Why supporting your grassroots charities is best. You can see immediate results

  • Dear readers, I have one thing weighing very heavy on my heart. I have been helping a Jessica Hernandez who is trying to refurbish an abandoned property in hopes to house herself and three children, (she is a trade school graduate in carpentry) In the process her youngest child Eduardo (age two) has been struck with an incurable disease which has effected his brain, It is incurable but not unmanageable.
    HPLA (Habitaciones Para Latinos Association which I Chair) has dedicated all of its resources to get Electric, Gas & Water to the house. 75% of the interior is unfinished. This is an old house and has been vacant for years. Many of you know exactly what we are facing. I am calling on each of you to please help. You can contact Jessica direct at 779-703-2748 for more exact info. Minutes are hard for her to buy so text will work best. But, please don’t hesitate to talk with her. We have purchased a 60 minute phone card and will figure out a way to buy her more minutes. If you can give us carpenter, electrical, or plumbing help at the house please contact me. We are in the Kansas City Metro on the Kansas side.
    All donations coming into www.habitacionesparalations.org will go to this project to buy much needed materials until this house is habitable. Eddie is on a feeding tube now and maybe for some time. If you want to contribute money please make checks payable to Jessica Hernandez and mail to our address 6354 Stevenson Street Shawnee, Kansas 66218. Please give us a heads up that a donation is coming so we can be sure it arrives and we will acknowledge receipt. All donations to HPLA via this website are tax deductible and we will send you a receipt. God Blesses his people via his followers who are the feet to all our prayers. Please pray for this family. Sincerely, Bob Flores HPLA Chairman.

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