The Hot Days Of Summer 2017

Dear friends and followers of HPLA. I cannot begin to express the joy and happiness our charity has experienced these past few weeks. To say GOD has been good is an understatement. We all know that GOD works through his followers, his people and his church. If I am considered a pawn for GOD well that’s ok with me. I know he can do anything without me. But I am privileged to have been involved in his work and I continue to expose myself to his guidance. I have seen hurting people helped and Christians growing in their faith.

The “Dog Days” of summer increase the chances of those of us who work out in the heat, with heat exhaustion and dehydration but it is nothing compared to those who are unable to afford the cost of electricity for air conditioning or in some cases even a fan. Are there programs to help with the high cost of summer electric bills, yes. BUT, in the case of Kansas City Kansas and specifically BPU who supplies water, gas, electricity & trash, all the bill must be paid in full or all the services are discontinued. An example was a man who had received help to pay his electric bill and had credit available for paying the current month and the next month but still had his service disconnected. He was in arrears on the remaining part of his bill to BPU. HPLA was able to pay the remaining balance and get electricity flowing again. But, this policy needs to change. If it is unethical to stop flowing electricity due to hardship than no other exception should be enforced. Water supply should follow the same logic.

But there is plenty of good news too. I want to take this opportunity to say “thank you” to one person who has been such an inspiration and helper/volunteer these past few weeks. I hope God will shower him with everything necessary to make his life prosperous & blessed. I will call him Fran. I know he does not want to be singled out for all he does but he does so much. Fortunately I have had the privilege of stealing some of his time and together we have created, mended and installed features that make life better for people who are hurting. I hope GOD will continue to bring us together for his glory and Fran & I can work together some more.
As we celebrate our Nations Birthday, July 4th, 2017. I pray for God’s blessing to be on our Pastors & our Churches. To be with our Congressmen/Congresswomen. To be with our First Responders, To be with our Service Men & Women. To be with our Entire Nation. But most of all Lord please, please be with all those folks who sacrifice every day to help people that are in desperate need of help, sometimes, through no fault of their own. We also continue to pray for peace and the coming together of all Humanity around the world. For it’s in Christ name we pray. Amen

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