The starting of fall and life threatening situations dominate the world

As we extinguish fires and do the great work that goes on daily in this county there continues a never ending stream of poverty, despair and tragedy. So much brought on by our fellow man and yet so much brought on without notice. As “Murphy’s law puts it, “If it can go wrong it will go wrong”. I hope you will take time to read the following as these situations come up everyday and my prayer is for someone with way to much money to consider this situation and choose to reach out and help with overwhelming support.

When it rains it pours…..Please take a second to read this please. To our client friends, personal friends and family. Please help. With so much going on and so much need it is not surprising that those of us who are still alive and well on this earth are being pulled by our heart strings by the tragedy and despair going on. There is so much need.
An urgent need has developed this past week for us and involves a 2 year old named Edward Hernandez. He has been diagnosed with an incurable disease and the folks at Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City are doing their best to find solutions and provide a plan to keep this child from hurting or from suddenly dying. In the back round Mom & Dad have been working to rehab a house such as to make it livable for the family which includes two other children below the age of 10. The water line to the house is cracked and a $1000.00 repair is required. HPLA has negotiated the cost down to $600.00 by providing labor support to the project. But in the mean time carpenter work and sheet-rock work inside the house for Edwards room as well as other parts of the house needs to be completed. HPLA will assist with all but could use some volunteers. Bottom line we are asking for your financial support too. Mom had been working at McDonald but is having to spend all her time with Edward so is unemployed and Dad is working as a laborer in construction and work is off and on and day by day. Please contact us at 913-269-4450 to volunteer or donate via
All funds & resources of HPLA will shift to this project or any “for profit work” we can get via D&R Services, Inc. Handyman Department will go support Edward.. Thanks for your consideration and may God Bless You. Bob Flores Chairmen

Free Home and Building Repair Services for those in Need (913) 269-4450

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