The Latino United Way

Latinos Working Together

The Latino Culture is indeed diversified. Depending on who you talk to, that identifies as Latino, many would rather identify as Spanish, Hispanic, Latino, Tex-Mex, Chicano, etc. Quoting from the Pew Research article by Ana Gonzalez-Barrera. “The terms Hispanics in the United States, used to describe themselves, can provide a direct look at how they view their identity and how the strength of immigrant ties influences the ways they see themselves. About half of Hispanic adults say they most often describe themselves by their family’s country of origin or heritage, using terms such as Mexican, Cuban, Puerto- Rican or Salvadoran, while another 39% most often describe themselves as “Hispanic” or “Latino,” the pan-ethnic terms used most often to describe this group in the U.S”.

Aside: In a brief history lesson Spain explored the world as much as any country. Trade routes and seafaring is know to have begun millenniums before the “age of discovery” or aka “the age of exploration”. These are loosely defined terms for early modern period overlapping with “Age of Sail.” From the 15th to the 17th century, in European History, seafaring Europeans explored regions around the world. The Portuguese invention of the “Caravel” was very maneuverable and able to undertake ocean voyages. It became essential to European maritime exploration. The Spain Ship, Nao Victoria, managed to carry out the first circumnavigation in history. The extensive overseas exploration, with the Portuguese and the Spanish at the forefront, later joined by the Dutch the English and the French, emerged as a powerful factor in European culture, most notably the European encounter and colonization of the the Americas. It also marks an increased adoption of colonialism as a government policy in several European states. As such, it is sometimes synonymous with the first wave of European colonization.

Why is it important to know who brought us to where we are today. In my research it depends on how far back you go and in what part of the world you choose. You can go back millions of years if you wish, but just know that there has been cooperation and partnering among cultures to determine where we are and who we are as earthlings today. This site is dedicated to encourage the Latin based people of the earth to take their rightful place in creation of our current society. Do you see it as a good or bad? Whichever side you take be sure to always keep in mind its your fault we are where we are. Respectfully, “I am not my brothers keeper.” So what you say or do is all on you. You may feel yourself held captive by your environment, but in the US you are free to do what you want as long as you are not hurting yourself or anyone else. Today also you can be who you want to be and go where you want to go. An example is in the foods of the restaurants serving Latino foods. They have, themselves, become very diverse due to the peoples tastes and individuality. For those of us who have been around for awhile, to visit a Mexican restaurant in the US was to order rice and beans, tacos with ground beef, enchiladas, Chile Relleno, or Sopapillas. Of course this is a short list but maybe the most popular items on that menu. Not only has the menus changed in the traditional Mexican Restaurant but restaurants from every other Latin based culture cater to their own. Cuban, Salvadorean, Honduran, Venezuelan, Colombian, Original Mexican from Old Mexico and Spanish to name some. Ropa Vieja, Papusas, Baleadas, Pan de Jamon, Arepa, Chile en Nogada or Pozole and finally from Spain the popular Paella. There are of course many other popular dishes from these countries but for this US born and raised American my family enjoyed Menudo. Food and drinks together are a great way to get acquainted and learn the strength that an individual brings to our society.

As an member in the League of United American Citizens Council in Kansas City Metro #11085 or specifically based in Shawnee Mission, Kansas it is our mission to perpetuate the mission of our National Organization. We have our on local mission but the goal is basically the same. To bring the Hispanic/Latino population together and to support the efforts that are being made by all organizations to promote the unique value this culture brings to the city. With our similarities of the language and the history of the roots that bonds us together it is exhilarating to see us united. There is a movement to divide and create a wider gap between Americans today and it will be essential for us to be the peace-makers and mediators between the left and the right. Our culture has every right to take either side but the side that is working toward unity and peace is the side we should follow. Each side has its extremist and those will be the ones that will hurt the cause. “Together we stand and united we fall.” The Hispanic/Latino cultures must be the one that comes together first as our population is grows quickly and ever so strong.

The Latin demeanor leans towards a society of loving, hard working and peaceful Americans. Don’t let skin color sway you as the Hispanic/Latino is made up of multi-cultural groups which cover the entire color spectrum. 25% of Hispanic/Latinos surveyed said they had been discriminated by other Hispanic/Latinos. I have family member that abhors the illegals sneaking into our country and other members who cherish them and their efforts. The series “Naked & Afraid” doesn’t hold a candle to what some of these folks do to survive. In spite of what you are being bombarded with, by the media, the largest percentage of these folks are coming for safety and survival. A better life. These folks don’t want to do illegal things but are forced many times to do what ever is necessary to reach their final destination. There is the issue of rape and to that I have no patience. But whether a woman gets raped or gives it freely to get where she wants to be it all starts with the animalistic human nature of mans innate need to plant their seed. It is my understanding that there is no better place to do that accept in a women. Most times its a two way street but definitely not always. Prostitution is the worlds oldest profession for a reason. Somethings will never change and today men are as valuable as women in the trade. I remind my family that most of us are off spring of migrant workers of the harvest, herders or laborers from Mexico.

Be that as it may in the grand scheme whether locally or globally; the evildoers are a minority. Among the Latin based cultures the same holds true. We, however must rally together. I won’t get into the ulterior motives of the folks who financed the anthropologist who perpetuated the population of North America, but it is my contention that greed may have had something to do with it. I also believe it was suppose to be done in a peaceful manner. Yes, I may be smoking something but in reality I quite over twenty years ago. The wave that came in 1492 and beyond may have lost their compassion for peace as they were trespassing and like you and me folks defend their turf. In the case of the pilgrims they were able to attain peace with incentives but none the less confiscated territory by force. We have to get to a point whereby we don’t allow anyone to take territory by force or use unfair tactics to overtake it. The capitalist way is for the majority of the citizenry to be convinced to vote for the good of all people and together to do that. But we all know inside trading is God.

We are Habitaciones Para Latinos Association aka HPLA Charities and our motive is to help those left for dead. For those that worked hard all their lives and have used up all saving, assets and ability to work. For those who still own a home or are paying for it and can not afford to keep it in good repair we assist. We do so without charge, deposits or promises from our clients. Can we do it all? Can we help everybody? No, but that is our mission and that is goal. You can help us. Your money along with our volunteers and their financial contributions we can made great progress for life and for peace. God Bless

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