Humans Before Animals Just Don’t Forget the Animals

Humans Before Animals Just Don’t forget the Animals
HBAjDftA. With the many legitimate issues, we Americans are facing today it is understandable the need to abandon our furry friends. Like me many folks love dogs and have had bad experiences with cats, so we are not overly concerned. So, I am for helping a helpless dog more so than a helpless cat. Having said that I despise the neglect or cruelty of any living thing. Oh, I am not talking about the cruelty of chopping weeds or over growing grass in the yard, but you get my drift. Animal shelters are full and the feral cat populations growing rapidly. In my part of the world there is enough wildlife that overpopulation of wild animals stays in check. There are exceptions. My county has had to thin out some herds, mostly deer. Since the county dump is not far, we may need to look at thinning the vulture population too, just kidding.

Of course, I am writing on behalf of Habitaciones Para Latinos Association aka HPLA Charities. As the point person for the charity, I get notices of issues facing our community every day and human suffering of some fashion or another. Yes, we do have success stories. Today I am reminded of one Lady who we have helped for the last 6 years and who getting close to her nineties. She is still able to stay and keep her home. Another Lady however, in her Seventies, has had to move out of her home due to the high cost of maintenance combined with health issues. The tragedy and the point of this story is that we have animal shelters whose facilities are castles compared to the living conditions our low-income seniors and others are facing.

I was moved by a go-fund-me request that was sent to me by a close friend. I know this person well and feel the request was ligament. So, I sent an amount that I could afford to live without to help this cause. There are a couple of extra parts to the story but mainly it was a child that was involved. With all the charitable help there is for children with cancer the debt for the family had still risen astronomically high. I mentioned in a group meeting this morning the term democracy. That is a topic of debate today but what would happen if we voted as a nation to what was most important, prioritize the result and went about insuring and financing the will of the voter. With so many differences of opinion could we make everybody happy? The answer is of course No. Worst yet could we all agree on what the number one priority would be. I look forward to your comments on that one. God is a given.

If and when we ever got to the question of human life verses animal life, there would be a battle on the inability for the animals to vote. Could they vote by default and get a yes vote for putting animals first? I say Yes. However, animals would have the most votes and all us humans would become expendable. I don’t mean to get too far out there. Maybe it is to late already. But the compromise has to be “balance” And while animals would never be able to keep us alive, we humans can keep the animals alive and in balance.

So, lets drill down to just us humans keeping each other alive and keep the animal population in balance. Thin the herds. Should any animal have better resources to survive than the weakest of human. I’d say No! So how can a dog/animal without its basic physiological need come ahead of a human being? Balance? So, we have proportionality the same number of humans hurting as we do animals. I would argue that the animals have us by 10-fold, in their favor today. We are taking better care of animals than we do humans. I would dare say that the monies that many of the human help charities that have grants or donations to bring balance are being operated by overpaid directors while people are being chained to their cost to pay for their basic physiological needs and not getting enough support.

If you are concerned about paying for free college for other people’s children or the cost of green energy to save the earth. Consider your cost to keep human being alive without Social Security, Medicare or Welfare. So, if you read to this point, I know I am preaching to the choir. However, please pass the word around. HPLA Charities has no paid staff, so all donations go to provide support to low-income homeowners with home repairs. We want to provide as nice of a home to all in our community as animals have in most shelters. Please hug your most cherished human and then your pet, please donate as you can afford to do without.

God Bless.

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