A Time To Give-A Great Message Share

As a graduate of the University of Missouri Kansas City Campus I was led to share this important message. Please know that Habitaciones  Para Latinos Association, like UMKC, can only exist with contributions from you.

Give a Gift Before Year’s End

While most people give to their favorite charitable organizations year round, we know that October through December are the months that Americans are most likely to give back. It’s toward the end of the year when many of us look back on how fortunate we have been and decide how we can make a bigger impact in the world.

We know that your decision to support University of Missouri-Kansas City comes from the heart. But did you know that your gift may also qualify for a tax break this year when you itemize deductions on your federal income tax return? Take a look at the gift options below and how each one benefits you and UMKC if given before the end of the year.

  • Cash contributions sent through the mail are usually deductible if they are mailed by midnight on Dec. 31.
  • Stock is generally deductible on the date it is fully transferred (if done electronically) to our books—not the date you ask your broker to make the transfer.
  • Real estate gifts, in most states, are considered complete on the date a properly executed deed is delivered to us.
  • Tangible personal property gifts are complete once the property is delivered to us.
  • Life insurance gifts are considered complete on the date you sign the paperwork transferring ownership to UMKC, assuming you properly forward the form on to the insurance company.

Finish Strong in 2016

Year-end giving not only helps UMKC finish the year strong, but it also benefits you. If you have any questions about supporting our mission before the end of 2016, please feel free to contact Jeff Chapman at 816-235-5554 or chapmanjeff@umkcfoundation.org. We look forward to helping you.

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