The Snow Flies Early in Kansas-October 2018

The Snow Flies Early in Kansas-October 2018

This article is dedicated to you my readers. You know what we do at HPLA. Habitaciones Para Latinos Association is active and doing good things because of you. For that reason we pray for prosperity and good health for each of you everyday. But lets review why it is that you support us. Lets review why we need your continued support and why we need others to join us. Let’s review why it is that I am asking you to help others understand fully what we do. To you our dear friends:

  • Our donors are far from wealthy. At best I know that you are able to pay your bills every month with little left over.
  • Our donors know what it is like to go without. Whether now or in times past. You have stressed over paying past due bills or have gas money to go to work.
  • As a homeowner, our donors, have let that dripping faucet or leaky toilet go because there was no money for a plumber
  • As a homeowner in American you have seen or heard of the hard times of the depression or experienced war times when we all had to do without.
  • As a homeowner & neighbor you have seen sadness delivered to your friends. A loss of a job or loss of a loved one. The loss due to fire.
  • As a homeowner & as a christian you have blamed God for your peril.

But with all the pitfalls that life delivers everyday there is a place in your heart to sacrifice and to do for others who are in worst shape than you. As a donor we know that it is a big decision to step out of your world and peer into someone else’s world and realize how fortunate you are.

The attitude that “It’s all about me” and the attitude that I got mine by working hard so you have to do the same or just hurt, is absurd. Are there fellow human being out there who should be treated this way? People who are undeserving and just deliberately using the system. Yes, there probably is. But just like the super wealthy, those folks are few. Just like our own peril, which often comes through no fault of your own. God does not bring peril into your world. Things just happen.

But you, our most valued asset and caring individual, are who understands best what we do. We remain so grateful and honored by your trust & your faith in us.

We have received funds to hopefully complete a young coupes home and get them utilities before the end of the year. Our goal to get them into their home before winter is no longer possible. A freeze warning is out in our area as you read this post. We still need plumbing help, electrical help and construction help to make their house livable. We also need your donations for other projects. We have a roof that needs to be replaced. We need sump pumps installed. etc, etc. But we know we need to be grateful for all you have done so far.

From where we started with this project for the young couple, we have made huge advances. Volunteer help has saved thousands of dollars in labor cost. But, are we done? No! But, one thing is for sure, the folks who take the time to read this post are the ones who have & will give money and support our charity. To those who read this post we pray that God will bless you 10 fold for your sacrifice. For those that read this post we pray no harm will come to you but, instead I pray that your eyes will be open to the wealth you already have and that you will receive by paying it forward through HPLA.

If you have time to volunteer and that is all you can do to help, please understand your labor is worth hundreds of dollars. Please Call Us.

Happy Halloween & Day of the Dead. Remember Latino Recognition Month just ended October 15, 2018

Again please accept our sincere gratitude to those of you who have donated and those who will. God Bless You. God Bless America

Bob Flores Chairman

Back to School-Fall 2018

The time is here again when teachers gather and plan there lessons and learn how best to communicate with students and accomplish the requirements mandated by their plan & the school boards direction.

For HPLA this time of the year means trying to stay connected with all the demands put on our charity to provide safe and habitable shelters for the family of school aged children. And we don’t forget all the other families we help. Seniors living alone who have outlived their children and relatives.

Currently we are dedicating our resources to a family expecting their third child. They have been trying to move into their first home before baby arrives. The opportunity to have a place of their own is so exciting and the time to get it done seemed doable. But the pride of ownership does not come cheap and some opportunities come with serious consequences or pitfalls. Life’s lessons can be brutal.

It is the opinion of experts that this house was not inhabitable and should have never been sold. But “hindsight is much clearer than foresight.” This hardworking couple had agreed to make it work and signed the commitment. Well it has not worked. “Buyer Beware”

They have come up short in many ways but fortunately have been directed to call out for help. And they did. It took some persuasion but they let some of us privileged people in. Yes, we are privileged to help a fellow human being who has few resources and are hurting through no fault of their own. In this case there are language barriers we have to over come and few resources to draw from. Secondly they want to do it themselves and can but,they need lots of help. God is good and so is the generosity of our community. Praise be to God.

HPLA in co-operation with other charitable organizations is helping re-build the property and the blessing is that the head of household is an experienced handyman. He has basically remodeled the interior of the main house but the most expensive of tasks remain. The bathroom needs all new plumbing. The kitchen needs all new plumbing. The electrical system needs to have new circuits added along with cost of a final inspection by a licensed electrician. Water lines will be less of an issue but non-the-less an issue. And there is much more.

This house will provide adequate shelter and has already improved the appearance of the neighborhood. HPLA is helping reduce blight, keeping properties on the tax roles, helping provide affordable housing for low income families and keeping children in school.

We are privileged in that we receive a tremendous blessing by giving back to our community. It ignites corporations desire to contribute. (An aside: For you local business owners, please note that the salary paid for one employee for one week keeps us working for months). We recently took $20.00 and one hour of volunteer labor to fix an outdoor hydrate which had froze last winter. Now the homeowner can keep her flowers growing and grass green & improve the appearance of the neighborhood. Charity has also allowed for the dusk to dawn light in the back yard to be repaired and now the area is also more secure.

We have some volunteers that will help who are willing to give up time if you, dear reader, can help us provide the parts, materials and supplies to fix the issues we face.

Our sincere gratitude this month goes to D&R Services, Inc. for providing HPLA with new drills, screw guns & chop saw which are all battery powered to proved excellent portability and productivity. Thank you.

Help us keep doing the great work we do please. Please donate at

God Bless You
Bob Flores Chairman

Fallen Officers of Wyandotte County Sheriffs Office June 2018

It is with deep regret that I begin this message with such sadness. The most recent lost of first responders lives in Wyandotte County only adds to one of the most tragic years in our history among law enforcement staff in this area and begs the question. Why?
I am humbly including the names of those two officers in this publication and offer our sincere condolences to the families and their fellow officers: Wyandotte County Sheriff’s Deputies Theresa King and Patrick Rohrer

HPLA has been attending a monthly meeting in Wyandotte County for some time. As a group, in these meetings, we are privileged by being addressed by some of the counties senior executives and to sit side by side with them & other county & city leaders. We get insight on their dedication and in the case of the judicial system offers we get insight on the dangers they face and the threats they live with. You can imagine some of the horror they experience.

The meeting is directed at informing the Neighborhood Resource Center staff on current conditions in our area as well as provide a platform for education and our need for unity as a group. The group is made up largely of charities that are trying to provide services to our citizens, spot and eliminate danger, eliminate blight, support low income homeowners, insure equality and support fundraisers for each charity. Of course the networking and understanding of each organizations goal & mission is vital.
The major building project, HPLA is currently supporting, was brought to our attention by a fellow organization which met us and networked with us at the NRC meeting.They are part of the medical community.

But as I have listened intently to Sheriff Ash & Chief of Police Ziegler, or there representatives at times, it is very clear that these folks want law breakers off the streets and are acutely aware of the extreme danger certain law breakers pose. These two officers, we just lost, were lost while trying to respectfully deliver a violator of the law for further processing. It is hard to imagine how any fellow officer was able to try to subdue this individual instead of just taking his life on the spot. God Bless these heroes for their self control.

For those of you reading this post I hope you know we appreciate your time. Our coalition of loving people, that are wanting to do good deeds, needs your financial support, your physical support, your talents & your good deeds. But now we also need your financial support for these fallen heroes and their families.There are many ways to contribute directly to these families. The following one is a good one. You can choose another.

Habitaciones Para Latinos Association is dedicated to helping low income homeowners with minor home repair. We are currently asking for a one time grant to hire a full time handyman to assist our current volunteer staff though 2018. Please call if you have any questions or suggestions. We need to accelerate our projects as the list keeps growing longer and longer.

Blessings to each of you and prayers for all our fallen heroes but most especially to these two most recent losses.


Habitaciones Para Latinos Association (a 501c3 Charity)


The supply of craftsmen appears to be dwindling as well as those of licensed professionals. With the temperatures raising and working outdoors a pleasure, for some of us, getting those honey-do projects complete with a little help is stalled. No help available.
Even worse the quality of building materials is going down while the cost are going up. Honey-Do’s can be stalled or even procrastinated but for low income homeowners needing repairs to keep the gas, water, electricity or appliances going it is an emergency.  There is no way to wait.

You can come to your own conclusions on why we are incurring these high cost but, in our world of providing free labor for low income homeowners it is disastrous. HPLA (Habitaciones Para Latinos Association) relies on donations to provide the building materials and supplies necessary to do our work. A short supply of volunteers is also an issue but volunteers are of no value when you can’t afford a piece of lumber.  So yes, larger and increased donations are required. These donations are the life blood of our charity and by your continued support and donations we can do so much more.

Currently HPLA is involved in several projects that are in serious need of support. HPLA has recently upgraded one young couple to priority one.  After a loss of revenue and an unexpected pregnancy their first dream home, which was a fixer upper and inhabitable is no where close to being lived in. In the good time these kids had been sold this home, that was inhabitable, at a ridiculously high price.   They were forced to pick up back taxes and assume responsibility to pay back the loan with none of the utilities acceptable to inspectors.

This finance company should be investigated by CFPB  (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau).

As most young married couples, they don’t know what it is they don’t know. It is even more daunting that no one even hinted to them the tremendous cost involved in bringing the property up to modern standards. Another loan equal to the initial cost of the property will be required to make the house ready for occupancy in the time frame required by this family. Otherwise they will be years paying rent and making payments to a house that will continue to deteriorate. Our volunteers and your donations will overcome their problems and help the neighborhood from having a house in blight.

It is exciting to see these young families working so hard to live the “American Dream” but so saddened to see them blindsided by an American business acumen who stand behind “buyer beware” as their excuse to earn revenues in this shameful manner.

The good news is that as we help this family bring their home into compliance with building codes. As we help them with inspections and licensed contractor fees. As we bring their taxes up to date. We can then go back and file complaints and hopefully stop this kind of business practices from continuing in our county.

What is this family doing for themselves. The head of house is working long hours and coming home to set toilets, bathtubs, sinks and put up walls. Yes, he is helping all he can. We want to accelerate his efforts. But we do need your donations for materials and to help defer costs of licensed plumbers and electricians who even working at a discount are still ridiculously high. Please use our donate button to give something. Just one dollar from a few hundred people makes our charity successful. God Bless You.

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Opening Day at the “K”- America’s favorite past time 2018 season gets started today in KC

Baseball. What a wonderful institution this game has been all these years. I personally don’t know of anyone that does not have a favorite baseball team. Kansas City is no doubt a baseball town. We are proud to have the Kansas City Royals reside here in our metro. Although the Kansas City Royals officially reside on the Missouri side of the Metro we still claim the Royals on the Kansas side as our team.  In a large percentage of Kansas City the dividing line between the two states is one street called Stateline which has Missouri business and residents on one side and Kansas businesses and residents on the other side of the street. To improve safety, when an emergency occurs on Stateline, both Kansas and Missouri first responders react. Very creative and responsible use of resources. In times past Missouri responders might arrive on scene only to realize it was on the Kansas side of the street and the process slowed until Kansas responders arrived.  No more of that. Hooray.

With all the wonderful history and wonderful heritage of Kansas City, like many other river side cities, Kansas City is going through the evolution  of bringing business back to the intercity. Long standing empty buildings are being renovated and loft style apartments are going in. Old federal building which were replaced by new building are being used for housing as well. And the neighborhoods of the avarice which had become decrepit are being revitalized and rehabilitated. The craftsmanship revealed.

As all these changes take place the demographics change and the location of the have’s and have not start coming full circle. The rivers edge will once again become a vital source to transportation and commerce. The home of the most wealthy. In total it will be a 200 year cycle (approx.) but society and our American culture & norms will remain. We can all agree that we love our county and only want the best for all with a level playing field for us all.

For HPLA the winds of change take some folks out of harms way and bring others in. We have been able to help many clients going through transition both up and down in their mobility. We can do it through you and your faith in our organization. Donations are coming slow but steady and we are now able to start the design work for a shower enclosure for an elderly couple that only has an old cast iron tub to work with. Updates will be provided to you and again these tremendous opportunities to help people that are hurting are only possible with your help to provide the materials & supplies. We celebrate the successes and work hard to overcome and support those who are failing. Most of which, might be failing through  no fault of their own. And we celebrate the sacrifice of our volunteers whose labor embellishes your gifts and make our work possible. May God Richly Bless them. This couple we are helping now have lived here all their lives and contributed greatly to the economy only to find there home going down faster than they can keep it up There ability to pay for increased cost of living impossible. There are to many hard working folks who will out live their savings and their income. Every month we at HPLA can keep these folks in  their home is one more month of dignity and one less month living on medicaid. These folks will be here, in their home, for many more months and be able to stay clean and healthy too.

So as we see additions in the inner city such as the Negro League Museum and add street cars like those of yesteryear. As we bring high tech industry and jobs back to downtown there are transitions happening and some folks losing jobs struggling until they can reload their resources to catch up and need our help. There are those whose neighborhoods are needing to be renewed and the governments are demanding properties be kept up or better yet renewed to meet the demands of the winds of change and to draw more businesses. Property values will go up and those Seniors who can keep going will have more money to sustain themselves without your assistance. Win Win. But there will be times when just a little help will payback exponentially. God Bless You and please give via our donate page.

All gifts are managed securely by PayPal.


Chair Lifts & Home Alone

Chair lifts & home alone.
As the oldest of the baby boomer generation reach their final years the smart service and product producers of the world work to cash in. The opportunity to keep this generation in their home and independent for as long as possible is a win-win for all of us.  Helping facilitate stairs is BIG. However, In a recent call to HPLA, a senior citizens’ chair lift went dead. Unable to get to the front door to unlock it, became the first step in a critical situation.Secondly, the cost of the service call and the price of replacement batteries from the service company totaled $299.00. Wow.
But, even with the ability to pay the bill how does this individual get them in the house without breaking down the door. “HPLA to the rescue”. Since the client had an exterior pad for the garage door installed our volunteer was able to get access through the garage. Fortunately the door from the garage into the house was unlocked. That would have been an easier door to break down worst case but it was open.
Through your contributions HPLA was able to remove the old batteries, buy new batteries and re-install them properly to get our client safe,secure and independent once again.
This was all done at no cost to the homeowner who is a widow of a retired Navy Veteran. With all the benefits allowed her she still falls below the HUD low income level. Even with the home paid in full it is difficult to find resources to pay for all the services necessary to sustain the basic physiological needs of these individuals.
As you are moved to share your resources for those in need in your community please remember HPLA. We have no paid employees and all your donations go to buy materials and supplies to help individuals like this one. All labor is provided by volunteers. (Note: Some projects must to be provided by license contractors and paid for by HPLA) But, no employee or board member benefits from these projects.
Finally, thank you for reading our news for today. We remember the Billy Graham Family with our thoughts and prayers this week. We remember our countries leaders. We pray that God would bless you and our country. 
Please donate so we can keep helping others.

Selection of HPLA Board of Directors 2018

Dear Friends & Family,

On March 17, 2016 Habitaciones Para Latinos Association was officially recognized and registered with the United States Internal Revenue Service & the State of Kansas as a 501(C)3 charitable organization.

As I approach the anniversary of our second full year in service and look forward to many more productive years reaching out to helping people who are hurting I am reminded of the reason HPLA was created.

It was created to help low income Latinos with minor home repair when resources were not readily available to keep their “Habitaciones/Casas” in a safe and secure condition. Specifically, in the Kansas City Metropolitan area.
As I began to dig into how to reach these families I was directed to churches, neighborhood associations, civic organization, public support facilities of county government & other charities who helped in this same area. It gave me pause to reflect on my own life and started attending our church faithfully. Part of our mission statement at Harvest Ridge Covenant Church is to help those who are hurting. How convenient that God lead us there as this is also a large part of HPLA’s mission.

One organization in particular gave me the best council and continues to test my dedication to our cause. “Livable Neighborhood” task force

This group is made up of many organizations both private and public. It is connected with the Unified Government of Kansas City Kansas and Wyandotte County. Through the “Code Violations Department” Livable Neighborhood is exposed to the citations which are handed out by its officers.
When violations are not cleared and follow up visits nets little or no improvement towards a positive result, homeowners are contacted to determine if an extension is needed or if financial resources will not be available to fix the violation. Weeds and over growth is a violation which catches inspectors eyes as they drive around their assigned territory within the county. But, unpainted homes, broken fences, windows, doors, roofs covered in plastic are always a giveaway to problems and of course do not meet the laws a homeowner must follow if they are to reside in the home.

Having said all this HPLA has had to re-address whom we help. As an example: Many Latinos live in rentals and those violations are directed to the home or building owner. Thus we only deal with low income homeowners who live in their home and we do not support renters or the landlords that rent out property. We have paid some utility bills or brought food to some renter families but this is not our mission. Please refer to for more detail.
(Let it be known that low income families is based on income schedules published by HUD (The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development))

A second thing that has happened is that demographic changes in Kansas City calls for the need to help all cultures as the blight we are trying to reduce plus the home owner we are trying to keep in their own home, as long as possible, are made up of fewer Latinos and more of all other cultures. Thus the Bi-laws have been updated and HPLA mandated to not show favoritism. I am good with the change mostly because evidence suggest that the Latino community has become more self-sufficient and willing to take care of their own. A great testimony.

To cut to the chase in this story; the time has come to establish a board of directors who can help and is willing to help HPLA move to the next level and use their influence to promote the future success of HPLA.

I am writing to you to invite you to fill a position. Your acceptance to serve does not mean you will be chosen to the board as I optimistically anticipate many of you will accept this invitation. Interest and input from you may be our greatest asset. But those most willing and able to help will be chosen and term limits established so all can serve.

The most needed position to date is an Executive Director to assist in scheduling & fulfilling all the obligations HPLA incurs. Getting the work done. Finding donors for the supplies and partnering with other organizations.

We also need to have a broad list of ideas for HPLA to consider doing to help more people as well as an oversight committee which I hope everyone of you would volunteer for. A large group to point out current situations and needs around the area would be fantastic.

Needless to say the organization would need an accountant, attorney, construction foreman, a minister etc. best case. As chairmen I will continue to physically complete construction projects and search for funding. We have been blessed with a steady stream of donations and D&R Services, Inc. continues to donate a large majority of its profit from local handyman projects.

My family in Texas, who has plenty of folks to help there has made one of the largest donations ever received from that clan in the past few days. God Bless You my Familia.

Please feel free to contact me by phone for further information or acceptance of this opportunity. My prayer is to grow another organization which makes a visible impact on improving neighborhoods in blight and helping low income fellow Americans who are hurting through no fault of their own.

I know I will have missed someone that really wants to help so I am publishing this on Facebook to reach as many of you as possible. I have lost many email address due to computer issues. I am so sorry.


Robert “Bob” Flores
Habitaciones Para Latinos Assn.
6354 Stevenson street
Shawnee, Kansas 66218
A (501 C 3 Charity)

As 2017 Comes To An End – Please Give

The generosity of Americans is very evident by the sales of merchandise advertised for giving to those you love. I was surprised at advertisements and news stories this season suggesting that Americans give to themselves first. How funny. I am tossed as to how to process this attitude. It may be the best trend ever for people to do. Followed by giving your loved one’s money; so they can buy what they truly want, right? It takes all the mystery out of what you think someone really wants for a gift.

Another point of view however is how do you show people what you truly need to have as a gift.  An individual wearing the same T-Shirt every day might suggest they need a new T-Shirt. Instead of suggesting that an individual loves a T-Shirt so much they are willing to wash and dry it every night to be able to ear it every day. I think which ever is the case, it is why we are all terrible at reading peoples minds. We may be worst at guessing what makes them happy.

The one saying that “wealth does not bring happiness” has not talked to enough to really wealthy people. By the same thinking to suggest someone has to be “miserable in their poverty” has not talked to enough people with no money. Stories of drug addicted people living super happy for years as long as the next dose comes on time are true. Some homeless people want to be left alone and are happy with their life.

However, there are unmistakable evidences of people in need even though they may be to proud to admit it. That is where sincere & honest charity comes into play.

In the playhouse of my mind and in what I hope turns into an intelligent discussion today, is to question, do we really know what anyone is thinking ever? I have a dear person whom I love with all my heart but all to often I hear,”that is not what I meant”.

( A teacher at Kansas City Kansas Community College taught English and in the curriculum talked to us in English from centuries ago. I did not understand one word). It has gotten that bad understanding some of the conversations today. The following is an example: From

The team over at Merriam-Webster is responsible for keeping a vigilant eye on shifting language trends. They’ve made some pretty bold moves recently (like declaring that a hot dog is a sandwich). Now, they’re adding over 1000 new words to the dictionary, some of which are sure to raise a few eyebrows. As you might expect, the latest batch features plenty of internet-bred slang terms. If you’ve ever been at a loss when someone tells you they just finished binge-watching their favorite NSFW mumblecore films, Merriam-Webster can now help you translate. The new entries also include words related to fields like sports, medicine, and politics. For a sample of the most recent additions to the dictionary, refer to the listicle below:
1. AIRBALL (V.) To completely miss the basket, rim, and backboard with a shot: to shoot an air ball.
2. BINGE-WATCH (V.) To watch many or all episodes of (a TV series) in rapid succession.
3. BOKEH (N.) The blurred quality or effect seen in the out-of-focus portion of a photograph taken with a narrow depth of field.
4. CONLANG (N.) An invented language.
5. ELDERFLOWER (N.) The flower of an elderberry (such as Sambucus nigra) used especially in making wines, liqueurs, and teas.
6. FACE-PALM (V.) To cover one’s face with the hand as an expression of embarrassment.
7. FAST FASHION (N.) An approach to the design, creation, and marketing of clothing fashions that emphasizes making fashion trends quickly and cheaply available to consumers.
8. FIRST WORLD PROBLEM (N.) A usually minor or trivial problem or annoyance experienced by people in relatively affluent or privileged circumstances especially as contrasted with problems of greater social significance facing people in poor and underdeveloped parts of the world.
9. FOOD INSECURE (ADJ.) Unable to consistently access or afford adequate food.
10. GHOST (V.) To abruptly cut off all contact with (someone, such as a former romantic partner) by no longer accepting or responding to phone calls, instant messages, etc.
11. GINGER (N.) A person with red hair.
12. HUMBLEBRAG (V.) To make a seemingly modest, self-critical, or casual statement or reference that is meant to draw attention to one’s admirable or impressive qualities or achievements.
13. LISTICLE (N.) An article consisting of a series of items presented as a list.
14. MICROAGGRESSION (N.) A comment or action that subtly and often unconsciously or unintentionally expresses a prejudiced attitude toward a member of a marginalized group (such as a racial minority).
15. MICROBIOME (N.) A community of microorganisms (such as bacteria, fungi, and viruses) that inhabit a particular environment and especially the collection of microorganisms living in or on the human body.
16. MUMBLECORE (N.) A genre of narrative film focusing primarily on the intimate lives of young characters and featuring scenes of ample dialogue and minimal action.
17. NSFW (ABBR.)Not safe for work; not suitable for work—used to warn someone that a website, email attachment, etc., is not suitable for viewing at most places of employment.
18. PAREIDOLIA (N.)The tendency to perceive a specific, often meaningful image in a random or ambiguous visual pattern.
19. PHOTOBOMB (V.)To move into the frame of a photograph as it is being taken as a joke or prank.
20. PING (N.)A signal sent from one computer to another across a network for usually diagnostic purposes (as to determine network speed or the status of the target computer).
21. PROSOPAGNOSIA (N.) An inability to recognize faces.

A place (as on a college campus) intended to be free of bias, conflict, criticism, or potentially threatening actions, ideas, or conversations.
23. SEUSSIAN (ADJ.) Of, relating to, or suggestive of the works of Dr. Seuss.
24. SIDE-EYE (N.) A sidelong glance or gaze especially when expressing scorn, suspicion, disapproval, or veiled curiosity.
25. TRAIN WRECK (N.) An utter disaster or mess: a disastrous calamity or source of trouble.
26. TRUTHER (N.) One who believes that the truth about an important subject or event is being concealed from the public by a powerful conspiracy.
27. WAYBACK (N.) The area in the back of a van, station wagon, or SUV.
28. WEAK SAUCE (N.) Something inferior, ineffective, or unimpressive: something weak.
29. WOO-WOO (ADJ.) Dubiously or outlandishly mystical, supernatural, or unscientific.
30. YOWZA (INTERJ.) Used to express surprise or amazement.

So what does all this have to do with anything. You decide next time you try to express yourself and find yourself being bombarded by people who think they can read your mind and are totally up to date with today’s hidden language, political correctness & tell you they know exactly what you just said. And look to see if their environment suggests they are truly in need of help but don’t know how to ask for it.

God Bless You & Have a Happy New Year

October 2017-Disaster Recovery Takes Priority

As we complete the celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month this September we dive right into October 2017 with tremendous heartache and sadness. The world is getting more diverse and the mindset of the population more ambiguous. The division and the strife between the classes grows bigger.

At Habitaciones Para Latinos Association we don’t take sides, we don’t discriminate, we don’t ask why?

Habitaciones Para Latinos Association is a service organization with one mission in mind. To help those who are hurting that do not have the means to recover and be self sufficient without outside help. We do this in our part of the world by providing FREE home repair support to qualifying home owners.

The tragic result of the hurricanes in Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico and Islands in the Caribbean has left folks not only homeless but without basic physiological resources such as food and water. Groups from all over the world are providing support in an-all out effort to save lives and bring relief to those suffering.

Without detracting from the current dire situation please know that we have folks experiencing these kinds of problems everyday in our area. We thank God that our problem is to only locate and verify these people but, once located they are guaranteed shelter, food & water. Seldom are we at a place where resources can’t be delivered where they are needed. The pain however, is still huge if maybe for a shorter period of time. Waiting for a first responders to arrive while suffering from a collapsed lung or a broke arm while trapped in a vehicle or tons of concrete seems like an eternity.

In our business it maybe no hot water, stopped up sewer or gray water lines. A smoke detector that continuously beeps begging for a new battery but overseeing an occupant that is disabled and unable to make the sound stop. A failed air conditioner or a failed furnace in the dead of winter. We help those who are hurting one client at a time and we don’t have the resources or the man power to stop the pain fast enough.

Habitaciones Para Latinos is closing in on its second year of existence and our photo galley reflects some of the projects we have been involved in. You can also find us on faceBook. None of what we do would be possible without the support of our volunteers and the donations received. I continue to remind everyone every time I can that no salaries or overhead is paid to HPLA volunteers or staff.

Please use the donate button to contribute now. It will go to directly benefit those people that are hurting just a little bit faster. I know you will be blessed ten-fold for doing so. Happy Halloween, Felice Dia de Los Muertos… God Bless You & God Bless America

August 2017-Preparing for School

If I can take you back with me to those days in elementary school when the list of schools supplies required for say 1st, 2nd, 3rd grade students seemed so simple and inexpensive. Some number two pencils and the BIG CHIEF tablet. A pencil sharpener in every class room.
But as an example of just a partial list of todays needs we begin with a required Backpack.(No wheels)
#2 Pencils, non-mechanical
12 pocket expandable file folder
24 ct. crayons
Yellow and Orange double-pocket paper folder with center brads
Classic Colors washable thick markers
Colored pencils 8 pack
Black dry erase markers
Colored markers
Glue Sticks
Spiral Notebooks, Wide Rule (red, blue, green, yellow)
Clorox wipes
Plastic pocket folder
Pencil bag
Red pens
Plastic school box without handles
Post It Notes 3″ x 3″
Facial Tissue
Notebook paper
Ear buds or Headphones
Expo markers
etc. etc.
Not only is the number of items required to be supplied by the student increased the cost of each item has sky rocketed.
At HPLA (Habitaciones Para Latinos Association) we are dedicated to helping those who are hurting with minor home repair cost. This week an above normal storm developed right over the our city and dumped 6-10 inches of rain in two to three hours. Record floods insured and devastating damage resulted. folks were left homeless other lost all belongings. School supplies acquired in advance and in preparation gone.
So we helped put up power lines, we help patch roofs, we help repair major damage and we worked long hours.
Are things improving, are folks lives coming back together? Yes, but at a tremendous cost.

It is our hope that those of you reading this post and have been able to avoid loss help us to help others by contributing to our work. The donate button on this site allows you to securely send us replacement funds so we can keep helping with our everyday mission which allows to do our work everyday.

Thank you and may God Bless You for all you do.