October 15, 2016 Winter Worries on the Raise

Folks, you may know we have been helping little Eduard Ferro (age 2) and also his family to get basic needs established in their house as they have fallen on hard times. Please continue to pray for Eduard as he has had another neurological episode and is in Children’s Mercy Hospital KCMO again today. MRI being done again today. May God’s will be done. Update Saturday 10/15-2016. There is bleeding detected within the brain. Dr’s are not sure why this is happening or just what to do yet but, the family suggests this is not a good sign. I will keep everyone updated and we will continue to pray the problem is resolved soon and no major brain damage results.

HPLA (Habitaciones Para Latinos Association) has been able to get electricity and water to a house which has been vacant for 6 years. Eduard’s Mother started this project as an investment doing most all the work herself. With what has happened the work had come to a stand-still. Lack of resources forced them to move into the house as paying rent was not an option. Full time work could not continue. Eduard requires 24/7 care and is being feed via a stomach pump. Dad is working as a laborer but work is spotty and each job is short lived. The family has been selling assets to help them with basic needs but few salable assets remain and the demand for what is available is basically non-existent.

HPLA was asked to help and we are in the process of getting gas lines replaced to meet the requirements of Kansas Gas Service and to place a meter. The kitchen floor which had been damaged extensively by water leaks over the years has been removed and reinforced with new lumber. Underlayment will be installed and new floor installed over that as resources for materials become available. A toilet is in place temporarily but no sink or shower is in place in the bathroom yet.  The kitchen has no cabinets or sinks. All electrical issues have been resolved and water line leaks within the house have all been fixed. An electric hot water heater is working providing very necessary hot water. Your help is desperately needed. Please pass the word around and or insure that some person or company that is capable of helping is knowledgeable of our need to help this family. All donations will go to provide the basic physiological needs of this family. Thank you for listening. God Bless You.

Bob Flores

Chairman Habitaciones Para Latinos Association

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