August 2017-Preparing for School

If I can take you back with me to those days in elementary school when the list of schools supplies required for say 1st, 2nd, 3rd grade students seemed so simple and inexpensive. Some number two pencils and the BIG CHIEF tablet. A pencil sharpener in every class room.
But as an example of just a partial list of todays needs we begin with a required Backpack.(No wheels)
#2 Pencils, non-mechanical
12 pocket expandable file folder
24 ct. crayons
Yellow and Orange double-pocket paper folder with center brads
Classic Colors washable thick markers
Colored pencils 8 pack
Black dry erase markers
Colored markers
Glue Sticks
Spiral Notebooks, Wide Rule (red, blue, green, yellow)
Clorox wipes
Plastic pocket folder
Pencil bag
Red pens
Plastic school box without handles
Post It Notes 3″ x 3″
Facial Tissue
Notebook paper
Ear buds or Headphones
Expo markers
etc. etc.
Not only is the number of items required to be supplied by the student increased the cost of each item has sky rocketed.
At HPLA (Habitaciones Para Latinos Association) we are dedicated to helping those who are hurting with minor home repair cost. This week an above normal storm developed right over the our city and dumped 6-10 inches of rain in two to three hours. Record floods insured and devastating damage resulted. folks were left homeless other lost all belongings. School supplies acquired in advance and in preparation gone.
So we helped put up power lines, we help patch roofs, we help repair major damage and we worked long hours.
Are things improving, are folks lives coming back together? Yes, but at a tremendous cost.

It is our hope that those of you reading this post and have been able to avoid loss help us to help others by contributing to our work. The donate button on this site allows you to securely send us replacement funds so we can keep helping with our everyday mission which allows to do our work everyday.

Thank you and may God Bless You for all you do.

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