A Time to be Thankful & A Time to Share

So much sadness. Death & taxes are unavoidable. Well, with exceptions. But I won’t go there. (large corporations).
I was reminded recently that if folks have a choice they would rather be sick & die at home then be tethered to an IV in the hospital. For some it is comforting to be at the hospital in the very last days of life just to stop the pain, but for those that are given a few weeks, months or years it is evident that home is where they want to be. I recently attended two funerals I can attest that home is where these two family members would have rather been. One thankfully was. The other fortunately was surrounded by family in the hospital.
At HPLA Charities we find In our daily routine many cases where folks can be at home but are just not able to take care of all the things required to maintain their house. Sometimes little things like changing a light bulb or replacing a battery in the smoke detector are daunting tasks. This is where HPLA Charities tries its best to help. Those tasks that allow folks to stay in their home in safety and security. Slow running drains, leaky faucets and toilets. Grab bars and hand rails.
But I know what your saying. “There are huge organizations financed by grants and have full time staffs to help. Yes, but call one today and ask when can they send someone out to replace a leaking faucet?” Using the 80/20 rule must replies will be “several weeks if not several months to send help.”
Some projects just need a temporary solution. Others a more permanent fix, but a cracked pipe due to the cold that is wasting water but causing no real damage differently ends up on the back burner. This is where HPLA shines. We try to get to the problem now. Sometimes it is just to turn off the water to that part of the house where the leak is. Something to help the owner from calling on a 24/7 plumbing company with a $250.00 minimum trip charge which they can’t afford. You get the message. Food, heat, lights or the plumber. HPLA does this for free. No charge to the client that qualifies. How can we do what we do? Through your donations. www.hplacharities.org/donate
With winter arriving it is essential we do all we can to keep folks from suffering. Call us Houspice! But help us! God Bless.

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