Dia de los Muertos 2016

From The Dallas News (on-line) November 1, 2016

Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, which spans Nov. 1 and 2, is a tradition that’s been celebrated for thousands of years, tracing back to indigenous tribes in Mexico.

As the Latino population grows in Dallas and elsewhere, it’s become more mainstream and is lumped in with Halloween festivities. But unlike Halloween with its costumes and candy, the belief behind Dia de los Muertos is that deceased loved ones are given an opportunity to be back with their families. I encourage everyone to read and understand the significates of the tradition.

Segway to Little Eduard Ferro, which HPLA (Habitaciones Para Latino Association) has been helping, he too is back with family and for the past few days has been living the life expected for his future. He still wants to play, run, jump, climb etc. He is feed routinely by a stomach pump and receives water, very  carefully via a syringe. Medications are administered on a strict schedule and Eduard appears to be handling all the un-usual treatment just fine. He is monitored closely as his condition can change rapidly as we have seen. He is at the Doctor today.

In the past few days the home has had some more make overs and a complete rest room is coming together with the donation of a lavatory. The bedroom & living rooms are coming together so furniture and accessories can be added to entertain the children and provide much needed personal space.

There is a need for furnishings for the entire house, of course. Most importantly would be kitchen counters and a kitchen sink. Donations have been coming in but hardly enough to get everything done quickly so the highest priorities are being attacked first. Food has not been a problem but cooking on a charcoal grill has its limitations. Some purchases of fast food have become necessary and gives some variety. The cost of getting natural gas has become un-reachable as the house will need new service lines. Plan B is to go all electric so a gas stove is for sale in hopes of getting deal on an electric unit. HPLA will run a 220V line to the kitchen as donations come available for that expense.

HPLA has also been able to do other things for other needy people through the month of October and we are pleased that a set of stairs, being eaten away by termites, has been replaced. A leaky toilet which an oversize flapper was taken care of. A exterior wall also riddled by terminates is in progress. Currently a porch, which has become a hazard, is being evaluated and donations specific to that project are expected to arrive this week so that project can be completed.

Needless to say there is tremendous need in our world and for us at grassroots level who truly give up our time without any hidden agendas is overshadowed by organizations who have been doing good works for decades. We use 100% of donations to buy building materials and supplies and labor is voluntary. Licensed contractors or specialty craftsmen do not give 100% of their time so money has to be spent for that purpose.  we have been able however, to receive some excellent advise from  these specialty companies which has allowed us to move forward on projects which the homeowner is allowed to complete. Our sincere gratitude and prayers go to these wonderful folks. Also our volunteers who are the heartbeat of anything we do.

Would you please help? The smallest donations still carry great weight and provide screws, nails and small things essential to the work we do.

May God continue to bless I your life and my God Bless America.





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