October 2017-Disaster Recovery Takes Priority

As we complete the celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month this September we dive right into October 2017 with tremendous heartache and sadness. The world is getting more diverse and the mindset of the population more ambiguous. The division and the strife between the classes grows bigger.

At Habitaciones Para Latinos Association we don’t take sides, we don’t discriminate, we don’t ask why?

Habitaciones Para Latinos Association is a service organization with one mission in mind. To help those who are hurting that do not have the means to recover and be self sufficient without outside help. We do this in our part of the world by providing FREE home repair support to qualifying home owners.

The tragic result of the hurricanes in Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico and Islands in the Caribbean has left folks not only homeless but without basic physiological resources such as food and water. Groups from all over the world are providing support in an-all out effort to save lives and bring relief to those suffering.

Without detracting from the current dire situation please know that we have folks experiencing these kinds of problems everyday in our area. We thank God that our problem is to only locate and verify these people but, once located they are guaranteed shelter, food & water. Seldom are we at a place where resources can’t be delivered where they are needed. The pain however, is still huge if maybe for a shorter period of time. Waiting for a first responders to arrive while suffering from a collapsed lung or a broke arm while trapped in a vehicle or tons of concrete seems like an eternity.

In our business it maybe no hot water, stopped up sewer or gray water lines. A smoke detector that continuously beeps begging for a new battery but overseeing an occupant that is disabled and unable to make the sound stop. A failed air conditioner or a failed furnace in the dead of winter. We help those who are hurting one client at a time and we don’t have the resources or the man power to stop the pain fast enough.

Habitaciones Para Latinos is closing in on its second year of existence and our photo galley reflects some of the projects we have been involved in. You can also find us on faceBook. None of what we do would be possible without the support of our volunteers and the donations received. I continue to remind everyone every time I can that no salaries or overhead is paid to HPLA volunteers or staff.

Please use the donate button to contribute now. It will go to directly benefit those people that are hurting just a little bit faster. I know you will be blessed ten-fold for doing so. Happy Halloween, Felice Dia de Los Muertos… God Bless You & God Bless America

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