Thanksgiving On A Daily Basis

As the thanksgiving week comes to an end and the thrill of “Black Friday” bargains are in the rear view mirror our attention can turn on the last remaining days of the holiday season and on to escorting 2016 into it’s final sunset and on to the final stroke at midnight which will usher in 2017.

Celebration is a wonderful thing and it is interesting to ask, “what do you have to be thankful for and which joyful time will you celebrate the most?” The coming celebration of Christ’s birth is the reason for the season!!! Will you be celebrating that event?

There are millions of things to be grateful and thankful for and for everyone there has to be something good to celebrate. Being alive has my vote and the ability to see & hear all that is going on in this world today is another. Cognitive.

In our business of giving it is the gratitude and celebrating we get credit for providing that we give thanks for. Experiencing our fellow citizens shedding tears over the repair of a broken faucet or leaking roof. We get the hugs and the thanks because we are the ones that do the actual work. For each of you who have volunteered you know that feeling. You know the sacrifice you made to see this joy. I am sure there are scenes which would far exceed the joy these folks feel. Seeing the birth of your first child, having a loved one come home from a dangerous journey, living a full life after being told you only had months to live but joy has no degree exactly. It is variable at best but if joy and sadness started in the middle joy would go positively higher and sadness would go negatively lower.

There may be some joy in being consistently sad I guess. However that model does not fit in this example. In our experiences we see an increase in happiness as a result of our work. If you haven’t read our home page I invite you to please do so. The key point of our giving is to help people who are truly hurting through no fault of their own. In some cases that gets to be a slippery slope but we learn and we grow and we try to make a difference in that someone may turn their lives around because of our generosity even if they did not deserve it.

I want to make it very clear that all the labor we can recruit and all the strength that we can muster is in vain unless we have donors who provide the parts, supplies and materials we need to compete the repair. That is where you come in. Your gifts of money is what buys those resources and gives us the opportunity to receive all the praise. We encourage your gift of time and do need it as desperately as money at times. The need for skilled craftsmen in all the building trades is tremendous and just common labors willing to do some pulling and toting is of great support for us.  We have our tools provided by sponsors who give these resources freely as we give our labor. Habitaciones Para Latinos Association started helping poor Latinos but has found that there are more poor people than just latinos so we do not discriminate. Instead those who come first are helped first. If a dire emergency arises these folks have always been willing to wait until we can back to them or some other volunteers can be recruited. That brings us joy too. We will never run out of work although we do pray GOD would put us out of business due to the lack of needy people.

In this season of giving we encourage each of you to consider a small donation for HPLA. We are currently working as funds become available and do not want to stop due to lack of funds. Find the donate button on our banner and remember that no salaries or operational expenses are paid for by your donations. Sincere regards and may you be showered with God’s blessings everyday. May you be thankful everyday and may your joy in life always improve.

Habitaciones Para Latinos Association

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