with life giving utility for us and those we love the most. It has blinded us to those who are not well. Those that have very little.

Most of us grew up very poor and struggled to get where we are today but, I can’t begin to imagine how the neighbor down the street whose children lived in a house with a dirt floor and stood around a potbelly stove to keep warm ever survived to their 20’s. But indeed they did. And they did it through hard work themselves and fantastic neighbors who offered clothes and food and even money. Even invited them into their homes to share a favorite show on an old black & white TV.

In these DOG DAYS of summer I am reminded that the luxury of an electric fan was a slice of heaven to some especially those in the old house with the dirt floor that was never connected to electricity. There are humans out there in this world today in 2020 that don’t have electricity. Others who had it and lost it due to hardship or a pandemic. Even those closest to them, who love them, are working hard to help but, need the help of neighbors to get them through the night. Twenty dollars in supplies and a few hours of volunteer help saved a family from losing water through a toilet that would have filled an normal size swimming pool in less than a week.

We are HPLA Charities. We are the volunteers that use your twenty dollar donation to insure all the grocery money for one poor family does not go to pay a water bill. We have recently replaced a pop valve on a hot water heater that was leaking hundreds of gallons of water a month. We have helped install window air conditioners and fans. We have run water lines and unclogged backed up kitchen sinks. We have shored up foundations that were rotting due to imporper installation of rain gutters. These people are widows, single parents, veterans and disabled folks who long paid their price to society and are just needing some neighbors to come give them a leg up. Will you please help?

Please prioritize your donations. The boat owners of the national charities can get by an extra day to fix a boat while HPLA Charities help humans stay alive another day. Please use our donate button for a secure channel to contribute or call us for an address where you can mail your tax deductible contribution. 913.269.4450 In all things know we are glad you live.

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